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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Quick Ripper Product Review

I noticed The Quick Ripper recently and decided to give it a whirl.  You know I am in love with my Famore Seam Rip but I wondered if The Quick Ripper would be handy for taking off all those small threads on the back of my machine embroidery. 

Any idea how difficult it is to hold an I-Phone in one hand and use The Quick Ripper with the other hand?  Suffice to say, it was a bit of a trick.  I was able to take those small threads off by keeping The Quick Ripper parallel to the piece.  The threads were shaved off in a jiffy. 
 It also removes seams and serger threads. trims up those fuzzy edges on fabrics, loose threads on raw edge applique too :) 

The teeth on The Quick Trimmer and very fine and it catches the threads very well.  The AA battery is included as well as a small brush to clean out the teeth.  

If you were hoping it would remove Machine Embroidery Stitches on the front of a design like I did, well, it doesn't do that....darn!

I think The Quick Trimmer is a handy tool and it is reasonably priced in my opinion :)  

How is that for getting back to work?  


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On An Average Day

Yesterday was an "average" day in my life.  The co-workers and I had to go to get some groceries last evening.  We went to Meijer, a large, we have everything type of store.  The co-workers were begging to go to the electronic department first (and if you can believe it, they also ask if they can go there and be alone while I shop!!!  They are 9 & 10...NOT!)  I decided to get their mind off of the electronics department I'd haphazardly walk through the book and magazine section.

It worked too :)  It wasn't but a minute before they were looking at books and finding something interesting. When I turned my back to pretend I was interested in something....I found something interesting.  This is what I saw:
The magazine section at Meijer on Central Ave in Sylvania, OH.  There are titles above the magazines as you can see....."Men's Interest,"
"Special Interest," (I'm not being ignorant when I ask, what is special interest, am I?  Honestly, I didn't get that part.)....and then there is:
"Women's Interests."  Silently I asked myself, Really?  This is 2013....and there are still labels for people's interests?  And....who are the "Special Interest" people?

Typically I experience myself as a human being  first, before I think about weather I'm male or I "guess" I'm glad someone else it thinking about what I'd like given I'm a female.

While the co-workers were thumbing through things about Star Wars, I flipped open "Quilt Life" by Alex and Ricky to see what is going on since I've been away from my normal quilting world.

You know I cracked up laughing when I opened to this page, "The Perfect Play"...Fabric, Football....and Jerry Joins the Quilt Life. 

Perhaps Meijer's needs to know that there are men that love quilts and quilting, sewing, thread work and plenty of women who are body builders and those that really know about computers...or at least this has been my experience.

That is my average day....what is your's like?

Silly Smiles,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feels Like It's Been Years!

Can't believe it has been so long since I wrote a blog post.  I'm slowly returning to myself after the passing of my mother.  We just had her "Celebration of Life" gathering this past Saturday.  Trying to get everything in order for that has kept me more than occupied. 
 This was one of the photos used for the announcement for her gathering.....I just love this photo. 

It has been a few months since I took this next photo, but I am still tickled by these girls so I wanted to share my post and a link to their website.

Kathy and Bonnie from KPea Original

These gals were at Checker Distributor picking up some fun fabrics when I saw them.  Naturally I asked to take their photograph.  Check out their tops, they have designed and made their own tops.   How smart is that?  What a perfect way to use some of those "oh so fun" prints out there on the market.   

Today I went looking for their website and noticed it says they are on vacation until July 1.  Kids Fly Too is a website that carries a handmade line by KPea Original if you want to check out other things they have.

I'm hoping to have the energy to do some blog hopping and catching up.  Have you seen anything out there in blogland that you think I missed?  Please leave a comment and let me know about it.....I'm so far behind.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts Book Winner Announced

The winner from the IHAN blog is:

(Please e-mail me your full name and
Barb you also get the 50 pre cut circles so you can immediately start making hexies when your package arrives :)

Congratulations Barb and a huge thank you to Julia Woods and Peggy Rhodes for allowing me to participate in this blog hop.  If you are wondering why I cut such a variety of fabrics to send along with the book....I would if I were you...LOL.....I make all of mine out of scraps and love the variety of colors and themes on the fabrics.

If you are not the winner, you can purchase an autographed copy of Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts HERE.

Some insider information :
Now that I've been in the Quilting and Sewing Notions business for a few years I have had the opportunity to learn quite a bit about how the inside of the Quilting and Sewing Notions business works.  Did you know that most authors get a royalty for each book sold?  Probably everyone knows that....but did you know it is frequently less than a dollar  and I know of people who make less than 50 cents per book sold.  After devoting numerous hours to writing and revising a book the author makes less than the publisher and the reseller of the book in many cases.  Love an author?  Buy the book directly from them so they make the profit and can continue to write and create.  Just my 2 cents :)

Oh and don't forget, Julie is giving away a Go Baby on her blog and you have 4 chances to win.  Click HERE to find out how.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts, REALLY....and a Giveaway too!

Welcome to the Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts Blog Hop :)

You may be thinking....quick and easy....where have I heard that before?  It is true, I'm here to tell is possible to turn a circle into a hexagon and you won't have to use a paper template.  How do I know?

I have recently reviewed a copy of Dr. Peggy Rhodes and Julia Wood's new book, Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts and I've made my own hexagons (shown above on top of the book).  These hexies are much larger than the hexagons I've been making for the past 8 years.  Mine are approximately  3/4" across and I've been using paper to stabilize my work.  I have to say, I really have enjoyed making the larger hexagons without paper using Dr. Rhodes and Julia Wood's method.

The "Florabunda Table Topper" is one of my favorite patterns from Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts.  Will ya just look at all those beautiful colors......they are beautiful!  Light, dark, print, dots, stripe, solid or floral....all of them make incredibly beautiful Hexie Quilts.

Would you like to make Quick and Easy Hexies too?  For your chance to win your very own copy of Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts please leave a comment on this post telling me what you love about hexagons. 
The winner from the IHAN blog will also receive 50 pre-cut circles.....oh just think of the fun you will have!

There are several chances to win a copy of Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts.  Visit each of the blogs below and leave a comment to increase your chances of winning.  One winner from each blog will be chosen on June 10th, 2013 to receive a copy of Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts.  Be sure to visit Julia Wood's blogs (see links below) before June 10 for a chance to win an Accuquilt Go Baby fabric cutter as well.

 June 3 Karen Griska (The Selvage Blog)
 June 4 Susan Cleveland (BlackberryCreek)
 June 5 Melinda Fulkerson at Melinda’s Blog
 June 6 Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Bumblebeans Inc)
 June 7 Sew Cal Gal
 June 8 I Have A Notion  (Kelly Jackson)
June 9 Pat Sloan
 June 10 Julia Wood  (Hexie Blog and Green Quilts)   

Thank you for visiting and best of luck to you!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Few Quilts and Life Recently

I'll start with "Life" and the going's on around here and throw a few quilts in as "Life" unfolds :)

 On May 19th my younger brother, Mathew, graduated from Law School.  This in and of itself is a huge accomplishment....but during the boring commencement speech (I was tempted to stand up and scream "Time are boring and we want to see our family members get their diplomas now"....but I didn't.) I sat thinking about his life.  He has served in the Army, gotten a bachelor degree in plastic engineering, a masters degree in business and now a law degree.  It sounds like he has spent his life studying but no.....he has traveled the world and had two children as little brother is one amazing dude and it sort of just dawned on me....LOL!
 Speaking of amazing oldest co-worker shot 5 bulls-eyes on the BB gun range.  We were only given 5 BB's....I was lucky to hit the paper one time.

A week or so ago, we had another cub scout event.  Our very first car race at the Toledo Speedway.
It was pretty neat to see that the racers pulled their cars near the stands and let the fans get autographs.
The youngest co-worker was thrilled to be having soda and candy....he loves sugar and his boss does her best to set limits on that stuff!

I felt a bit stupid because I had to ask the man in front of me if the car races were real or if they were like big time wrestling.  What planet am I from?  I do know about the Daytona 500 and the Grand Prix....but who knew there were people who race cars locally?  Please forgive my ignorance!

 You are looking at a photo of men following one another around in circles....yes....spending money on gas to drive in circles....not to fabric stores....but in circles following one another and going nowhere!
When they were finished and got their trophy they then did it again....this time with boats in tow.  REALLY?  I could not make this up....I'm not that creative....giggles.
It gets a wee bit more interesting when they then drive in a figure 8 in a bus....until each one is smashed to smithereens and can no longer run. 

IHAN logic says that if their was thread involved somehow it would have been much more exciting!  They could have at least tied some thread or yarn to their bumpers to they could have had bobbins or spindles wound when they were finished....but NO!  I think they need me to give them some help with their entertainment don't you?  (ROFL)

I better show you a quilt before you leave and never come back :)
Forgive the quality of the photo...but this a lovely lavender brushed cotton with hand embroidery and hand quilting.

I'd like to tell you that I made this lovely quilt....but that would be a lie.  I purchased it at an estate sale last Friday and I paid $55.  I could not buy the fabric and thread for that price.  I also purchased a beautiful quilt with churn-dash quilt made with feed sacks....I'll have to take a pix of that one to show you. Now....that is something I can get excited about and perhaps run in circles....but pay for gas to drive in a circle....not me....still giggling at my narrow life.

Between thread, fabric and does happen here at IHAN headquarters.  While sitting at Max and Ermas having dinner one evening, Aaron looks at me and asks me, "Momma, why do they call these napkins....we don't take naps on them?  We should call them lapkins because they sit on your lap."  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....still laughing.
One of my girlfriends lost her husband so I ran home for the funeral this past weekend.  PA is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my was overcast and ye the sky and mountains were still just as beautiful.
After the funeral, we gathered at their home and our group put on a lovely lunch.  You know I loved pulling into her driveway....there was a barn and a barn idea of  home!
Another quilt!  Hooray :)  This is Eleanor's tie isn't quite finished but I just had to take a pix.
Appliqued silk ties one silk dupioni.  I now know what I want to do with some of my father's ties.

My spirits have been lifted by my quilting friends yet again.....stitching friends have kept me from falling apart....I guess they just know what they are doing!


Oops...I left off a photo....the co-workers last day of school is is officially summer here in Ohio.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Are You A Hexie Lover?

  I've been making Hexagons over paper for the last 8 years and now I've learned I don't need the paper after all!  Come see what all the fuss is about on Monday... the schedule is below :)

Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts
Bloghop Schedule
June 3  Karen Griska at The Selvage Blog
June 4  Susan Cleveland at BlackberryCreek
June 5  Melinda Fulkerson at Melinda’s Blog
June 6  Victoria Findlay Wolfe at Bumblebeans Inc
June 7   Sew Cal Gal
June 8   Kelly Jackson at I Have A Notion
June 9   Pat Sloan
June 10  Julia Wood
If you are like me and want a copy of the book immediately, Julia will autograph a copy for you and you can find her HERE

\__/ That's a half of a hexie smile....giggles,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thanks for Cheering Me Up :)

Now if you saw a sweet little house like this one wouldn't you smile?
And that little house was on a wall hanging with lots of my favorite trees, flowers and thread know I'm smiling again!  
And....if that sweet little house on that beautiful wall hanging was near a plant that had two little birds nests and lots of greenery.....wouldn't you smile?

And.... these things included lots of phone calls, cards and letters......I'm guessing by now you know the point....THANK YOU to all my very dear friends for keeping me sane in this very challenging time.

Full Smiles,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tombow Time and My Family

Hi Everyone!
I'm back with "some" energy :)  I so appreciate all the loving and kind e-mails, comments, cards, gifts and letters you have sent to my mother and myself since February.
When I say I don't know what we would have done without all of you, it is from my heart.  As you know, my mother passed over on May 11th and I have been doing my very best to cope.  Part of coping, for me, is reviewing all the photos I've taken.  I have some amazing memories and I've chosen the photos from  April 8, 2013, our "Tombow Time" to share today. 

TOMBOW TIME with the IHAN Clan!
I agreed back in March to participate in the "100 Days of Tombow" so that the Council for Art Education would be provided up to $10,000 worth of Tombow Art Products.
We received these beautiful Dual Brush Pens, a set of Irojiten colorpencils and a Tombow Stamp Runner free for participating.  The evening of April 8th, we printed several coloring sheets and spent the evening coloring as a family.  I know it sounds a bit corny but it was very relaxing.

The one end of the pen is soft like a paintbrush and is great for blending and the other is sharp for outlining or writing.
Our Irojiten pencils are the Pale Tone II set and I must say these are "high end" for us....we have been spoiled big time!  The color is soft and smooth.. 
I"m not much of an artist so I was coloring a design I created with my Kelidoscope Kreator Software.  you can see how soft and smooth the pencils are.....and you can also see I'm not that great with staying within the lines...oops :)

Zachary was absolutely thrilled to be able to "keep" the markers and pencils if he were willing to demonstrate how fun they are to use.  Now I know my kids are artistic, but you should really check out this post on the Tombow Blog....this guy is FANTASTIC :)

Aaron wasted no time with his artistic endeavors.....this took him only minutes to complete.
Another contribution by Zach

Even Grandma colored with us that night.  I hope the boys never forget the night Grandma spent coloring with them....I know I won't.

Zach had to be repeatedly reminded to share the  He was generous and offered Grandma a few colors to use.
The Tombow Stamp Runner came in very handy when attempting to keep this guys beard on!  The adhesive is acid free and it can be applied in small portions by pressing down/stamping it or in long strips by pulling along the roller edge.

We do a lot of adhering around here.....
Aaron's paper sculpture.
The adhesive is temporarily re-positionable (and acid you could use it for placement of your applique!).

I am so grateful SewCalGal brought this opportunity to my attention and to Tombow for allowing me to participate.  We have really enjoyed our new art supplies :)

Below you can read more about the "100 Days of Tombow"....copied from their e-mail to me.

Smiling At Times,

Tombow Celebrates “100 Days of Tombow” 
Centennial Year Program Highlights Work of Mommy Bloggers Making a Difference in their Homes, Schools and Communities
Saturday, March 9, at the National Art Education Association Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, Tombow will kick off its “100 Days of Tombow” program by committing to provide up to $10,000 of Tombow art products to the Council for Art Education, a national nonprofit dedicated to promoting and supporting art education and quality art programs nationwide.
Tombow seeks to leverage its centennial year by spearheading new avenues of creative growth for the next 100 years. To that end, it’s working with crafters and mommy bloggers to reach younger demographics and introduce Tombow to a fresh, new audience.  “We’re parlaying our 100-year platform to educate crafting bloggers in the young singles, newlywed and new mom audiences on ways to use our eco-friendly products to enrich their world with color, texture and design,” said Jeff Hinn – president, American Tombow. 
For its “100 Days of Tombow” program, the company is working with 100 different bloggers across America to spotlight their creative musings using Tombow’s products, and showcasing how “Tombow Time” is enjoyed across the nation.
Bloggers who are interested in participating in the “100 Days of Tombow” movement should contact Barbara Pritchett, public relations coordinator, who will facilitate the provision of 100 Days of Tombow Starter Kit, containing Dual Brush Pens, Irojiten Color Pencils and the Stamp Runner Adhesive (photos attached). In addition, every submission for the “100 Days of Tombow” blogging program will result in a $100.00 product donation to the Council for Art Education. “We hope to donate $10,000 worth of product to this dynamic, vibrant cause that shapes the future crafters and artists of America through its educational programs,” said Hinn in closing.  “After all, we want to be the product of choice for future generations, and what better way to celebrate the past than to promote the future.”
About Tombow
Tombow is today’s market leader for arts, crafts and office products.  Serving consumers and businesses around the globe, Tombow was established in Japan in 1913 as the wood-case pencil provider for Japanese students.  Since these beginnings and undergirded by a history of unparalleled customer service, Tombow has grown the company’s portfolio to a worldwide provider of adhesive tape, ballpoint pens, correction tape, drawing pencils, dual brush pens, glue sticks and liquid glues manufactured in facilities located in Japan, Southeast Asia and Thailand.  Worldwide operating divisions distribute Tombow branded products in their respective geographies. For more information, visit

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Olivia is now an Angel in Heaven

SewCalGal here today on a rather sad topic, but one which those who love Kelly will want to know about.

First, I want to share that losing a love one is probably the most painful thing that happens to us in life.  In that process, we have to convey to others the sad news while we are grieving.  This can add more pain, trying to find the words to say a loved one is no longer here.  So, today, I'm breaking the news on Kelly's blog that her mother has passed away.

Click to play this Smilebox announcement

I wish I had magic dust that I could sprinkle and make this pain go away for the  Howlett, Stocker and Jackson families.  But, the next best thing to magic dust is knowing other family members and friends care and will be their to help, whenever needed.  And Olivia is now an Angel in Heaven always watching over them and wanting them to carry on and enjoy life!

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