Thursday, September 6, 2012

I've Adopted a Little/Big Girl :)

Here is a photo of her just as the midwives delivered her on a floral blankey.  She was the child of a lovely woman in North Carolina and I have adopted this beautiful baby :)

I picked her up yesterday and she sat in her play house until today when I had the time to put her on her perch.  She is a Babylock Elegante and she's 4 1/2 years old.
I couldn't help but put a hoop in just to see how she looked....sort of like a bonnet on a baby :)  After much research I decided the Babylocks are the most user friendly and their user manuals actually make sense.  If you own an Embroidery know of what I speak.

Her name is Maddy Jo.  I know a few of you are going to want to know how she got her for those of you who don't care....have a great day :)

For those with inquiring minds:   I met with a friend for lunch about 15 years ago.  During the lunch we talked about our dreams and I said I want to have a child and if she is a girl I'm going to name her Madeline Elizabeth.  I love the name Madeline and Elizabeth is the middle name of my best friend since 3rd grade.

A few months later I met Rick (Mr. McSteamy) and we were married in 2000.  Guess what his youngest daughters name is...yep...Madeline Elizabeth.  So I have a Madeline Elizabeth and I'm absolutely in love with her.

I just so happened to be having lunch with a person by the name of Joe when I was talking about my I'm calling her Maddy Jo....not to be confused with Madeline Elizabeth :)

If you can believe it....I've only had 30 minutes to myself since yesterday so all I could do was get Maddy Jo set up.  I'm on the road now....and I won't be back to play with Maddy Jo until after 8pm this evening.  If this old girl has any energy left....she's going to go play with Maddy Jo....I can't wait.

For those of you who need a Flamingo you go:
The Flamingos were having a party this past Monday.

 On Wednesday this week they were guarding the front porch and the others were.....
watching the road.  Now....if I were a paranoid type....I'd be thinking they are making sure the nutcase doesn't come into their world and add any props.  Since I'm not paranoid.....I think they are waiting to have their photo taken :)  I'm not sure everyone noticed that the people who own the Flamingos have given me permission to publish their address for those who want to send a note to them or to the Flamingos.  I've added a tab to my blog and if you look there you'll find the link to the address.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hoffman California Fabrics Tour Last Chapter

WARNING: If Hoffman Fabrics gives you weak knees....please sit down now as IHAN ® is NOT responsible for any injuries you incur as a result of passing out cold after seeing these photos....Photo intensive and long post...sorry (well, not really)!

 During my visit I learned that the Hoffman's are a family of environmentally friendly leaders, champion surfers and they have shown their dedication to the environment by investing in a water treatment processing in Bali to minimize the impact making Batik fabrics has on the environment.  

Subsequently I have learned that Hoffman Fabrics have partnered with Quilksilver to provide funds to Everyday People Initiating Change (E.P.I.C.)  a non profit that is committed to bringing safe, clean drinking water to a number of villages in the developing world. 

I love companies that share my values and I find it very easy to support them and buy their fabrics....and boy do I! :)

Entering the Warehouse

This surf board collection covers the walls.  The collection  belongs to champion surfers, Walter and Philip Hoffman

Forewarned is forearmed!!  Remember I told you about what was coming next.....

This rainbow of bundles were on a desk and I just could not imagine what they were doing there all by lonely.  I should have stayed to keep them company....but those darn co-workers are always needing something!

Most of us know exactly what a Hoffman Bali Pop is right?  Those gorgeous 2 1/2 inch strips of the Hoffman Batiks.  But...did you know there are now Bali Snaps (5x5) and Bali Crackers (10x10)?  What I love about the pre-cut  fabrics is getting the variety.  I don't want to have to buy a yard of everyone one I like...just give me some of all of them....oh yeah baby!

Don't get too excited....these are not the Colossal Roll being offered as in the Hoffman Pre-Cut Collection...LOL....these are more photos of my warehouse tour.

When I saw was total silence...I was speechless....couldn't utter a word....I was able to get my breath...eventually.
It didn't end....a gigantic warehouse filled.  I would have thought there would be armed guards at all of the doors and sharpshooters on the roof ....but nooooo they were all cool calm and collected.  Do you think there is something wrong with them?  How do you get accustomed to being in that environment every day? can go on now!

My understanding is that many of the employees at Hoffman Fabrics are long time employees.  I was told this lady has worked there over 20 years.  I found some odd pleasure in watching her create the swatch boards by hand....and not machine.  How wonderful is that?  An actual human performing a task....there was some Zen in that activity and it just felt good to see it.
Up close and personal with the Hoffman Challenge Fabrics....someone pinch me or I'll think I'm already dead.  I'm not kidding....I was right there and touched those lovely fabrics.
This is how they get the fabric from the rolls to the bolts.  These guys were putting the fabric into the "bolt machines" (I have no idea what they are really called) and then the put their initials on the bolt when it is finished. 
The next time you are shopping for a Hoffman Fabric, check the bolt end for the initials and just know....real people do that!

That was supposed to be the end of the tour...but you know me...I had to wander up and down those isles and "be with" all the energy in those isles.  As I walked to the end of a row I asked....what is that?  Keep in mind this photo was not altered...the light coming does look like Heaven opening up....but I don't own any software that could alter a photo to make it look that good and I'm too cheap to pay to have that done.

"Stairway to Heaven" was the first thing that popped into my head when I gazed upon this sight.  It is the archive's at Hoffman ....where they keep their archives of fabric swatches.
I stood was much better than the Walk of Fame in far!
 Something else I learned while at Hoffman Fabrics is that they are sponsoring the "Why Quilts Matter" PBS Series.  How cool is that? 

Do you Love Hoffman Fabrics too?  I thought so :)  All IHAN® blog followers can feel free to leave a comment on this post and all you have to say is, "I Love Hoffman Fabrics" for you chance to win one of  these lovely "Sushi" Rolls.  The "Sushi Rolls" are not available in any quilt store...they are rolled up samples of Hoffman Fabrics.  Do you want 2 chances to win?  Click Here to and "Like" Hoffman California Fabrics on Facebook  and come back and let me know and I'll enter your name again!

Giant Smiles,

PS...forgot to give a deadline....go figure!  Leave your comment on this post by Sept 11 2012....why not have some really good memories associated with that date?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hoffman California Fabrics Tour Chapter 1

I hope many of you are still with me on my Southern California journey. In THIS post, I asked if you knew who the man in the photo was..

Rube Hoffman, Founder of Hoffman California Fabrics

Had I not been there I would not have know don't feel bad if you didn't know either.  Most all of us know about Hoffman Fabrics and that is really why I went to see all the fabrics :)  I owe the honor of this trip to SewCalGal as she arranged for us to meet with Michelle Flores there at Hoffman. .

 I remember when I first became aware of Hoffman Fabrics.  It was at  Needles Quilt Shop  in Wellsboro, PA.  They carry Hoffman Batiks....I drooled over their selection every time I went in...and still do :) 

Someone pinch me....I'm standing in the lobby of Hoffman California Fabrics.  The first thing that grabbed my eye...honestly....was not this amazing shark and surf was this:

This Needlebox from Needleboxes Etc.  was sitting on the counter just inside the door.  I've met the Gals from Needleboxes Etc at Quilt Market and I just love their Needleboxes.  One made with Hoffman you know why I didn't notice the shark first!
Right next to the Needlebox were all these Bali Pops.  My heart almost stopped....right there in the lobby.  I tried so hard to compose myself and behave like a respectable took everything I had but I think I pulled it off. 
Michelle gave us a tour of the front offices and these are some of the quilts they have displayed.
This one really grabbed me....I took some close ups and they are aren't they?

What fun....and this little dog cracked me up. He looks like a beach dog ready to play in the sand.

The collages below are not scrapbook pages made from paper...they are done in fabric.  I really thought they were neat and they also hang in the lobby area at Hoffman Fabrics.
 If you would like to read more about Rube and his sons, Walter and Phillip you can click here, here, and here.  I had a great time reading the aforementioned articles about the Hoffman Family.
More beautiful quilts....not that my photography was all that beautiful...sorry...I brought my "real" camera and left the battery an hour away.

Chapter 2 coming soon....the Hoffman California Fabrics Warehouse ....prepare yourself.  If  you take heart sure to have it near while you are reading the next post..

Sorry For The Delay

I am still working on my Hoffman California Fabric blog post.  We left town unexpectedly this morning for a short adventure and I've not had the time to devote to the post.  I promise it will be us soon.

You know what?  I think I'll break it down into chapters so it isn't so long.  And I didn't forget about the Hoffman Fabric giveaway check back soon.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome Back to Quilt School?

Do you remember when I posted this photo?

 CLICK HERE if you would like to send Fan Mail to the Flamingo Flock

 I didn't notice the other side of the chalk board was a dry erase board....imagine my shock when I drove by and saw this today:

Apparently someone told the Flamingos about National Sewing Month and they have taken up Quilting!

WHAT?  Flamingos Quilting.....Now your talking!!!!  Oh friends to stitch with :)  I must say the teacher wasn't the friendliest either.  While I was visiting I heard her yell at one of the students.  Apparently there was one student who had brought some electronic toy to class.  School is no place for electronics...I don't allow my boys to take any so I completely understood....until....

I spotted I get it....this Flamingo is an "advanced" Flamingo and wasn't interested in learning to skipped the piecing and went directly for the Free Motion Quilting and was watching Patsy Thompson's Fast and Free DVD.    I had not idea there were intellectually advanced Flamingos...perhaps they are a new breed?
I was Over the Moon Rainbow with excitement.....Waldo and I now have a Flock of Friends to stitch with.  These are some really hip Flamingos....they have Edyta Sitar's Aurifil Thread Kit, Over the Rainbow.
Their classes started simple...they made a babushka and some scarves.  Didn't they do a lovely job?
I inquired as to where they had gotten all that beautiful fabric for scarves and I was told Hoffman Fabrics.  I said really?  What a coincidence....I was just at Hoffman Fabrics on a recent trip to Southern California.
I'm going back tomorrow to speak to the head mistress and see if I can get some of those beautiful Hoffman Fabrics to give away on my blog. Wish me luck!

Oh...and for those of you who doubt Barnie Fife lives near me.....I took a photo of his police car yesterday.  Here's my proof!


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