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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WonderFil....Lots and Lots of WonderFil in Cincinnati

So much WonderFil in fact that I had a difficult time choosing.  I wanted to say, I'll take 10 of everything but that's not such a good inventory strategy. 
I had to come back to get the rest of the photos because there were so many people in the WonderfFil Booth in Cincinnati.  Every since Pastsy Thompson introduced me to InvisiFil I can't seem to keep it in stock. 
The samples hanging in the WonderFil booth really showed off the many uses of the variety of threads they carry.
Just look at the detail of the thread on this rooster.  Even the chicken wire is thread.
I wish I had taken more close ups of this was really neat.  The feathers below is Machine Embroidery using WonderFil  Metallic threads.

I loved this green feather and the multi-color one below.  I'm not this good at thread painting so I guess if I were to use Machine Embroidery on some of my things....I could appear to be faking it a little anyway :)

This may have been my favorite sample.

Vikki Pignatelli was in the WonderFil booth and I was so happy to meet her.  Crazy About Curves is Vikki's new DVD and she was promoting it during the festival.  If you are not familiar with Vikki's work, click on the links and check out her fantastic work.  Vickki made the lilly pad wall hanging on the wall behind her.  It is a great curvy piece and in her DVD she teaches her basic curves technbique.  My friend, Lois, bought the DVD so I got to enjoy it on Saturday night. 

You can't see that these boxes are stacked on top of one another.....I purchased all this thread for my  inventory.  The InvisiFil thread is 100 wt and I have used it for machine quilting, piecing (perfect for low bulk in seams), hand applique and machine applique.  Five new collections were introduced in Cincinnati .... you know I jumped at the opportunity to stock up too.  The new collections include: Luscious and Lovely, Bold n' Brights, Deepest Delectable Darks, Must Have Mediums and Tones That Meld.

I'm curious to know what WonderFil threads you have worked with.  Leave a comment on this post telling me about your experience.  I think it is a WonderFil idea to do a giveaway so leave a comment and you might be the lucky winner of some WonderFil thread on Friday, April 15th.


Monday, April 11, 2011

International Quilt Festival - Sharing the fun

Cincinnati is such a beautiful city and I had so much was like being in another state and I was only 3 hours from home.  I was so excited to meet Lois Grabowski from Lois Creates Blog.  We have been internet and blog buddies and she invited me to stay with her and I'm soooooo glad I did.  It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her and getting to go to the show together.  This is a photo of us as we entered the show on Friday.

We look so well behaved here...but we weren't always this good :)

Of course I had to introduce Lois to Waldo (Mrs. Rosemary) and her daughter Sue.
We also had the great pleasure of meeting up with Sheila, Kay's Sister.   You may remember Kay is a dear friend from PA who lost her son in a tragic accident.  I felt like I was being greeted by an old friend.  My heart and soul enjoyed all the people this past weekend.  Lost more people to come.

Mary Ogwel, from Maendeleo Imports had a booth at the festival.  Mary happens to know the women from the Amani Ya Juu and she was sharing some stories with me.  You may recall many bloggers teamed up with IHAN to raise money for the purchase of a mid-arm quilting machine that was needed last year.  If you don't here : )

The fabrics stir something in me that I can't describe.  They are foreign in appearance in that I don't typically see these types of designs.  They call to a story unfolding....about another people far from my home with wonderful creative talents...lives, hopes, dreams and families.

 Mary travels selling these fabrics, baskets, bags and mud clothes. 

All our hand made items are made by the women in various villages in Africa. Our goal is to help as many women as possible to get out of poverty.This enables them to educate their daughters, buy food and medicine. Maendeleo owner travels to East Africa more often and trains the women on how to start small businesses

By purchasing any of the baskets, hand dyed fabrics and batiks , you are helping us help the women of Africa to step forward to get out of poverty.
                                                                                Copied from Maendeleo Imports Website

I need another basket like I need a elephant in my living-room.  However, I absolutely could not pass up this beautiful basket.  I will gladly give away one of my baskets to be able to have this lovely basket in my home.  Another little piece of Africa here in Ohio.  Before I die, I pray I get to visit the women who make these beautiful things.  I would love to be able to contribute more ....not only in Africa....but everywhere.  We all need to be able to feed ourselves and our children.  In the larger world it is unfortunately common that women are dependent on men for their well being.  Female Interdependence may just be a way to have a larger impact on our world and its' well being.  
I purchased these fabrics from Mary.  It was a difficult decision I have to tell you....I wanted them all.  Clearly I don't know what I'm going to do with them.....I rarely know what I'm going to do with those "must have" fabrics.  One thing for sure.....I will love what ever I make with them and I will smile when I look at them.

Lots more to post about....more soon!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back from Cincinnati

I arrived home late this afternoon to two little fellas and one big fella who were happy to see me.  Oh I had a ball and I promise I'll post my pix tomorrow.  For now, I need sleep. 

I felt like I visited another state.  Look at the trees in bloom....they even have green grass....not 3 hours is still brown here....few-weey and a few extra e's for good measure.  It was very warm today however....


Thursday, April 7, 2011

International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati....are you going?

International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati
April 8-10, 2011
Duke Energy Convention Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

April 7: 5-9 p.m. (Preview Night)
April 8 & 9: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
April 10: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Ticket prices:
$10 daily adult/$8 senior & student/Children 10 and under free with paying adult
$10 Preview Night (includes one free additional day)
$25 Full Show Pass (includes Preview Night)

I copied this from Quilts Inc. so if you did not know about the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, OH this weekend you might be able to go and have some fun.

I'll be there and if you are me and we can say howdy :)  If you are not going....I'll take pix and post them to my blog.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Half Square Triangles...Do they scare you?

An Angel has visited the IHAN blog and the photos now appear before your very eyes.  THANK YOU Angel....I so needed you....gigantic hugs to you!!

Bias edges and weird half square triangles....not my cup of tea at all.  I have  avoided those like the
plague.   Do you do that too?  Blocks that wobble or are off kilter make me nuts when I'm trying to get a pattern to work out.  

I have discovered a way to make half square triangles and quarter square triangles that are a breeze.  The Square Me Up Ruler (SMUP) by Elisa Wilson at Elisa's Backporch Designs does the trick pretty darn easily if I don't say so myself.  The Square Me Up Ruler was designed to be used with 10" and 5" fabric squares to make half-square triangles.

For this demo I used this Life's A Hoot Layer Cake by ADORNit .  I folded one 10" square in half and finger pressed the crease in the middle.
After opening it back up I could see the crease and I lined up the SMUP withe the center line on the fold.

Then I marked the outside of the ruler on the wrong side of the fabric.  I used my new Sewline Air Erasable Pen too.  It makes a nice fine line....oh yeah....dark enough for this 47 year old chick-e-poo to still see it.

Nice line isn't it?  I have to admit, the older I get the darker I need the lines and the brighter I need the lights.
Next I took that block and placed it with right sides together on another 10" piece of my layer cake fabric.  Then I stitched on both sides of the line (1/4 " away).
Here you can see I have right sides together...and I stitched 1/4 inch away on both sides of the line.

This is a close up so you can see that I'm not just lying....I actually stitched a pretty good 1/4' away from the line didn't I?
Then, I put the SMUP back on the block and cut on the line.

Then it looked just like this.  Well, didn't look like this....I had the 1/2 square triangles in a messy pile.  I took the time to straighten them up for the photo.  Didn't want you thinking your messy pile was messy and mine was neat and cute :)
Then I took another ruler and cut the remaining square into quarters as well.  I don't like to press seams on blocks because mine typically either stretch out or one side lays over the other.  So, I got smart and took my "roll-e tool" and rolled them to the one side before I set my iron on top of them to heat set the seam.

Mary Jane gave me my "Roll-e Tool" back in 09....I had her autograph it.  For those of you who can be as naive as me....this is not a sewing tool per se'.  I think it is for wall paper seams or something like that.  I'd be the one doing a Google search for "Roll-e Tool" and becoming very frustrated when it did not show up...LOL (I only wish I were kidding)

I ended up with 8 very nice 4 1/2" blocks....aint' they purdy?

Believe it or not I've had this Square Me Up Ruler since October 2010 when I met Elisa Wilson at Fall Quilt Market in Houston.  It's true.....I've known about it and it has sat right here in my Quilt Market file  next to my desk.  Will someone please tell me why it takes me so long to get the the good stuff? 

Here are some photos I took of Elisa's booth in Houston.

The quilt on the back wall is Fan Dance.  I think it is very unique and I like the colors Elisa choose.

Afternoon Delight is the quilt hanging behind Elisa's books, Crazy Curves Continues and The Melon Block.

And this pretty face belongs to Elisa Wilson, the wise woman who designed the Square Me Up Ruler.  The Christmas Tree she is holding was made from small half-square triangles using the SMUP.  If you want to see her video demos (they are excellent) you can click here.  There are a few on Elisa's Blog so be sure to scroll down to see each of them.
Elisa has a variety of  patterns that use some of her other templates and the arc on the SMUP is very handy for squaring those up too.  Can you believe I sat on this information since October?  What is wrong with me anyway? 
Speaking of Quilt Market....Spring Quilt Market is right around the corner in May.  I still have not committed to going for several reasons.  First, it falls on Zachary's birthday and I feel conflicted about being away for his 7th birthday.  Second, I can't believe how many more photos and great products I still have to share from Fall Quilt I dare go and take even more photos and feel guilty when I don't get to all of them right away?   
I know what Molly and Jake think...."ahhhh this cold tile floor feels great to take a nap on."

Pennies from Heaven Winner Announced

And the Random Number Generator came up with 30. 

Sam said... 30

Hi Kelly thanks again for parting with such gorgeous 'stuff'. Wednesday is my birthday, so I have to win and I am just getting into applique so this would be a lovely birthday surprise. Sam

April 1, 2011 11:54 PM
Well Sam....I guess it was meant to be...a Birthday Gift for you!  What a great way to celebrate...winning a great book :)  Please send me your address and I'll get your book out to you asap.  E-mail:

On to the subject of photos, Picasa and Blogger.  I don't think I can express my appreciation for all the supportive comments....your comments and thoughts have been sooooo kind.  THANK YOU!!  I've started having symptoms of menopause (probably on time since I'm 47) and my frustration tolerance is not what it used to be.  My energy is fading faster than it did previously as well.   Oh and did I mention fading memory....yep....that too.  So you can imagine how much I appreciate all the kind thoughts and comments I've gotten.   Ya think I should make an art quilt symbolizing menopause?  Haphazard piecing with missing sections for when ya need to throw off the covers because of an energy surge (had those while pregnant but not very often now) and then the beauty and confidence aging brings....that would be a fun quilt challenge wouldn't it?


Monday, April 4, 2011

Gifts, Blocks and Puppies

Can you believe this?  It is a hair clip with the IHAN colors and theme.  My girlfriend, Starr, made this and sent it to me.  She is a wonderful punchneedle artist and she designed this and sent it to me for my birthday.

And this bracelet too.  Aren't they beautiful?  Her finishing work is amazing....there is not one clue as to how she got the punchneedle adhered to the bracelet or the hair clip.  Amazing!!

Picasa and Blogger are still arguing so this post is sort of short. 

Below is a block I made for a special gal in PA.  I used the AccuQuilt Rose of Sharon Die to cut the flowers.  Truthfully, I made this block twice.  The first time I used Steam a Seam Lite and with three layers of fabric the flower felt like cardboard.  Then I used Mistyfuse and the flower was much more flexible.  The flower looked flat to it was missing something.  So I drew a circle on some weavers cloth and used my punchneedle to make the center.  After I stitched it to the block I could see the edges so I did a embroidery stitch around the center to hide the place where I joined it.  A friend suggested a little bead to look like a drop of water. 
So what do you think?  Be honest....afterall....I asked for your opinion.

"See how good we are Mommy....we sit so pretty."  Ya think they wanted a little puppy treat?  I thought so they each got one. 

Anyone know when Picasa and Blogger are going to make up and be friends again?


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Golden Quilter Awards Announced

Head over to SewCalGal's blog and see the winners of the Golden Quilter Awards.  Lots of congratulations are in store.   Many of you may not know that SewCalGal hosts this Award Program and gathers sponsors for prizes.  Let me tell you....there is a ton of work involved.  While you are there reading who won....take a minute to leave a note of gratitude if you are so moved.

I was very proud to be nominated.  IHAN is a peanut size business next to many of the others who are be nominated was a surprise and a great compliment in and of itself.  Thank you to whom ever nominated IHAN the kindness is always appreciated :)


Friday, April 1, 2011

Pennies from Heaven by Gretchen Gibbons - Book Review & Giveaway

If you like applique, wool and/or wool felt you will really enjoy Gretchen Gibbons' book, Pennies from Heaven.  All ten blocks are beautiful together or separately. 

The patterns were clear and directions understandable for me.  The photos are a treasure in and of themselves.  I must have looked at each photo 4 or 5 times since I've had this book.  Honestly, I'm having a hard time thinking about parting with it.  I'm not sure if Martingale Publishers knew what they were doing when the let me review their books.  I am not writing my reviews very fast....the longer it takes the longer I enjoy the book...I'm so bad.  I guess I need my own copy ay? 

It was no surprise to me when I read the introduction to Pennies from Heaven that Gretchen loves colorful, sort of funky and fun penny rugs. Her designs just grabbed my eye from the first time I saw the book.  The patterns can be used for anything from a quilt, to a wall hanging, table runner, pillow, clothing embellishment, dresser scarf...and lots more places when you let your creativity out to play.

If you love fun colorful applique designs leave me a comment on this post for your chance to win a copy of Gretchen Gibbons Pennies from Heaven.  A winner will be announced on Wed, April 6.


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