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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Few Photos

As you already know my primary IHAN bot is cavorting with the Geek Squad as it continued to auto shut off.  Although I have all my work backed up it is in the safety deposit box at the bank.  I'm not going to the bank just for a few photos so I decided to post about the IHAN co-worker summer until I get my Quilt Market stuff back and I'll be up and running again.

Zach knows not to pick the flowers in the yard, but inevitably he can not help himself and he picks them and brings them to IHAN Mommy.  I always smile and in my heart I melt....he is so sweet.
Mr. Aaron on his cousins skate board prouder than peas.  We were in MI for his cousins High School Graduation party.  Aaron asked if everyone could stop the party and come out front to see his new skate board skills.  Oh how I miss those days when I really thought everyone was interested in everything I did.  Mommy and Daddy are however always interested and we stopped our party to cheer him on.

Why do the Cedar Point Employees always tell the children not to run into other cars while in the bumper cars?  Talk about waste of words....look at the gleen in their eyes....the very first thing they all do is run head on into the closest car....and they did.
Aaron at the Football Camp held at Bowling Green State University.  It was a 3 day camp and he loved every minute of it.
IHAN checks in with "The Doctor" and she says everything is just is the IHAN blog readers that are nuts according to Lucy.  Don't shoot the messenger....look up Lucy and bring it up with her.  I'm sorry to say she did bring up specific names too....not that I'm a name dropper....but I'm sorry to say that she did mention Barb, Darlene, Gene, Joanne, and Jocelyn.....I'm so sorry to have to be the one to tell you'all. (ROFL)



Barb said...

You must have slipped that Dr. something under the booth...because she speaks with forked tongue.

Anonymous said...

Aaron was hanging at my alma mater... Sounds like you and your employees are having a wonderful summer...

P.S. Glad I wasn't on the "nuts" list...(evil laugh)

Anonymous said...

Aaron was hanging at my alma mater... Sounds like you and your employees are having a wonderful summer...

P.S. Glad I wasn't on the "nuts" list...(evil laugh)

SewCalGal said...

Thanks for asking the Dr. about me. I kinda thought besides being terribly forgetful and disorganized, I was also a bit nuts. Now I know.

Cute post. Boys certainly look like they are having a fun summer!

Sorry about the geek squad.


joanne lendaro said...

Staff looks good as ever!! I hope you didn't give up a nickel to get that advice about the people you hang out with...I woulda'/coulda' told ya that for FREE!!! lol!! At least we are in good company! Looks like the family had a great time! hugs!!

Gene Black said...

Tell Miss Lucy that I said "Physician, heal thyself!" LOL.

I never claimed to be sane. Heck, (((singing)))sometimes you feel like a nut....sometimes you don't.

Hey, you know what I am THRILLED. There are only Five Names on that list and you have 347 followers. Wow, I feel all special! heheheehe.... now where did I lay my tinfoil hat (mumble, mumble....)

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