Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do You Ever?

I frequently find myself in thought and I wonder.....does everyone else have these thoughts?

 Do you ever?

Stop, get quiet and ask yourself.....

For those of us who Quilt and Sew or Engage in other Hobbies

  • How many yards of fabric in a stash is enough?
  • How many supplies are enough?
  • How many spools of thread are enough?
  • What would I be doing if I were not out in the search for more?
  • Is more what I want and need?

For those of us who have more than enough to eat each day?
  • How much food does a person need to eat each day to be healthy?
  • How much exercise does a body need for the person in that body to experience an overall sense of physical health?
  • What is it that is in all those packages of food?

Do you ever:

Think about the impact all the "more" is having on all other forms that we share this earth/universe with?

Wonder when someone will actually create packaging that is helpful and not wasteful or harmful?

Ask who will stop the putting of un-natural things into packages and calling it food?

Wonder why some of us still watch television, even when so much of what is said and done goes directly against our values and beliefs?

Do you ever think about:

When we will stop asking others to work harder and longer, spending less and less time with their loved ones and robbing them of a chance to have a hobby themselves, just so we can have "more" at a "lower price."

At that place that we all meet....the seam of our humanity.......what does it look like and do I want to accept responsibility for my part?

Nothing more than questions....that I frequently think about in the midst of all of the tasks and activities in any given day or wonder I'm tried...LOL...I've got A LOT on my Mind!

No need to reply....Sometimes I just wonder  if there are others who have these thoughts too. 

Contemplative Smiles,


  1. I watch very little TV for that reason. I do watch lots of movies (of my choice) on DVD instead. There is very little on TV worth watching anymore. I miss things like Happy Days, Dick Van Dyke, The Lucy Show, etc. Right always won out, and wrong was punished. My now grown sons tend to agree with me on this. PS: I really miss eating things like Twinkies. I'm just afraid of things that have a longer shelf life than I do. Scary what they call 'food' these days.

  2. I ask myself that all of the time....and sometimes I feel ashamed that I have so much.

    When we lived in Samoa and came back to the states we were in awe of all of the food, the surplus....we would just go around touching things and I truly felt grateful for all our Father in Heaven has provided for us.

    You are so right about so much.

  3. I wonder too Kelly. I wonder why we have so many plastic bottles when glass used to do so well - when the milk was dropped off and the empties picked up - what made plastic better??? You're not alone, girl, lol.

  4. Definitely, all the time.


  5. Oh yeah, I wonder all the time!

  6. You are not alone. Do what you can, when you are able to do it....that is all I can say. So, use glass bottles instead of plastic, bring your own bag, don't buy what you don't need, give away stuff you don't use to someone who is really simple (HA).

  7. I often ask the same questions and they can be applied to many topics.... More is NOT always better and "new and improved" is often just and excuse to raise the price. I would love to have my beverages in glass bottles(we could teach the kids about returnables-less litter), filter the water before it gets to us and the bottled water would not be needed! Yep... more isn't always better either....

  8. Yeah, I wonder what that bucket of white things are....

  9. ABSOLUTELY. "Enough... really... is... ENOUGH. Great questions, Kelly. I was thinking many of the same thoughts just this morning, as I looked at my stash of fabrics....I have enough. I have been BLESSED.

  10. Yeah, I'm right there with you, Kelly. I realize I cannot help but leave footprints as I walk across this earth, but when do they get to be too deep, when would another path cause less destruction?

  11. Enough said...thanks for the insightful post!

  12. I never ask about my stash because I use so much of it for charity quilts such as our Aurora Colorado quilt project at
    Yesterday I went through 2 full spools of thread but my hubby asks all the time.
    It does bother me that so much food is wasted when so many in our own country, state and cities are homeless and hungry.
    Now that I have taken up cake decorating, I must be ever vigilant to not go overboard on decorating supplies!


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