Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Quick Things

Flamingo Update:

Apparently the Stork has been cavorting with the Flamingos....

Yep....they have two baby Flamingos now :) 

Pinterest Information:
I read this blog post about Pinterest and I found it eye opening for sure. I'm not sure I'm going to continue on Pinterest....I don't want to invite any problems.  Does anyone have any more information on the subject? 

Andres Amador Arts

When I saw Andres work....I was speechless....and believe it or not...I got misty eyed.   We all know how much work it takes to make a beautiful quilt right?  We spend hours and hours and then we label them and love them....with the whole goal of hanging on to them or hoping the ones we give them to treasure them forever right?

Would you still put all that work into one if it were going to be gone in a matter of hours?  Can you believe there is an artist who does?  Click Here to see the amazing art work of  Andres AmadorAndres' Website is something to behold as well....I was blown away and I hope everyone takes a minute to enjoy the breath taking work Andres creates.

After reading the Pinterest blog post, there is no way I was about to copy a photo of Andres to put here for everyone to you'll have to trust me and go over yourself and behold the magic for yourself.



  1. This has been bothering me for sometime. I don't pin anything from anywhere outside of Pinterest but I do repin. So now I go to the bottom of each picture and follow to the original pinner and make sure it says pin-it on the blog. I guess that is the only way to be safe. However, before this was brought to my attention, I have re-pinned a ton of pins! I am seriously thinking about deleting my boards. Although, I would hate to, I like you don't want to invite any problems.

  2. Oh Kelly what a dilemma this is. I love the idea of pinning because it's so easy for me to find something I want to remember - a recipe, an organizing tip, a holiday decoration, a stitching tutorial. I don't want to steal something someone is going to make money on...if they post a recipe on their blog and I pin it, is that okay? They don't make money off the recipe they posted, or do they? I have lots of questions but they make no sense to anyone but me...I mean like, why would you post a recipe on a blog if you didn't want anyone to copy it? I don't get it. And I know they're talking about photos but a photo of your product is a photo. Is that what they mean? Or do they mean professional photos? Good grief, I'm going in circles! blessings, marlene

  3. I am not sure about pinterest, I love it because if I see something that I want to make later, I just have to pin it. I try to acknowledge the person who made it and such. If I have to quit, then I will have a problem gathering up all of my fun stuff.

    What an amazing artist Andrea is.

  4. Thanks for the link to Andres' work!

  5. That was a very deep article, and very well explained. it is very sad that in this dya everyone has to fist C-Y-O-A and let eeryone else fend for themselves if there is someone to blame! I am not really into pinterest. Goodness knows I have enough things to waste my time with! LOL

  6. I think this whole thing about Pinterest is blown a little out of proportion. It is driving me a little mad. I just make sure I am pinning from the original site. How difficult is this? What is the big deal? I don't understand! What am I missing?

  7. Congratulations to the happy stork family. They sure seem to be doing a great job raising beautiful storks with wonderful manners. I don't see any droppings or anything. LOL!

    I've also been hearing concerns on Pinterest and have somewhat mixed feelings. My perspective is that it is a form of bookmarking to the power of 10. So long as you reference the source site, I don't believe there is a copyright issue. I also believe that it gives the creator greater visibility. If someone pins and doesn't reference the source (e.g. uploads a copied photo) then they are at fault for copyright issues.


  8. I questioned this a few weeks ago, when someone contacted me about a quilt of mine that they had gotten from a re-pin. They wanted the pattern. I had no idea anyone had pinned something of mine. A little searching and I discovered a whole lot of my quilts were pinned and repinned. I posted that from now on, photos of my quilts and etc. will be marked before going on my blog. Since then I have had comments that range from "so what?" to "you should be flattered". They missed the point. It was taken with out asking---if asked I would probably say yes---and I do not know where it will end up by the re-pinning factor. Truthfully, I felt sort of invaded or ripped off. It is a giving credit issue mainly. Thanks for the link to the article post, very good.

  9. Thanks for sharing this fantastic art in sand. His work is fabulous! How unique! I also saved the artist he gathers design ideas from. They also are unique. You are a wealth of infomation. Keep up the wonderful posts! They inspire me!

  10. I'm not sure I would freak out yet about pinterest. Especially if you are using it mostly as a bookmark sight. Pins link back to the original site. I think it is when people pin and distort or belittle or degrade the pin in the comments that there is real problems. Especially as there is a way to prevent pins from your site. FYI something I am very careful about is to never post pics that I personally have not taken. Unless it is a button or or pic I've been ask to post to promote something. An issue most don't realize is hot linking-having a live link to another blog is also a violation of copyright unless you have permission. Many blogs give you permission in their copyright statements or I will ask in comments. I know personally of a third grade teacher in NC threatened with a lawsuit by the International Olympic committee for hot-linking their website to a website of resources for her students to use. And she asked permission they said no.

  11. Ok, I'm going to weigh in on the PINTEREST issue. I admit I am not a lawyer and I tend to look at things rather simply. However, I feel that when you post something on the WWW you are accepting the fact that it most likely will be shared. There are ways to protect your images so do it and if you really don't want anyone to share it, don't post it. We have become such a litigious society but I for one am not going to delete my PINTEREST boards or change my PINTEREST habits. I always give credit where credit is due and if someone wants me to remove something I will. Pinterest has directed more traffic back to the original site than FB and Twitter combined. Copyright laws have to catch up with the times and until they do I'm not going to worry. My attorney once answered my question when I asked if someone could sue me over a particular issue, and his response was "Sure, anyone can sue anyone for anything...that Doesn't mean the lawsuit is valid or much less winnable". Until someone WINS a PINTEREST lawsuit, I don't think we have much to be concerned about. That is my opinion and *Disclaimer here*...No representation is made that the quality of "my opinion" to be stated is greater than the quality of "your opinion" to be stated by any other Blogger"
    Gmama Jane

  12. Well now I wonder if a family member had twins??? Love those flamingoes! Girl, I deleted my pinterest account a couple of weeks ago, and also made my blog "unpinnable". I hadn't read that exact post, but I'd read enough to make me very, very uneasy. Then our local news ran a story about it, they had an attorney on comparing it to Napster, and that was enough for me. My time is better spent elsewhere.

    Thanks for the link to that guy's work - I have to wonder how he gets something on that large of a scale so perfect, and it must be quickly!

  13. You know you are a redneck if you have a pink flamingo in your front yard. I wouldn't know what you would call a whole family. I love the beach art it was amazing thanks for the link.

  14. Wow, thank you so much for that link, that was amazing.
    I haven't deleted all of my boards on pinterest, but they are pretty much empty. The whole thing seems to have started over photography and I can almost understand that point. I wouldn't have worried about it accept for one line I read relating to napster, they sued 12 year old girls for downloading music. There's a lot of people out there who are quick to sue. I personally was thrilled to find one of my quilts on pinterest, but, again I can see where people might feel violated. When courts get involved, common sense seems to go out the window.
    Congrats to the flamingo family, I'm so happy for them. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  15. I'd like to hear from more designers about how they feel about pinterest. I use it as a bookmark thing so I can just go and see quilts that I liked for inspiration. I think napster is different because all music is sold to make money. I too feel that if something is put of the WWW it is for all the world to see anyway. This is an interesting topic. I think it is up to the blogger to make their things unpinnable (which I totally support) if they don't want people pinning them.

  16. I do not have a Pinterest board, but pictures from both of my blogs have been pinned. I was totally surprised to find them (under my blog headings), as no one has ever asked me if they can take my pictures, EVEN though I have it clearly stated that permission is needed. So what's the answer?? I do think it is something to be very careful about. And while we are talking careful, have your read this post about Giveaways??


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