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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Famore Cutlery at Spring Quilt Market 2010

By now most of you know Brint, Famore Cutlery, "The Scissor Man" at Quilt Market.  You already know that I think his apron is "scissor porn" and I've fantasized about stealing it from the first time I laid eyes on it.  I know lust is typically frowned upon in most religions.....but I've not found one yet that said I could not lust after some of the best scissors made that  all attached to one apron.  If there is one....I'll just change the post to read, "strong desire."

So, you can imagine my shock when I rounded the corner to find Brint stark naked.  OMW (oh my word) I could not believe he was standing there completely "undressed."  Did someone beat me to the goods?  I played it cool.....I took a very deep breath and casually inquired about "THE APRON."  Apparently Mr. Brint had shoulder surgery a few months ago and it is best that he gives his shoulders a break.  So I say, " Hi Brint....oh I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery."  The entire time all I could really think was......OH YES!!!!  (just like Meg Ryan in When Harry met Sally.....just the exact same feeling :)
Much to my dismay Brint just had the apron put away.  I imagine there are armed guards like Mr. T watching the thing all the time....again just my imagination....I did not ask.
Notice the close up.....I zoomed in on his apron while he was doing business with some man from another country.  I'm thinking.....thank you Mr. Foreign Man....keep talking.....I've got some work to do here.  James Bond has nothing on me.....I'm thinking about Jason Bourne type action now....I'm ready for the music to start playing with that heart thumping drama type noise.
Just after the man walked away, Brint sat down and invited me to chat for a bit.  Imagine my incredible luck when he needed to excuse himself for a minute.  "No problem Brint....I'll smile and be welcoming to all passersby and I'll let them know you will be right back.....I just need to have that apron for just a minute however....go on and take care of your business....I'll be right here when you get back."  See....I'm a good tricker....I learned it from my youngest co-worker!!
The security cameras caught me with this "Cat ate the Mouse" smile wearing "The Apron."
I hate security cameras.  When I go to Houston I'm going to send in Inspector Gadget to remove all the electrical wires from the cameras and paint the light on them red so folks think they are really on .... but actually they have been dis-armed!!
I was caught going for the "goods"....I mean the "best scissors at a great price."
So....when you are caught....what do you do?  Dance of course....throw them off a a a IHAN Ninja move on them......
Evilness lurks within the IHAN scissor hands.....theft and lies are my destiny.
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Who honestly cares that I'm 46 and have a little more IHAN than expected?  Come on....Life is too good to waste at home when I can be feeling the "wild Yoda" playing with all these incredible scissors.  I may be a little nuts....but I ain't crazy you know!!
A contortionist move before the finale........
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Wahhhhhh Lahhhhhhh......I emerge the Scissor Queen of the Universe.....feel the joy and the elation :)
Oh yeah......It's my birthday.....oh's my birthday...( I spent forever looking for a you tube of that know the one where you say-"oh yeah it's my birthday and you move your hands around your mid-section like you have a shower curtain there?  I'll find it and put it on here :)

These are wonderful for machine I tell Brint I need to buy some of these for my Machine Embroidery customers but I need the points to be blunt.  "Ok, I'll just machine them for you and make them blunt"....says Brint.  You don't get better than that!!!  Famore Rocks Planet Earth....but gently because of the hot lava flows...LOL

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Ok, now you know why I love Famore Cutlery.....excellent scissors.....great prices......THE APRON and a guy who will machine scissors for you.....can't beat that even with a big stick.  Oh, yeah did I mention....he is not too hard on the eyes either!!!
Oh, ever did that lovely apron get into my bag?  Hmmmmm.....I'm so sorry I misplaced it Brint.....I'm still looking for it....maybe Gene knows where it is.....then again....maybe not....oh I'm bad.
So, what did I do?  I gave Brint my new camera strap that I made the night before Quilt Market.  He does not quite look the same does he?  A little girley at that.....but.....I had to offer something up since I "lost" the apron.
Smile for the camera IHAN bloggifers.  You've been

You can check out all of the Famore Cutlery at IHAN, just click here :)

As you can tell, I had a great time....both at Market and with writing this story....fiction of course :)



WoolenSails said...

Now the first thing that comes to mind is, running with scissors. Does the same thing apply when dancing? LOL
And yes, he is cute;)


Karen said...

Girl, you are such a hoot! I think they should send me some of those scissors to review on my blog. At least one pair, please!!!

Vicki said...

And I had a great time reading soon as I opened your blog I left it up on my screen and I went and made myself a coffee because I knew it would be a good read :) Thanks for the laughs Kelly :)

SewCalGal said...

Please don't tell my DH, but that guy is HOT.
I think they need to hire you to create some videos.

And thank you for finding the embroidery scissors that I so want. Do you have them on the IHAN store now? Ok. I think I want all of them. I certainly have been very happy with every scissor that you sell & recommend, but as I've been interested in a pair of bent scissors for embroidery I'm really hopeful what you found will be something "IHAN recommends". e.g. I think they need to buy you an ME machine so you can really test them out.

Great post. Excellent post. Now I want to do the Kelly dance with scissors!


Barb said...

I think you have been nipping a little too much of something????

joanne lendaro said...

Cute post!! Love "The Scissor Man"!! And the blunt tip scissors that I bought from ya - LOVE 'em!! They hang on the front of my HQ, and no worries about nipping the quilts when trimming threads!!

janice said...

Kelly, I love reading your blog. Too funny! It is not fiction that the "scissor man" is soooo cute! ;)

Sherry said...

hahahaha! You are a KOOK! Now...I'll go back and read about the scissors.

Patty said...

Liked your scissors dance, but I couldn't take my eye off the guy. Now he is one hot salesman. I'm afraid I'd have come home with all his inventory just so I could sit there and stare into those eyes all day.

The Bishops said...

Do you have a pattern for your camera strap?

Shelly said...

I so agree with you. Brint is wonderful. I have too many pairs of those scissors to mention, but they ARE the best! The last time I took a pair to Brint to have them sharpened, he replaced them because he said they had something wrong with them that I hadn't even noticed -- for FREE! You just can't beat their service, or their cutlery!

Anonymous said...

The scissors man is a hottie, too!

*fans self*

I love my "grim reaper" seam rippers! Those are da'bomb!

I like ur Ninja pose the best....LOL!

Khris said...

Happy belated birthday you crazy Khris

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