Monday, June 21, 2010

A Few Photos

As you already know my primary IHAN bot is cavorting with the Geek Squad as it continued to auto shut off.  Although I have all my work backed up it is in the safety deposit box at the bank.  I'm not going to the bank just for a few photos so I decided to post about the IHAN co-worker summer until I get my Quilt Market stuff back and I'll be up and running again.

Zach knows not to pick the flowers in the yard, but inevitably he can not help himself and he picks them and brings them to IHAN Mommy.  I always smile and in my heart I melt....he is so sweet.
Mr. Aaron on his cousins skate board prouder than peas.  We were in MI for his cousins High School Graduation party.  Aaron asked if everyone could stop the party and come out front to see his new skate board skills.  Oh how I miss those days when I really thought everyone was interested in everything I did.  Mommy and Daddy are however always interested and we stopped our party to cheer him on.

Why do the Cedar Point Employees always tell the children not to run into other cars while in the bumper cars?  Talk about waste of words....look at the gleen in their eyes....the very first thing they all do is run head on into the closest car....and they did.
Aaron at the Football Camp held at Bowling Green State University.  It was a 3 day camp and he loved every minute of it.
IHAN checks in with "The Doctor" and she says everything is just is the IHAN blog readers that are nuts according to Lucy.  Don't shoot the messenger....look up Lucy and bring it up with her.  I'm sorry to say she did bring up specific names too....not that I'm a name dropper....but I'm sorry to say that she did mention Barb, Darlene, Gene, Joanne, and Jocelyn.....I'm so sorry to have to be the one to tell you'all. (ROFL)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yo Homies

I don't dare try my hand at wrap again so I'll just give you some IHAN shorthand:
Computer at Shop
Auto-Shutoff Problem
Photos On THAT Bot
20 + Year Friend in Town for 2 Days
Everyone is Healthy
Going Back to Cedar Point Today-YIKES
Amani Ya Juu Update- 2000.00 raised still need 800
Dealer took IOU for remainder of money-Yahoo
Mid-Arm Picked Up by Rosemary
I Got New Pants and Top with Sun Protectant
Had Coffee and Toast w/ PB for Breakfast


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Africa - My Bucket List - My Dream - Our Opportunity

Imagine my thrill when I met a woman at Quilt Market, Rosemary Wissink, who will be leaving for Africa at the end of this month.  I was standing at the Cedar Canyon Textiles Booth talking with Shelly Stokes and she introduced me to Rosemary.  I had read about Shelly and Rosemary's trip to Africa while reading her blog awhile back. 

I told Rosemary that going to Africa is on my bucket list. I can not think of anything more incredible than to go and share the joy I find in sewing and quilting with other women who live there. She asked about my camera strap and I told her I whipped it up the night before I left because I needed one.  Rosemary asked if I would write a pattern so the women at Amni Ya Juu could make them to sell.   I was honored to think someone would want a pattern for something I cool is that?

I received a call from Rosemary one night while I was shopping for groceries. She told me she is leaving for Africa at the end of the month and the women at Amani Ya Juu need a Mid-Arm Quilt Machine.  They use the one they have there daily and it requires repairs that can not be done there.  She is working on getting the funding to purchase, at cost, a Nolting Mid-Arm Machine to take with her and she needs to raise 2800.00.
I asked her to send me an e-mail and this is an excerpt of that e-mail
I have been traveling to Kenya since 2000 after my daughter challenged me to live out a mission statement on my quilt patterns, I basically started the business to connect with other women and encourage them. After my partner left I decided to continue the business to be able to help other women especially my stitchin sisters in Africa. Having made 4 trips there I have seen incredible changes in the women by empowering them with skills and teaching them not only to sew and make products but to market their goods and learn life skills. Most of theses women are the sole providers and support extended family members, sending their children to school and helping each other through the tough times. They have overcome so much in their lives,poverty, war, ethnic cleansing,abuse and neglect. I wondered when I went what ever would I have in common with them. It was amazing to to me to see more commonalities than differences. We all long to be loved, have families, desire the best for our children, to have strong friendships , to help others and the list goes on and on. I have learned so much form them about what really is important. Even though I have helped them by providing tools and skills it is my presence and the fact that I care that makes our relationship so special. My desire to make a difference has truly been lived out through my experience, however they have given me so much more than I could give.
About 3 years ago another women from Ohio, Sandi Stolzfus who had lived in Kenya previously asked if I would help get a long arm frame and sewing machine to Kenya. I almost laughed thinking that is impossible! However we did get the frame shipped over in a crate of airplane parts and I brought the Nolting fun quilter inside my suit case. Having little experience with long arm quilting God provided a quilting instructor and she taught 3 women over a 2 week period. They have developed their skills and are sewing and quilting doing amazing work . The machine has been sewed on daily by and variety of women and they have literally worn it out. We tried to get parts sent and to have it fixed but to no avail. I asked the dealer if he had another used or refurbished machine he could sell me to bring and then I would bring the other home for rebuilding. The Nolting machine has been set aside for me and I can pick it up a week before I leave for Africa. The cost is 2800.00
Asante sana, Thank you so very much! Sincerely, Rosemary Wissink

Here are some samples of the women's work in Africa and is available for sale on their website

I had the choice at that point to say "sorry I can't help I'm too busy" which would be more than true....or to do what I can in the short amount of time we have to help.  I'm going to contribute to the price of the Mid-Arm Quilting Machine for those women in Africa as an act of gratitude for all that I have here in Ohio.   I have contacted several other women whom I trust who have been involved with this project and they tell me 100% of the money goes directly to the source....there is no "administrative costs."  Why not join me in helping too?  Lets see if we can make a difference.....perhaps you will be going to a guild meeting this week....can you pass the hat? Ask your family to donate in honor of your birthday instead of giving you a gift? Put three items back on the grocery store shelf and donate that amount?  Sell an old sewing machine that you don't use and donate the profit? 

Me, I'm going to go door to door and tell each of my neighbors that if they don't donate....I'm going to drive my lawn mower down the middle of the street nude each day for a month.....I bet that alone makes their wallets fly open!!! (fiction)

Lets Have A Notion to Make A Difference for The Women of Amani Ya Juu......please send me an e-mail to with Africa in the subject line with the amount of your donation and contact information.....lets see what we can do to get that Mid-Arm Machine to those women in Africa....what do you say?  I thought that is what you would say :)


Indygo Junction at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis

I have not been able to pass the Indygo Junction booth at Quilt Market without taking several photos.   Their booth is always extremely "cool" to me.   They have a distinct "style" that I find free flowing, fun and interesting.  I took several photos and here they are so you can see for yourself what I'm trying to describe with words.  There are clothing patterns, purse patterns, broaches, pillows, kids clothes, PJ's, dolls and  pin cushions.  I think I like them because their eclectic range is congruent with my energy....I like lots of things and I have a wide range of appreciation for creativity.

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Do you ever feel like these dolls?  Cute but Charley Brown Scary :)
Why am I fascinated and taken in by pin cushions?  Do you think I practiced Voodoo in my last life? Or that I just like small overstuffed objects?  I is because you can actually finish one in a manageable time frame...unlike my other UFO's....yeah that is it....I'm sure.
I think this scarf would look incredible on the right is just so fun and free.  Please don't make it in stars though....that might be "un-cool"....LOL.  But then again, very cool for a Teacher to wear.....or a Coach....see....everything can be cool on the right person. 

So now that you have looked at the pix....don't you or what ever the "in" word of the day is.  Their style and range are interesting to me. I really like Indygo Junction and I'll probably always take lots of pix when I see their work.  I guess a timeless word might be "neat" but then again....that may be 1970's.....dang getting old is tough....the words date me....LOL....quit laughing....they probably date you too!!!  IHAN's Indygo Junction patterns need to be updated....I only have a few....that is on my list too....LOL.  Please don't ask how long my list is.....just know....if you want it and I can get can get it too :)

Dated Smiles,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Patsy Thompson Designs at Spring Quilt Market 2010 in Minneapolis

Hi Patsy!!! I was thrilled to see Patsy Thompson at Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis.  She lives locally here but I had only met her one other time in person.  I'll put our first meeting in the foot notes of this is too funny not to share.  Patsy had a end booth so when you walked up all you could see was her beautiful quilts being displayed and a big TV screen playing one of her DVD's.  I have to say, I don't know why anyone would bother looking at her DVD when a Diva of Free Motion Quilting is sitting right there with her machine!!!  I prefer the real thing....and that is what I got :)

Patsy got to work showing me first hand how she creates her signature feathers.  I had a bit of a time getting the right angle to take the pix so you'all could see too....after all I want you right next to me seeing the same thing I'm seeing. 

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Zip, Zip, Zip.....see....that's all you need to do.....besides practice fearlessly!!
These are photo's of the booth, Patsy Thompson Designs.  I say it is Patsy's but really Patsy has her partner in crime with her.  His name is Ernie and he is the fortunate man that is married to Patsy and vise verse I'm sure.  Earnie is the talent behind the camera for all those incredible DVD's and he is just as pleasant and interesting as Patsy.  Funny how that works isn't it?  Wonderful people marrying other wonderful gotta love that.

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The photos above are the real life quilts that are featured in Patsy's work.  Can you imagine my absolute pleasure and joy when Patsy and Earnie agreed to let me help them pack up after the show.  Here they thought I was being nice.....nope!!!  I wanted to touch all those beautiful quilts and see them up close.  I got to take down all those lovely quilts and roll them up.  Talk about a gift....and they thought I was doing them a favor....go figure!! 
Oh, how ever did that red bag get there on the floor?  Hmmmm.....I wonder if Patsy has noticed anything missing.  See, she does not know my antics.....that truly I'm the Quilt Market "Ocean's 11 Type Girl."  You all thought it was Julia Roberts who was the Ocean's 11 Girl....but I'm just the "older" Oceans 11 Woman!!! If they haven't noticed yet, that Fish Quilt hangs in my livingroom.....or does it?  I'll have to run
This is Patsy's new book, "Feather Adventures!"

Patsy was a hand quilter for 25 years before she started doing free motion quilting on her machine.  Since she had made so many feathers by hand she thought it might be natural to interchange the motions for machine quilting.  NOPE....didn't happen.  After struggling for so long she was about to give up.....and then it happened.  She was able to make a feather.....can you imagine where quilting journey may have gone if she had not persevered?  A perfect example of having the desire but not the skill.  I know for sure the desire is the fuel that will get you and anyone else to their destination.  No guarantees that you'll be a Diva like Patsy.....but I'm guessing most of us would be thrilled to just be able to make ourselves happy with our work. 

"Feather Adventures" is a book about her journey and it is full of some of the most beautiful close up photos of her work.  This substantial book has 137 pages (12' x 9" by 1/2" deep) of excellent information and incredible photos.  It includes:

  • General Advice

  • Tools of the Trade

  • Anatomy of a Feather

  • Types of Feathers

  • Tracing the Spine Guideline

  • Stitching the Basic Freeform Feather

  • Perils and Pitfalls

  • Feathers Flowing from Feathers

  • Feathers Flowing from Other Structures
And that is just the first chapter!!!  Weather you are a beginner that has never stitched a feather (that would be me) or you have already made feathers and want to branch out with your creativity....this book is the book for you. And you all know I don't say that if it is not true right? RIGHT!! 

Oh, and did I mention the first person to order the book from IHAN gets this autographed copy?  I just did, so if you want here and order away :)  You may also want to check out her new DVD, Free Motion Fun with Feathers! Volume 4 .  You can click here to see all of Patsy Thompson Design DVD's.  Patsy writes a great blog and hosts fun giveaways so you may want to put her blog in your reader.  

The winner of the Autographed Quilt Life Magazine is MarciaCongratulations Marcia.  I chickened out and used the Random Number Generator and it selected number 1 who happened to be Marcia.  There is no way I could have chosen from that list.....I loved the comments which only reinforces for me why I love to write the IHAN blog.  Thank you everyone for being such an important part of this journey.  You may not realize how important it is for me to have this part of my has given me brighter days, laughter, joy and a part of myself back that had been dormant for some time.

Grateful Smiles,

Post Note:  I was standing near Patsy and had no idea who she was.  I heard her talking about going to Market so I asked if she had luggage tags.  She said not really so I suggested she go to my blog for a free tutorial for bag tags.  She asked what my blog was so I told her.  She said, "You are Kelly Jackson? You don't look anything like your picture."  I laughed and said I get that all the time.  I should post a "regular day" photo of me and a "cleaned up" version of myself.....two different people really.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Famore Cutlery at Spring Quilt Market 2010

By now most of you know Brint, Famore Cutlery, "The Scissor Man" at Quilt Market.  You already know that I think his apron is "scissor porn" and I've fantasized about stealing it from the first time I laid eyes on it.  I know lust is typically frowned upon in most religions.....but I've not found one yet that said I could not lust after some of the best scissors made that  all attached to one apron.  If there is one....I'll just change the post to read, "strong desire."

So, you can imagine my shock when I rounded the corner to find Brint stark naked.  OMW (oh my word) I could not believe he was standing there completely "undressed."  Did someone beat me to the goods?  I played it cool.....I took a very deep breath and casually inquired about "THE APRON."  Apparently Mr. Brint had shoulder surgery a few months ago and it is best that he gives his shoulders a break.  So I say, " Hi Brint....oh I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery."  The entire time all I could really think was......OH YES!!!!  (just like Meg Ryan in When Harry met Sally.....just the exact same feeling :)
Much to my dismay Brint just had the apron put away.  I imagine there are armed guards like Mr. T watching the thing all the time....again just my imagination....I did not ask.
Notice the close up.....I zoomed in on his apron while he was doing business with some man from another country.  I'm thinking.....thank you Mr. Foreign Man....keep talking.....I've got some work to do here.  James Bond has nothing on me.....I'm thinking about Jason Bourne type action now....I'm ready for the music to start playing with that heart thumping drama type noise.
Just after the man walked away, Brint sat down and invited me to chat for a bit.  Imagine my incredible luck when he needed to excuse himself for a minute.  "No problem Brint....I'll smile and be welcoming to all passersby and I'll let them know you will be right back.....I just need to have that apron for just a minute however....go on and take care of your business....I'll be right here when you get back."  See....I'm a good tricker....I learned it from my youngest co-worker!!
The security cameras caught me with this "Cat ate the Mouse" smile wearing "The Apron."
I hate security cameras.  When I go to Houston I'm going to send in Inspector Gadget to remove all the electrical wires from the cameras and paint the light on them red so folks think they are really on .... but actually they have been dis-armed!!
I was caught going for the "goods"....I mean the "best scissors at a great price."
So....when you are caught....what do you do?  Dance of course....throw them off a a a IHAN Ninja move on them......
Evilness lurks within the IHAN scissor hands.....theft and lies are my destiny.
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Who honestly cares that I'm 46 and have a little more IHAN than expected?  Come on....Life is too good to waste at home when I can be feeling the "wild Yoda" playing with all these incredible scissors.  I may be a little nuts....but I ain't crazy you know!!
A contortionist move before the finale........
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Wahhhhhh Lahhhhhhh......I emerge the Scissor Queen of the Universe.....feel the joy and the elation :)
Oh yeah......It's my birthday.....oh's my birthday...( I spent forever looking for a you tube of that know the one where you say-"oh yeah it's my birthday and you move your hands around your mid-section like you have a shower curtain there?  I'll find it and put it on here :)

These are wonderful for machine I tell Brint I need to buy some of these for my Machine Embroidery customers but I need the points to be blunt.  "Ok, I'll just machine them for you and make them blunt"....says Brint.  You don't get better than that!!!  Famore Rocks Planet Earth....but gently because of the hot lava flows...LOL

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Ok, now you know why I love Famore Cutlery.....excellent scissors.....great prices......THE APRON and a guy who will machine scissors for you.....can't beat that even with a big stick.  Oh, yeah did I mention....he is not too hard on the eyes either!!!
Oh, ever did that lovely apron get into my bag?  Hmmmmm.....I'm so sorry I misplaced it Brint.....I'm still looking for it....maybe Gene knows where it is.....then again....maybe not....oh I'm bad.
So, what did I do?  I gave Brint my new camera strap that I made the night before Quilt Market.  He does not quite look the same does he?  A little girley at that.....but.....I had to offer something up since I "lost" the apron.
Smile for the camera IHAN bloggifers.  You've been

You can check out all of the Famore Cutlery at IHAN, just click here :)

As you can tell, I had a great time....both at Market and with writing this story....fiction of course :)


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