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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Surprise Visit to the American Sewing Expo

I was not expecting to go to the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI this past Saturday....but that is exactly where I found myself by 2pm :)  I met up with Waldo and some friends and took a look around.  I'm not much into home dec or making clothing but I sure did see some beautiful things.

This was the very first exhibit I walked past:

And the first thing that caught my eye were these pieces done in felted wool done by Jan Waller from the UK.
As I was moving around trying to get the best photo I could....I was approached by Jan Waller so I had the great pleasure of meeting her and hearing about her beautiful work. 
Here was this lovely artist in Novi, MI....who had come all the way from UK and just by chance I got to meet lucky am I?  Very :)   If you are a Felted Wool fan....check out her website: Love.Make.Think.  (love the name).

A few other things caught my eye....this hat really grabbed me!

Felted Hats by Karen Lucy

 Naturally there were lots of beautiful dresses and even some very cool costumes.

" Foliage" is the name of this beautiful piece but for the life of me I can't read the artists information in the photo I took. Here is the photo if any of you can read it :)  THANKS TO BRITA....we now know who the artist is :) Tone Haugen-Cogburn of Maryville TN is the fiber artist who created Foliage

"Magpie Mischief" and again....I can't read the name of the artist.  I had to shoot the photos from quite a distance and my I-Phone doesn't zoom like my camera does.
THANKS TO GENE.... "Magpie Mischief" by Janice Jones

This piece did not have a name with it, but I'm telling you I just loved this zippered pouch complete with a face and glasses.  Someone must have really had fun making this :)

Oh...and I visited a few vendors too about I tell you all about those in the following posts.....



tinajoebob said...

<3 the zippered pouch, it has personality!

Brita said...

Tone Haugen-Cogburn of Maryville TN is the fiber artist who created Foliage. She is an amazing talent, isn't she?

SewCalGal said...

Looks like a fun time to me. Glad Waldo encouraged you to go. And that zippered purse/art is very cute.


Gene Black said...

I think Magpie Mischief is by Janice M Jones. But I couldn't drag the information about the darling zippered pouch out of the dark recesses of Google.

Allie said...

I am still so upset I didn't get to see you...put my phone number on speed dial for those surprise trips, girl! You were 20 minutes away from me!

I'm blown away that you got to meet Jan Waller, that could ONLY happen to you...

Susan said...

I was thinking the zippered purse belonged in Alice in Wonderland! What an exciting event to attend:-D

Annie said...

WOW, Kelly, what a fun place you found yourself in at 2 in the afternoon! That last zippered pouch looks like something you'd have to keep your eye looks like it might actually walk off somewhere on it's own! LOL

Judy said...

I just re-watched your video on making hexigons ( I am envious of your machine) and have a question on putting them together. Does it matter which edge of the hexi is the top and which is the sides. My hexi template pattern has one edge that is a little larger and I have seen pictures where this is the top on all of the flowers but I have watched a few people on you tube putting them together and they see to just grab a hexi and sew it together. Am I being too fussy as to what edge is up/down and which is a side edge? It seems like it is taking me forever to make a flower as I am trying to always put the larger edge on the top and the size is so slight you don't see the difference until it is together. I hope I am making sense as to what I am trying to say.

Thanks for any suggestions you have in making this an easier project for me.

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