Friday, April 23, 2010

International Quilt Festival in Chicago

My girlfriends went to Chicago without me.....boooo hooooo.  I had to work and they went on a bus with a fun group of other gals.  When Rosemary got home she called me to tell me about her trip.  I could not wait to get over to see what she had purchased.  Look at these:

Felted wool dolls by TUMAR made in Kyrgyzstan.  I would have bought them too.  I think she showed great restraint by not coming home with every one they sold.   The detail in the work is really terrific.  I would be proud to own a set.  What a wonderful  way to teach my kids about other countries and cultures. 

Rosemary brought home some fabrics that were nice.  But the Big Daddy was this quilt kit she got:

Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably fabrics......I'm wiggling just typing these words.....oh geez.   I tell you it is all I can do to stop myself from going into her house while she sleeps and sneak off with her amazing fabrics.  I love Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably's fabrics. 

One of my greatest experiences at the Houston Quilt Market was hearing Kaffe and Brandon talking about their work.  I was fortunate enough to win the Kaffe's book, Quilt Romance.....and he autographed it too!!!  I was so excited I thought I would burst.  I wish they were my neighbors.....I'd probably be arrested for being a peeping tom....LOL.

Speaking of Kaffe, he has a new book out,  Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts

You know where I'll be at Quilt Market....pushing my way up to the front of the class praying they call my name again.  Yes lightening can strike twice!!!  I know it can.  I want everyone to visualize them saying, "I Have A Notion, Kelly Jackson."



  1. I want the dolls they are so adorable. The fabrics are so pretty.

  2. Yes! Lightening can strike twice! That quilt kit looks awesome!

  3. LOVE the Fassette fabrics!! the little people sure are cute!!

  4. Both the felted characters and the quilt kit are awesome! Yes, you can win again if I don't!

  5. Those dolls are soooooooooooo sure come up with some wonderful stuff to show us. You and Darlene are amazing.

  6. those dolls are just adorable!

    KF will be in town tomorrow. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend his lecture. I'm bummed.

  7. hi kelly,
    I see the dolls and the fabrics. Looks great.
    I am in Columbus at my son Tom's for Justin's First Communion tomorrow.
    I would like to start working on the fabric and clothes line this nest week if we can


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