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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm not looking for anyone to take sides here....I'm just reporting what I see from my small  town perspective.
Based on what I saw earlier today sure looks like Flamingo Romney has his neck stretched out quite far....not quite at the podium.  His Secret Service Flamingos don't really look the part....I wonder how much training they've actually had?  Do the people who are running for office get the same quality Secret Service Staff as the sitting President?  Hm...first time I ever wondered that.
Then I see the Obama/Biden folks.  They look cool, calm and relaxed.  Their Secret Service Staff are wearing  their dark sun glasses....they look "professional" for sure!
Notice how the experience of being the president allows Flamingo Obama to stand relaxed at the podium and speaking directly into the microphone? 
Here's a close up for you.  I would have to say.......from this perspective..... the Flamingo Obama looks very prepared and confident.......
and the sitting President certainly must get the best and most well prepared Secret Service Staff.  Only rookies would leave their Government Issue "Tough Guy" sunglasses in their car.

Please keep in mind, this is only what I saw this afternoon.....things change....I'm not responsible for the Presidential Flamingo Debate....I just tell it as I see it here in Perrysburg, OH.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

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Questions? Feel free to ask.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Working on a Donation Quilt Today and More

Waldo tells me, "we gotta each take in a baby blanket for donation to the next guild meeting."  How about that for some fire under my bum?

Ok, here is one of the one's I'm taking in on Friday Night (Black Swamp Quilt Guild meets on Friday night this month and we have a guest speaker, Vikki Pignatelli) that at least gives me one more day.

I found this quilt top in a thrift shop, apparently someone didn't want to finish it.  So I added some embroidery and I'm putting fleece on the back.  I thought a decorative stitch along the edge would be nice until I had to stop and start twice and then the stitching was off and it looked funny.  So I took the stitching out (choose your decorative stitches wisely....just in case you have to take any out).

Yep, I used my new Seam Fix to get those threads out of the fleece and the cotton.  In the process I learned about a new use for the rubberized tip.

Can you see all the stitching holes left in the fabric from where I took out all those stitches?  Well....look now:
I took the rubberized tip and moved it back and forth across the cotton fabric and it moved the weft and weave of the fabric and helped camouflage those holes.  Yes, you can still see where I stitched....but once I iron you wont be able to see that and the holes are pretty much gone too.  So there ya go....another thing to do with the tip.  By the way, the tip doesn't work as a stylus on I-Phones....I tried it...but it will turn a page very nicely....giggles.

Another thing I'm going to try is this paper stencil called, Quilting Made Easy.
 You just lay it out where you want to have your stitches and you can align the design with the next row...
then remove the cover from the adhesive strip on the back.  Now all I have to do is stitch on the paper.  Have you ever used the Quilting Made Easy Paper Templates?  I'd love to hear about your experience.

How about a giveaway is sort of cold and gloomy here....(I thought you might agree...a good day for a giveaway.)

I'm going to give away one Seam Fix - Seam Ripper to a lucky IHAN® blog follower that leaves a comment on this post telling me why you want one.  The Random Number Generator will choose a winner on Monday, October 15 th.  The winner will have their choice of color, Aqua, Fuchsia or Dark Gray.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is it a Trick? NO! It's Always a Treat at IHAN®

I found a new "Treat" that I think is sort of dandy.  It is called the Seam Fix.  I can't vouch for who ever gave this tool it's name because I just don't see how it "fixes" a seam.  However, what it does very will is help you un-sew and the "grabber" on the end is fantastic at moving those extra threads off your work so you can start again.

 When the top of the Seam Fix is removed, the seam rip is revealed. 
Everyone who knows me knows my best loved tool for un-sewing (which by the way I hold a few PHD's in that subject) is the Famore Seam Ripper in the center.  There are times however, that I do use a regular seam rip and I've taking a real liking to the Seam Fix.
The Seam Fix glides under the threads very nicely.

When you've cut several threads, you just use the other end to rub off the "dangling chads."  Sorry, I couldn't help myself...with this time of year and all.

There is a fancy You Tube Video if you want to see it in action:

Now....for the "other" Treat...

Our oldest daughter sent this to us yesterday.  I have not stopped laughing since I saw it.  You'll recognize her...she has the beautiful blue eyes and dances sort of funny....well...come to think about it....we all do ...sort of!  LOL

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Smiles, Kelly

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do You Ever?

I frequently find myself in thought and I wonder.....does everyone else have these thoughts?

 Do you ever?

Stop, get quiet and ask yourself.....

For those of us who Quilt and Sew or Engage in other Hobbies

  • How many yards of fabric in a stash is enough?
  • How many supplies are enough?
  • How many spools of thread are enough?
  • What would I be doing if I were not out in the search for more?
  • Is more what I want and need?

For those of us who have more than enough to eat each day?
  • How much food does a person need to eat each day to be healthy?
  • How much exercise does a body need for the person in that body to experience an overall sense of physical health?
  • What is it that is in all those packages of food?

Do you ever:

Think about the impact all the "more" is having on all other forms that we share this earth/universe with?

Wonder when someone will actually create packaging that is helpful and not wasteful or harmful?

Ask who will stop the putting of un-natural things into packages and calling it food?

Wonder why some of us still watch television, even when so much of what is said and done goes directly against our values and beliefs?

Do you ever think about:

When we will stop asking others to work harder and longer, spending less and less time with their loved ones and robbing them of a chance to have a hobby themselves, just so we can have "more" at a "lower price."

At that place that we all meet....the seam of our humanity.......what does it look like and do I want to accept responsibility for my part?

Nothing more than questions....that I frequently think about in the midst of all of the tasks and activities in any given day or wonder I'm tried...LOL...I've got A LOT on my Mind!

No need to reply....Sometimes I just wonder  if there are others who have these thoughts too. 

Contemplative Smiles,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Coing Purse Frames Have Arrived

I think I know have more Coin Purse Frames on this Continent....but I haven't taken a poll!!
This frame arrived today, I only have 50 so if you want one, I suggest you order now.  They are silver with the beautiful frame design. 

No, I have not lost my mind....although one might think so.  I had to express ship enough frames for the "U R Priceless Blog Hop."
The deadline to get the frames to people was  looming and there was a sort I did what all crazy people do....I went direct to China and had them express shipped. 

The hop starts on Nov 5, 2012 and ends Nov 13, 2012 and IHAN® is carrying the Coin Purse Frames along with Corrie from Quilt Taffy.

Believe it or not, I have made more than 6 all different shapes.  I plan on using them as gifts so I thought now would be a good time to try a variety of patterns. I can't share them yet....but you know I will :)

On the Flamingo front:
They are out raking and collecting all the leaves :)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guess Who I Saw At the American Sewing Expo?

This post comes with a Music or No Music Option-
If you would like to hear the music I have for this post, go to the bottom of the post first and start the you tube video I embedded....then scroll back up and read.  You can control the volume on your own computer.
 The Post Starts Here :) guessed it, I found Brint Fanizza, AKA, "The Scissor Man." 

Everyone knows I'm crazy about scissors right?  If you are new to the IHAN® blog be forewarned.....I am truely nuts about scissors and I honestly don't even know how many pair I own....but lets just say....many more pair than one person could use in a lifetime.  Why?  There is absolutely nothing like the right tool for the job.  I don't like being frustrated and I want to be able to accomplish my task with the best pair of scissors for the job.  So you know the first time I laid eyes on Brint and saw that apron, I was like gum on his shoe....I just wasn't about to walk away until I learned all I could about scissors.

Typically I only see Brint at wholesale events so I figured this being a retail event he may have his scissor sharpening tools with him.  Hooray for me....he had them :)   I think I brought over 12 pair...of every size, age and brand.   Every pair now has sharp clean cutting edges :)

 Did you know Famore Cutlery will sharpen all of your Famore Cutlery FREE!'t ask how long that is....we all know the answer to  They will also sharpen all others for just $1 an inch. 
I'm almost...just almost...embarrassed to say I have no idea where I got these scissors....I think they came free in a box lot at a sale....but I can't be sure.  Brint is showing me how well they cut now.  Like he really needed to demonstrate how well he had sharpened them?  I trust him 100% and if he says their sharp....I don't need any proof....but....I guess this comes with the

Brint blushing?  But why ever would that be? 

 It could be that I mentioned  he should bring mens boxer shorts to show us ladies how nicely the scissors cut.  Is there anyone out there that would agree with me?  Now, I never once mentioned bringing anyone in particular's boxer shorts.....brand new ones would be would just be more fun and folks would probably get a good laugh too. 
Apparently the new hire at Famore, Tibur,  thought I wanted his boxers to cut up.  I just wish all of you would behave and quite thinking the worst of me!

I guess Tibur could tell that I'm harmless and even offered to take a photo with me. 

For all of you who are thinking...that Famore Cutlery is trying to keep up with Alex Veronelli of  Aurifil Threads in the "male face department" .....I was thinking the same thing. 
Alex from Aurifil

I hope all of you played the ZZTop song, "Sharp Dressed Man" while reading this post.  Why did I want you to listen to it?  What else would you call a man who wears scissors....a sharp dressed man!  LOL

Wonder what all the fuss is about Famore Cutlery?   Check them out HERE at  IHAN®.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Few Vendors at the American Sewing Expo

I had the pleasure of meeting Cristy Fincher of Purple Daisies Machine Embroidery.
I have done some Free Motion Quilting but in order for me to gain any real skills, I need to practice.  At this time in my life, two little boys, a family, a business...etc....I think I'm going to let my Embroidery Machine make me look better at quilting than I really am :) 
Will you just look at all these Quilting Designs for your Embroidery Machine? 

I can see this in a center block of a qiult or in the corners at an angle...these are just beautiful.
I think I'm going to have to check into carrying the Designs that Purple Daisy offers.  What do you think?  Would you be interested in using Quilting Designs in your Embroidery Machine?

Cristy also demonstrated the Quilt Halo.  As you can see Cristy has the Quilt Halo stacked 2 high.  I asked her why and she said when you get a lot of batting and fabric under your machine, the added weight helps keep your fabric smooth.  Some people use three .....I thought that was very interesting indeed. 

The very minute I walked up to this booth....I knew they were some very smart people.  No clue as to what they do or why they were there, but I saw 3 Reliable V50's set up and going....they had to KNOW what they were doing!  LOL

I learned they were making clothing for women who are returning to the work force.  Using only the Very Best Irons for their gifts to other women....I love it :)

I stopped to meet Sandra Chandler from Just Curves.  She invented the Curve Master Presser Foot. I had  heard very impressive reviews but this was my first time witnessing Sandra actually using the Curve Master Foot.
I started taking photos and then I wished I had my video turned on.  She told me she has a YouTube Video so I embedded it below.  I have a Drunkards Path quilt that I made and I did it without the Curve Master Foot....well ...that won't ever happen again!

If you already have a Curve Master Foot, I want to hear about your experience.  I'll have one of my own soon enough :)

More vendors coming soon!


Monday, October 1, 2012

A Surprise Visit to the American Sewing Expo

I was not expecting to go to the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI this past Saturday....but that is exactly where I found myself by 2pm :)  I met up with Waldo and some friends and took a look around.  I'm not much into home dec or making clothing but I sure did see some beautiful things.

This was the very first exhibit I walked past:

And the first thing that caught my eye were these pieces done in felted wool done by Jan Waller from the UK.
As I was moving around trying to get the best photo I could....I was approached by Jan Waller so I had the great pleasure of meeting her and hearing about her beautiful work. 
Here was this lovely artist in Novi, MI....who had come all the way from UK and just by chance I got to meet lucky am I?  Very :)   If you are a Felted Wool fan....check out her website: Love.Make.Think.  (love the name).

A few other things caught my eye....this hat really grabbed me!

Felted Hats by Karen Lucy

 Naturally there were lots of beautiful dresses and even some very cool costumes.

" Foliage" is the name of this beautiful piece but for the life of me I can't read the artists information in the photo I took. Here is the photo if any of you can read it :)  THANKS TO BRITA....we now know who the artist is :) Tone Haugen-Cogburn of Maryville TN is the fiber artist who created Foliage

"Magpie Mischief" and again....I can't read the name of the artist.  I had to shoot the photos from quite a distance and my I-Phone doesn't zoom like my camera does.
THANKS TO GENE.... "Magpie Mischief" by Janice Jones

This piece did not have a name with it, but I'm telling you I just loved this zippered pouch complete with a face and glasses.  Someone must have really had fun making this :)

Oh...and I visited a few vendors too about I tell you all about those in the following posts.....


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