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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quilt Market 2011 - 4 Famore Cutlery

I'm guessing no one has ever seen anyone use a hula hoop while at Quilt Market....until now :)

Oh yes, that would be me....using a hula hoop for the first time in my adult life.  I bet you are wondering why in the world I was hula hooping ...right?

It is all Mikki's fault!  Yes....completely true :)  Mikki has taken up belly dancing and hula hooping and when she was telling me about it I asked her to bring one to Houston with her.  I really wanted to see what she was talking about.

Mikki gave me a quick lesson and I was off and hooping.  It took me a minute or two to get the hang of it....but then....I was rocking that hoop.  Mikki was a little frustrated ...she said it took her two lessons to keep the hoop up for as long as I had kept it up.  All I can say is....I don't seem to be a natural with Free Motion Quilting so it's a darn good thing I am a natural at somethin'!!

You all know the story of my meeting Brint, the Scissor Man.  I lusted after his apron...but not anymore.  I had hatched a plan to TOP the Scissor Man's Apron.  If I wasn't going to have his, I was going to have one of my own...and it was going to be even better.  (There Brint...take that...Bat Man Pow sound effect ..listen'll hear it.)
 I made my own and when Brint was not looking I stood at a distance with my finger pointed directly at him and waited until he looked my way.  When he looked my way, in a loud voice I said, "I soooo Own You!" 
That got his attention and fast. 
Here is proof Brint was de-throaned....and I have to say...he took it well.
Not only did I get to wear my apron on the front....I got to wear his on the back.  Now, I'm one bad mamma jamma!!!

Below is a better pix of the front of my apron....yes, I was in the bathroom ( if Superman has his telephone booth....IHAN has her bathroom...LOL).
"Kelly Scissor Fiend
Queen of the IHAN Nation
(self appointed of course!)"

I used Artist Transfer Paper to make the label.  I put the ATC through my printer then ironed it to a piece of white Kona cotton.  I made several button holes and tabs to hold my scissor extenders with scissors attached.  The biggest reason Brint was de-throaned was because "MY" apron has all the bells and whistles that his doesn't have.  If you look closely, the top right of my apron has a metal name tag I covered with my business card. Then I used earth magnets to hold my Stiletto and my Famore Seam Rip.  I bet you are wondering how I managed to not cut myself or poke myself with all those scissors, right?  I put clear tubing over the tips of all the sharps so I couldn't get poked.  (ohhhh eeee I'm a smarteeee pantssss...giggles).  Brints don't have a protector on his...nor does he have his fine tip tweezers on his apron.  I re purposed my Bernina Bobbin holder and attached that to a zip line do-hickey (it is the tube to the right of tweezers are in there).  I had more scissors than are shown here....but you get the idea.

I found some new scissors made by Famore while I was there...I'll be adding them to my website later today.

I really liked these small scissors and they were darn sharp too.

Brint kept his sense of humor through out his de-throaning process....I just had to leave him with his "simple" Scissor Man apron.  I'm just so darn nice aren't I?   (evil grins)

Fiendly Smiles,


  1. Kelly, what a wonderful post! Absolutely, made my day. Thanks for having such a glorious wacky sense of humor!! Looking forward to more posts about Fall Market.

  2. That is toooooo funny! I love the self appointed title!

  3. He's such a cutie... I'm laughing at you with your scissors... too funny!

  4. And you didn't steal his scissor apron, lol.


  5. Kelly, I saw YOU on someone else's blog with that now famous apron! You go girl!!!

  6. You rock, Kelly! Quite magnanimous to allow him to keep his apron - but then, yours is way better! LOL Still chuckling at your great post!

  7. Ahh you are a brave woman.. I would most certainly have popped a boob wearing that.

  8. You are so funny. I love the picture in the throne room.

  9. He y wild woman! I can't hula hoop worth a darn. Thanks for the laughs!

  10. Hilarious fun! And the perfect Ihan Notion Nation apron!

  11. What you said: I found some new scissors made by Famore while I was there...I'll be adding them to my website later today.

    What I read: I found some new scissors made by Famore while I was there...I'll be adding them to my apron later today.

    It seemed to fit and I had no problem believing it -- you are the Scissor Queen!! :)

  12. Ah...we bow to the queen! Fun post!

  13. It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for the post.

  14. I do have a hula hoop and I love it...and I do use it every is weighted and goodness me, you make me want to join you next look like you were most certainly having the time of your life....queen of everything x

  15. Loved reading yoru story, and enjoyed meeting you at market.

  16. Having know Brint for years, I know he is way too much fun! Sorry I missed the party with you in his booth.

  17. dang. Looks like a blast. I'll have to give Brint a hard time next time I see him ;) He's a riot. And Mikki. She's so much fun! I love his scissors and came home and ordered your rulers straight away. =)

  18. A Fantastic range of modern and classic cutlery available at sensible prices to help create that perfect dining experience.


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