Friday, October 26, 2012

In Houston for Quilt Market

I'm sorry I did not get to publishing last evening.  There were issues with our flight and we changed planes and arrived here later than expected. 

I got a great candid photo of Rob Krieger, the owner of Checker Distributor, yesterday at Detroit Metro Airport.

I'm not sure if he dropped a stitch or was lost in the pearl one knit two sequence...but he looked a little frustrated with his needlework.

In the end it looks like he got it figured out!!  
(these photos may not have been as "candid" as I may have suggested)
Our decent into Houston was beautiful.
I'm telling you, we got the grand welcoming at our hotel room.  Will you just look at this....and it is in purple and green too....the IHAN ® colors :)
I'm not sure if the Hilton decorates everyone's room in the colors of their company....but they sure took great care of me :)  Or was that dear friend, Karin?  Hmmmmm...she did arrive a few hours before we did....but she told me she didn't do it so I'm still thinking the Hilton provides some incredible services :)
And the bathroom too!!!  What a fun and wonderful surprise.
Oh yeah...and a custom pillow case too....I'm living the life of luxury for sure :)

Today was School House and I took over 400 photos.  The camera I brought began acting up a little so Mr. McSteamy has express shipped the "good" camera and the photos tomorrow will be much better.

Unfortunately I'm too tired to post about School House today....I know, I know....booo hisss....I'm sorry...really.  I need to hit the hay and I'll get back tomorrow evening a bit earlier and I'll post the "goods."

Tired Smiles,


  1. I am glad to hear you made it safely and what fun to have your room all decorated, just for you;)


  2. How fun that your room was decorated in IHAN colors. Very special.

    No worry about posting photos. I'll be here when you have time......knocking on the blog doors (post, post, post). Seriously, I can wait. Go take photos, have fun, research.


  3. Get some rest girl. You will probably shop til you drop :-)

  4. That would have been one nice suprise door to open. Can't wait to hear more and see the pictures. I so wish I was there.

  5. Hi Kelly, I saw that Ebony Love said she met you. I hope you are having a great time and finding lots of new friends and fun things for the IHAN shop.

  6. I know how crazy busy it is... Hope you got some rest in between the giggles. You earned it.

  7. now that is service! Love that fancy pillow case. I am sure you had sweet dreams sleeping on it.
    Have fun.

  8. ahh kelly --- how cool! Rest. We'll be waiting for ya, when it all settles down! lol {does that ever really happen?} JUST EnJOY!

  9. What fun to open your door and see the decorations and your special pillow case.

    I'll be looking forward to all your pictures.
    Have fun.

  10. What a lovely welcoming...and I love the fabric on your pillow case. Do you know what the pattern is?

  11. I am glad you arrived,unfortunately I will not be arriving.

    What a fun welcome as well.

  12. Ohhh lala Kelly. you most certainly have a great sense of humour...never in my wildest imagination would I have conjured up such an image for Rob....I had him painted all wrong in my eyes ....Do have fun...we look forward to your snippets, reviews, and the real stories behind the photos lol


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