Thursday, August 26, 2010

Checker Distributors 62nd Anniversary Open House

Checker Distributor
62 Anniversary
Open House

For those of you who are not familiar with Checker Distributors, they are a supplier for Independent Quilting and Needle Art Stores.  They recently had their Open House and I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the classes and see the demonstrations.  

To set the scene, Checker is a big warehouse with a showroom and offices.  Over the past 6 or 8 weeks the folks at Checker have been remodeling the showroom.  The showroom, in my opinion, was very nice before they began the remodeling.  Now it is extra "really nice" :)  Every time I have gone in to pick up an order there have been no less than 4 women moving displays and re-organizing until they got it just the way they wanted it.  Their hard work certainly paid off because when everyone arrived for their Open House the entire place was beautiful and in it's place. (I'd love for them to come and do my house/office....I bet I can't afford them!!!)

The photos below are of the displays that were arranged on the end caps in the warehouse.  Remember this is the warehouse, not the showroom.  I'll publish photos of those soon.




I only took 356 photos in the two days I was there so I'm going to have to post in chapters!!!  Stay tuned :)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Winner of the Just Another Button Company Orange Lemonade Just Pins

Giveaway Winner

It is Wednesday and I said the winner would be chosen on Tuesday night.  Guess I fell asleep on the job...yikes!!  I know how hard it can be to live without your prize especially when it comes to Spanky Embellished Wonderments!!!

Lucky number 18 said:

deserae said... 18
I would love these pins to put on a new pincushion I just got!
August 22, 2010 9:27 AM

Congratulations Deserae!!  Please e-mail me at with your mailing address. 

Please stay tuned always....there are plenty more giveaways coming in the next few days.


Back to School Here At IHAN Headquarters :)

The past few days have been extremely busy.  Checker Distributor had their 62 Annual Open House on Sunday and Monday.  You know I had a great time!!!  I'll be posting very soon.  I had to quickly change hats and get my co-workers ready for school tomorrow.  We had the supplies but getting shoes was a mission for the Navy Seals....but I can never find one when I need them....what is up with that?

Mr. Aaron will be completely ready but probably a little grumpy upon awaking.....
and Mr. Zach will probably look just like this........until next week....ROFL :)

I'll be back very soon....just juggling the hats here. 


Monday, August 23, 2010

2 Martins In A Nest

IHAN blog readers meet Rachel Martin.  Rachel is Cecile McPeak's (Just Another Button Company) daughter.  I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel in Minneapolis during Quilt Market. 

To make a long story shorter (a first for me:) let me just say when I first saw JABC buttons and pins I had suggested to Cecile that they would be lovely for hair bows and headbands.  When Rachel was looking for a new creative outlet, Cecile shared the idea with her daughter.  This was the beginning of 2 Martins In A Nest.

Below are photos of Rachel's creations for her upcoming wedding.  She has really taken a small idea and given it  life that is amazingly creative and fun. 
This is Rachel's headband that she wore for her wedding.  When she was showing them to me she was not yet married.  Fast forward a few months and she is now married to Joshua Martin.  Now they are 2 Martins In A Nest .  Isn't that just the best name?  I love it.
This is her wedding bouquet.  Isn't it incredible? 
Here is a close up of just the top.  I think it is just beautiful!
These headbands  were for the brides maids. 
(I hope my memory is serving me correctly....after all it has been 3 months...yikes:)

Rachel had made these for table decorations.  Isn't that a great idea for using the wooden spools?

Just as I was writing to tell Cecile that I was getting my photos of Rachel's headbands and decorations ready to post she suggested I may want to wait a day or two.  I wondered, hmmmm, why should I wait?

A day or so later this arrived in the mail:

No silly, not Rosemary's beautiful and precious grand daughter Francis, the headband.  Don't you know it is illegal to mail children in a Priority Rate Box?
It looked so good on Francis I asked my angel to try it on.  Well.....hmmmmm.....all I can say is.....he certainly is a good sport...LOL. 

Thank you Rachel for the beautiful headband.  I think your creativity is amazing and I love use of the vintage buttons in your creations :)  To contact 2 Martins In A Nest you can click here or e-mail

One very lucky IHAN blog reader will have the opportunity to own this fun headband from 2 Martins In A Nest.  Leave a comment on this post and I will draw a winner on Thursday evening.

Oh yes....and a special thank you to my two models, Francis and Zachary.....excellent job!! 


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just Another Button Company at Spring Quilt Market 2010

I'm still going working on Spring Quilt Market Posts and I'm in the middle of booking my trip for Fall Quilt Market in Houston.  Either I have to find a better way to automate my Market posts or I need to take fewer photos!!

This is Cecile McPeak from Just Another Button Company.  I love the button and pins from JABC because they are so fun and playful. 

Look at this scrap catch and pincushion.  Now, how can you not smile when looking at this little fella.  See....I didn't think you either.
Then for your winter  stitching....another scrap keep and pincushion. 

How about this bird pincushion?  Now how can you not want one of these?  I don't care how many pincushions I own, I still want this pincushion.  Do you think I should seek help with my pincushion hording  issues?  Me either....don't turn me into the hording police and I won't turn you in....we can remain co-conspirators in the underworld of the hording community :)

These fun patterns can be found in Sew Necessary by Art To Heart.  The buttons and pins that coordinate with these fun projects are made by Just Another Button Company

The "Just Pins" from JABC are affectionately referred to as "Spanky Embellished Wonderments" by IHAN.  They are just too much fun to be called "Just Pins" least in my mind.

These are pincushion kits from Just Another Button Company.  Can you imagine getting one of these as a gift or better yet, giving one as a gift?  They sure are a pick-me-up and smile maker for sure.

Posted by Picasa
These are new this year, Just Clips.  These are my favorite here....look at those little pea faces.

Isn't this button bracelet great?  JABC has kits to make your own bracelets as well!!

Here is a photo of a few more of the bracelets. 
I'm not sure who the gal on the left is but that is Cecile on the right.   Every time I think about her she sends me an e-mail or a letter.  Telepathic communications seem to keep occurring.  Recently I was thinking about Rachel, Cecile's daughter.  Just as I was asking about her Cecile told me that Rachel had just put a package in the mail to me.  Isn't that just so strange how that happens with some people?  

My next post will be about Rachel and her new adventure!!!  Stay tuned :)

If you would like to be the lucky owner of the Orange Lemonade Just Pins from Just Another Button Company than leave me a comment on this post.  What fun place you plan on using your Just Pins.?
I will draw a winner on Tuesday night.

By the way, IHAN only has the Just Pins line and some of the JABC buttons.  If you are interested in the pin  cushion kits, Just Clips or bracelet kits please e-mail me at and I will get them for you.

Just Smiles,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Help Ryan Walsh -I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts Blog - Free The Fabric

If you are a regular reader here on the IHAN blog you already have seen my link to Ryan Walsh's blog - I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts.  He has a fantastic blog and I didn't want anyone to miss out on his posts.

Did you know he is de-stashing?  You know we can't have all those lovely fabrics going unused now can we?  We need to assist him in "Freeing the Fabric" so it is no longer sad and unused.  Those precious bolts need new homes so their energy can be released into creative new projects to inspire others to keep the stitching going.

If you stop over make sure you tell him you just want to help in "Freeing the Fabric"...LOL....afterall we all love a good jail break every now and again :)


Golden Thyme Designs at Spring Quilt Market 2010

Edited 8/20/10 2:00*
Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs, has been one incredibly busy woman this past year.  Below are photos of quilts and bags that Lacey made for Spring Quilt Market using Northcott Fabrics

Rocky Mountain Forget-Me-Not by Lacey Hill*
The fabric in this quilt is Stonehenge by Northcott Fabrics. I really like the design in this quilt.  I'd also love to see it in batiks.   Needleturn applique is something I enjoy (especially on a large scale like this one) and this would be so much fun.  Guess I need the pressure of shows to make me work faster....or not!!
I just made a backpack using Lacey's pattern, Snap Backpack.  Mine does not look near as great as Lacey's does, but then again, I did not design the pattern either!!  :)
This is her Snap Bag pattern
 "Sunset in the Sierras"  by Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs
Day at the Fair by Lacey Hill, Golden Thyme Designs

As if that were not enough, Lacey just co-authored two books with Ro Gregg.  
  Easy Sew With Lacey & Ro provides the answers to your designing questions with the help of easy to follow instructions, stunning colors, and perfectly proportioned large scale prints. Included are designs for quilts, headboards, draperies and matching accessories.

2 Easy to Sew With Lacey & Ro presents you with easy appliqué and up-sized blocks that provide the classic elements you need for creating dazzling designer home fashions.


This is a great photo I took of Ro and Lacey.  Can you believe they just finished all that work and still look alert and energetic?  I wonder if they eat Wheaties for breakfast? 
These are photos I took during the School House presentation for   (See Nancy, you can teach an old dog a new
These Hydrangeas are so beautiful and stunning in this quilt.

Don't you just love the pillow cases on the bed?  I want some of those to greet me at night too!

Between Spring and Fall Markets all of the designers and authors work endless hours creating all of these amazing and beautiful treasures to inspire the rest of us.  Thank you Lacey and Ro for all your hard work and for continuing to inspire so many of us to continue to create wonderful treasures that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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