Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Use A Needle Threader?

I do!!  The one below is mine.  It is not one of the newer pretty colored ones (see below) mine is brown.  However, I must say, despite it's color it is the best needle threader I've ever used.  I have tried quite a few of them too. 

Clover makes a wonderful, easy to use, needle threader.  I've been told that some folks don't use needle threaders until they "need" one.  Well, I NEED mine.  I get so frustrated every time my thread comes out when I am stitching.  I love working on my English Paper Pieced hexagons while traveling and I'm telling you I un-thread that needle so often...why?  Someone needs to "FOCUS" on her needle and stop having to turn around and speak to her co-workers while traveling!!!

Check out the beautiful new colors:

These are all available at IHAN (scroll down to bottom of the page :)....except for the brown one....that one is mine.  But if you would like to trade....I can make arrangements....I'm willing to swap for a purple one :)

Do you use a needle threader?  Which one and why?



  1. yes, I do and I can't live without it!

  2. I'm getting to that stage...I can thread my needles most times; but the super small eyes I don't even see's a good thing my machine comes with an automatic threader 'cause I'd be a swearing woman otherwise :)

  3. Dont use one....but that basting gun is awesome, do you have those. I know, I could go and look but who has the time besides the information in is your brain, why not pick it?

  4. I do! My problem is that I like small needles with small eyes and most needle threaders won't go into the eye. Will this one do the trick?

  5. I have one and can't believe how easy it is to use. I got mine in a box of goodies I won at our Quilt Guild auction.. Gee someone didn't want it.... hard to imagine! Anyway I am the lucky one.

  6. Oh, I love my Clover needle threader! I can't imagine not using it! Here is a great tutorial on how it works (in case anyone needs it:


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