Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guess Who I Saw At the American Sewing Expo?

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 The Post Starts Here :) guessed it, I found Brint Fanizza, AKA, "The Scissor Man." 

Everyone knows I'm crazy about scissors right?  If you are new to the IHAN® blog be forewarned.....I am truely nuts about scissors and I honestly don't even know how many pair I own....but lets just say....many more pair than one person could use in a lifetime.  Why?  There is absolutely nothing like the right tool for the job.  I don't like being frustrated and I want to be able to accomplish my task with the best pair of scissors for the job.  So you know the first time I laid eyes on Brint and saw that apron, I was like gum on his shoe....I just wasn't about to walk away until I learned all I could about scissors.

Typically I only see Brint at wholesale events so I figured this being a retail event he may have his scissor sharpening tools with him.  Hooray for me....he had them :)   I think I brought over 12 pair...of every size, age and brand.   Every pair now has sharp clean cutting edges :)

 Did you know Famore Cutlery will sharpen all of your Famore Cutlery FREE!'t ask how long that is....we all know the answer to  They will also sharpen all others for just $1 an inch. 
I'm almost...just almost...embarrassed to say I have no idea where I got these scissors....I think they came free in a box lot at a sale....but I can't be sure.  Brint is showing me how well they cut now.  Like he really needed to demonstrate how well he had sharpened them?  I trust him 100% and if he says their sharp....I don't need any proof....but....I guess this comes with the

Brint blushing?  But why ever would that be? 

 It could be that I mentioned  he should bring mens boxer shorts to show us ladies how nicely the scissors cut.  Is there anyone out there that would agree with me?  Now, I never once mentioned bringing anyone in particular's boxer shorts.....brand new ones would be would just be more fun and folks would probably get a good laugh too. 
Apparently the new hire at Famore, Tibur,  thought I wanted his boxers to cut up.  I just wish all of you would behave and quite thinking the worst of me!

I guess Tibur could tell that I'm harmless and even offered to take a photo with me. 

For all of you who are thinking...that Famore Cutlery is trying to keep up with Alex Veronelli of  Aurifil Threads in the "male face department" .....I was thinking the same thing. 
Alex from Aurifil

I hope all of you played the ZZTop song, "Sharp Dressed Man" while reading this post.  Why did I want you to listen to it?  What else would you call a man who wears scissors....a sharp dressed man!  LOL

Wonder what all the fuss is about Famore Cutlery?   Check them out HERE at  IHAN®.



  1. Lucky you! I'm looking forward to the trade show I go to in January--he might be there too.

  2. Very cute post Kelly. Now that song will be burned into my mind forever. LOL


  3. i think i saw him in raleigh at the expo this summer

    1. Okay so I was in Raleigh! I guess I can run, I just cant hide!

  4. Scissors are SO important! I need a pair here, a pair there, a pair for this task, a pair for that task.......

    (Kelly, have a peek at my blog to see the flamingo fan mail I sent to the owners of the flamingo flock.)

  5. The hot guys of sewing... Yowza!

  6. You always have SEW much fun at these events, don't you?

  7. Are you here in Virginia? If so you are about 15 min from my house!

  8. Funny! What fun you have at shows!

  9. He always smells so good. He gives kisses too, if you ask. :)

  10. Thank you for all the wonderful comments about us. Famore could not be possible without the love and support of YOU all. Thank you so much for your belief in us and our vision. Happy Holiday from all of us to all of you!


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