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Showing posts with label Laundry Basket Quilts by Edyta Sitar. Show all posts

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reasons For Quilts by Edyta Sitar

Time for a book review and more photos from Quilt Market!
(this post was started 4 days ago...hmmmm...perhaps it needed to marinate)
The book I choose is "Reasons For Quilts" by Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts). I had the great pleasure of visiting with Edyta and Michael in Houston for Quilt Market. They were both very busy so I only visited for a short time. I did take lots of time to take photos of course :)

Edyta gave me an autographed copy of Reasons For Quilts and I am in love with it.  Don't fret...I also got one to give away too (you know I wouldn't forget about you!).
This is how Reasons for Quilts begins...

Life Beneath The Threads
Every quilt is a piece of art-but the true art lies among it's layers.  Deep beneath the colors and patterns are the meanings that embrace the fabric of our lives.  through cutting, assembling, and painstaking stitching, we dream of our quilts in their finished form.  Yet the true beauty lies in the making of quilts.  In the hundreds of pieces that teach us patience; in mistakes that make us a bit more humble; and through setbacks that spur even greater resolve, quilting both reflects and shapes our being."

For every quilt, there is a reason
                                                              (written with permission of the author)

Any surprise I'm so drawn to Edyta's work? Edyta embraces and emphasizes addresses  human connectedness and reasons why we are drawn to quilt.  The more depth and meaning...the more attracted I become to a  persons work.

 These are photos of Laundry Basket Quilts booth at Quilt Market in Houston, 2011.

 If you just like to piece...Edyta has a pattern for you....if you like applique....Edyta has a pattern for you and if you like machine embroidery...Edyta has that too!! 
 I absolutely  love the smaller quilt and the machine embroidery quilt behind it.  I have taken close ups of both...
Edyta's batiks (Moda Fabrics) are absolutely beautiful. 


 This cornucopia is just stunning isn't it?

 You know I couldn't overlook her Aurfil Thread Collection (Can you believe I didn't even try to take it?  That is self restraint at it's best!!)
 or her lovely quilts under her patterns....such a beautiful booth.

 This is the close up...or closer up of one of my favorites....I'd love to have a quilt like this to snuggle with at night...and I'd love for all the scrap pieces to come from my friends...wouldn't that be so special?

Back to Edyta's latest book....Reasons For Quilts
There was a very long line to get an autographed copy of Reasons For Quilts.  I arrived early and the line was already wrapped around the corner. 
Edyta has written the stories behind many of her quilts and she has added quilts from her family as well.  The stories and photos are beautiful, inspiring, and meaningful...such a treasure.  There is also a bonus CD included in the book with 9 of Edyta's quilt patterns...can you say BONUS!  That is a bonus :)
I am thrilled to have a copy to give to an IHAN blog follower.  I know who ever wins this book will be thrilled.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and share one reason you have made a quilt...just easy!  On Friday, December 9th I'll let the Random Number Generator choose a comment and I'll announce the winner.
THANK YOU Edyta for the books and for giving your permission so I could include some of your beautiful words in my blog post!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Checker Distributor 63 Anniversary Open House

I have been knee deep in my Power Suit Challenge art quilt and actually forgot to post without further ado....back to Checker's Open House.

Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts, was as beautiful and pleasant as always during the Open House.

She has a new book coming out, Reasons for Quilts.  She had a few copies and they sold out fast!!

Edyta's designs are timeless and I think that is why so many of her patterns and books appeal to so many quilters.  I have been fortunate enough to hear Edyta speak on a few occasions and one of the reasons I really enjoy her lectures is because she focuses on relationships and events as themes for her quilts. Friendship Triangles and Friendship Strips and Scraps are a great example of relationship quilting because quilters are encouraged to share triangles, strips and scraps to make quilts with those swapped fabrics. 
 Shelly Stokes, Cedar Canyon Textiles, came in from Minnesota (you have to say that with the accent :) and she brought with her some fun rubbing plates, stencils and of course Paintstiks.
Paintstiks are so much fun...and believe it or not...easy to use.  Since I don't' draw, stencils and rubbing plates give me a boost for creating fun and interesting patterns on fabric.  I bet you are wondering why on earth there is a vegetable peeler in this photo.  The peeler works great for taking off the outer seal on the Paintsticks.
I love the sunflower quilt Shelly had hanging in her booth....check it out.....isn't it beautiful, bright and cheerful?

Nick Coman, Dragonfly Threads, had some fun and colorful....or should I say "de-colorful" inks to share at the Checker Open House.  Unfortunately I was so focused on the Handi-Iron he brought from Kandi Corp that I did not even take his rude is that?  Sorry Nick!!! 

 Nick co-authored, Fabric Color Magic, with Abby Riba and it is one very cool book if I don't say so myself.  The book is about stamping, stenciling and brushing on fabrics.  Lots of photos and step by step instructions so even a beginner can actually complete the projects.
 This is de-Colourant and Nick explained exactly how it works.  I had read about de-Colourant in magazines and still didn't understand exactly what it is used for. 
 Here you can see Nick had used a stencil and made a leaf on this black fabric.  The color was dull until he heat set it and then it really popped nicely.

Do you know what de-Colourant does?  Get removes/de-colors the pigment in the fabric and replaces the area with ink and the ink is colored.  If you are like me you are thinking....what is the difference between that and fabric paint or Paintstiks...right?
 The difference is you don't feel any thing at all on the fabric.  It is like the batik fabrics where you don't feel the designs....they are just part of the fabric.  Cool ay?  I think so.
 Look how pretty this notebook cover is....some de-Colourant, thread and a few beads and now Nick has one spanky notebook/journal.

Nick gave me a pretty good explanation and education during the Open House.  He and Shelly Stokes from Cedar Canyon Textiles were using some of the same stencils and collaborating which I think is really neat.

There is more to stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

International Quilt Festival, Cincinnati 2011 Last Chapter

Lots more photos and information to share about know I take a zillion pictures everywhere I go.

While walking down an isle I spotted the Laundry Basket Quilts booth and I got excited because I knew I'd find some familiar faces.  I saw Michael and a young woman from the back....hmmmm.  Inquiring minds wanted to know...but when the young woman turned around I knew she had to be Edyta's daughter.  Michael and Delfina were working the Laundry Basket Quilts booth because Mom was home with the other two children who were on spring break. 
Nice to see them having some Daddy and Daughter time!
This is Applique Affair, one of my favorite patterns by Edyta Sitar.  And while I'm on the subject of Edyta....guess who has a pattern featured in the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest, Perfect for Precuts?
Anna Sitar, Edyta's youngest daughter!!!!  Way to go Anna :) 
"Oh Anna, your quilt is so pretty and I'm glad you had the desire and courage to make a quilt and submit the photos for publication....nice job!"

As I walked the isles in Cincinnati I came upon another friendly and familiar face......
Karen Montgomery from The Quilt Company, PA.  She was demonstrating her Creative Grids Quick Trim Ruler before I walked up. 
When I was speaking with Karen at the Checker Distributors 62nd Anniversary Open House, she told me she does not like "one hit wonders."  This is what she calls rulers with only one purpose. 
The Quick Trim Ruler not only makes circles it also has a 45 degree angle that cross at the quarter inch to trim points from half square triangles and flying geese.   It is also great for making the blocks pictured below.

 LuLu Bears were new to me and I could not help but stop and marvel at Luann Bowen's Bears.
 They had sold so many items that they were apologizing for their display and I laughed.  I loved it and I had no clue how it looked when the show started. 
 Look at these beautiful strawberries....they looked so yummy.   The bears stole my heart....I only wished I had taken more close-ups of them.
 Click here and here  to see more of LuLu gotta see them :)

Then....much to my delight I ran into the Pieceful Designs booth. 

I was so excited when I saw these cupcakes I begged Pam Bocko to please let me take photos for my blog.  I just had to share these with everyone.....look how beautiful these cupcake pincushions are.....

"With a Cherry On Top" is the name of this pattern and if you love cheerful pincushions, click here to buy the pattern from Pieceful Designs.

Pam did not know me from Adam and yet she allowed me to photograph her booth and cupcakes.  I'm thrilled Pam trusted me.  Many people take the photos and then copy the designs.  I now know enough pattern designers to tell you that copying their patterns  is really a bad choice.  So much time, energy and finances go into taking a pattern to market ....keep that in mind when you think to yourself...hey I could do's not that easy and it is so important to honor the designers creativity.

Ok....I'm finished with the Cincinnati photos for now.  I did take more but I'm going to share those when I have more information to go with them.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aurifil Thread Heist at Spring Quilt Market 2010 in Minneapolis

Meet Davide Moro, from Aurifil Threads.  Davide, I'm pleased to introduce you to the IHAN blog readers.

Poor Davide was walking down the hallway just before Schoolhouse at Quilt Market opened. I yelled in my oh so polite voice, Mr. Aurifil, and I chased Davide down for a photo. He was so polite to turn and smile. Little did he know that it was just a plan to get him accustomed to being distracted in preparation for the IHAN Aurifil Thread Heist!!! It worked :)

Later in the morning I ran in to Alex Veronelli, from Aurifil Threads, (same goes for Alex as Ricky yesterday and anyone else with their eyes closed : )  I would recognize his face....even on Facebook!!!

Little does Alex know the only Aurifil Thread  he will be able to sell will be the Aurifil he sells at Sample Spree because the rest will be gone in a IHAN blink!!!  See how relaxed he looks. 

Davide is friendly enough to say hello again later in the day.  Just as I got close enough to him and he relaxed (his breathing was nice and even and his arms loosely dangled at his sides) I went in for the initial IHAN tactical move -
The IHAN head lock!!! 

My plan was to learn the exact amount of pressure I would need to keep him at bay should he try to defend the Aurifil Thread Stands!  See ladies and gentleman, you have to "case the joint" before you rob it.  Casing the "joint" (Aurifil Booth) is part of the planning process.  I learned this from a really big mobster (Al Capone) while in the Pokey.

Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts, was just finishing up her Schoolhouse lecture when this photo was taken. Since Edyta knows me, she was very relaxed as she posed for a photo.  The woman she was posing for just loves Edya's book, "Hop To It."  Edyta is completely unaware that I was reaching into her bag to take her Aurifil Thread Kit.  Notice she does not even  flinch.
I know, bragging about a theft is not typically polite....but since I know I'll be judged by a jury of my peers, who in their right mind would blame me?  Not a quilter, right? 
Since this was just a dry run, I gave Edyta's Thread Kit back to her.  Her husband, now all trim and fit, was giving me "the look."  You know "the look?"  The one where he is telepathically saying, "you touch her Aurifil Thread Kit again and I'm going to clock you!!  Yes, that one.  He definitely looked like he could run faster than me so I backed away slowly.

Later in the day.....
Davide was so compulsive he could not stop arranging the Aurifil display.  He had to be sure everything was  just perfect.  Since I noticed he was hyper-focused, I felt  invisible as I crawled up to the display to steal the  first box of Aurifil Thread.

As Davide, Alex and Elena were chatting with customers, I took the opportunity to grab my first Aurifil Thread display.  I wanted it to be small enough that I could still run fast without dropping a single spool.  If it were bags of money I were stealing  I might not mind as much  if a few bills flew away.....but I was not about to let even one spool of Aurifil Thread roll away.  NOT A CHANCE!!
I could not contain my joy as the security cameras captured my grin!!!  I forgot to shoot out the security camera with my IHAN secret ray gun that zaps all security cameras and renders them useless until the "Red Head" disappears from sight.
Here I am running right past the cleaning lad, she never even noticed.  I'm 6 feet tall and I've never let my height get in the way of stealing Quilting Notions.  Most folks are fooled by the smile and friendly persona this IHAN thief puts on.....little do they know that they are the unsuspecting targets of a IHAN Aurifil Thread Heist.
I lost my finesse as Alex Veronelli turned just in time to see me tilting the Aurifil Display onto my dolly (a pair of my size 12 roller skates.  They double as a great dolly).  I quickly put on the IHAN friendly smile and pretended I was "just playing."  The entire time my dark inner thoughts were "Look Mr. AV....I'm not letting you or anyone else get in the way of my just back your silver-haired-self with the lover-like-eyes OFF and away from MY Aurifil Display!!!"

I knew I would be too much for him.  Look at his smile.  He is showing a little frustration but the IHAN determination gleans right through my teeth.  This Aurifil Thread will be mine!!! 
Later,  I went for the big spools.  My only regret, I did not think to wear bigger underwear.  Can you imagine what I could have done with Triple G's?  I could have had several in one trip.  Next time I'll be better prepared :)
Ooops, I'm coming little thread at a time. 
Most gals want smaller waists and pant sizes.  NOT me!!!  The bigger the better.  I'm such a perfect sized Gal that I can stuff The Ultra Collection by Mark Lipinski right into my pants.  Well, I guess I ate too much at I did the next best thing......

I stuffed it up my shirt.  How noticeable could it be?

Not very ay?

Now for the back loader.  I figure I can manage a few Aurifil Thread Kits in the back right?
Well, there may be a little bit of IHAN sticking out of the right side of my shirt.  If there were less of that I would have had more room for the Aurifil Thread Kits.  Now that is REAL incentive to get rid of the extra IHAN on my sides, right?  RIGHT!!!
The Grand Finale

I had just commandeered a Forklift and off with the Aurifil crate I drove.....all the way back to IHAN.

Aurifil Thread displays are now at IHAN....and they are only for me.  Sorry I can't share....I'm saving them just in case I get sent to the Pokey and need bail.  I'm offering one of each color to anyone who posts bond. 
The remainder of all of these Aurifil beauties will be split equally with the jury at my trial.  Now see if you have a leg to stand on Alex, Davide and Elena!!   The three of you will burst into tears when the Judge takes her gavel/donker and swings it into the air in a free motion quilting type move and announces the verdict -


It will be Aurifil's fault and they will have to pay a hefty fine to IHAN for the emotional pain and suffering that was caused by having to gaze upon their lovely Aurifil Threads and Kits.  This is what I call a Win/Win situation :)

It is so important to return to the "scene of the crime" so you don't look like a "real" suspect.  So I casually walked back by their display to see Edyta Sitar's  "A Few of My Favorites 50wt Aurifil Thread Set" .  It is absolutely beautiful...don't you think? 
 Then I casually gazed at Pat Sloan's 40wt Machine Piecing and Quilting Thread Kit and then at her 50wt Machine Quilting and Applique Thread Kit.   I was happy to see Pat's Sweet Liberty Heart Kit all made up.  I really like this pattern.
I just want to close by saying I can not confirm nor deny the "validity" of this post.  Since honesty is an IHAN value.....I will just say.....I'm honestly not confirming nor denying any part of this story!!!
The IHAN Poppy Queen Wave
I will however confirm and validate that all of the following spools of Aurifil Thread was lawfully purchased by me at Sample Spree.
Here they are all lined up.....oh I love to fondle my spools of thread :)  Some are Wool and some are 50 wt.  But I love them all equally!!

Thieving Smiles,

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