Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ahhhh The EQ 7 and EQ 7 Upgrades Have Been Shipped

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, I have a good excuse.  I went down to Bowling Green, OH to pick up the new EQ 7 and EQ 7 Upgrade Software.  This was my first visit to EQ Headquarters and it was lots of fun.

I thought many of you might appreciate getting to see the EQ without further ado....let me introduce you to the EQ Mouse:
Hello the IHAN blogifers.
EQ Mouse says, "squeek a deekey doo" which translated means "Pleased to Meet You!"
Everywhere I looked "the Mouse" was there....good thing I'm not phobic about mice ay?
Perhaps he just wanted me to give him a cookie, You do know what happens when
you give a mouse a cookie don't you????
And then there was another little Mouse looking right at me.....I'm thinking where you find one mouse, there are lots more.  I won't reveal the true identity of the EQ Mouse.....lets just say.....well.....I did not want to take a DNA sample!!!  LOL

All of The Electric Quilt Company staff were extremely helpful....they helped load my van with lots of boxes.  A very friendly crew down in Bowling Green.  THANK YOU Ladies :)
This was the first installment to the post office later in the afternoon on Wednesday.  I've had several more trips with many more crates.  The good news is that they are now all packaged and the last of the packages will go out tomorrow!!!  Hurray.......if any of you find the tape a bit wonky...well.....that is what happens when you wrap packages until 2:00 am.  Things get done....perhaps not the prettiest....but they are done....ahhhhh.
Rosemary came over on her bike today to help wrap packages.  Thank You Rosemary!!!  Her knee is feeling much better and she is able to ride her bicycle now.

Off to bed....I'll get back to Quilt Market stories and photos....I just need a wee bit of sleep.....say....14 hours!!!



  1. How exciting! I've got EQ7 on order and am just chomping at the bit to get it. I didn't realize EQ was in BG. Hmmmm.....may have to take a ride over there while I'm visiting in Columbus!!

  2. I can hardly wait for it to arrive here in my letter box :) Thanks Kelly for posting my new toy :)

  3. What a FUN post!!! Hubby ordered EQ7 for me directly from EQ as a b'day gift for me. I thought he said it wouldn't be shipped until June 7, but maybe I'm wrong...unless they aren't shipping the ones ordered by "regular people" from THEM until June 7. Darn...would be nice to get it today in the mail!!!

  4. Glad to see Rosemary is well enough to cycle. It did sound worrying at market!! 2am much too late! even tornados need their sleep!! lol !

  5. rest up my dear. You have really worked hard at this. Since I can't be there, give yourself a pat on the back from me!

  6. Love the bike!! Rosemary is so cute!! What fun for you getting to go to the EQ place! I think I could handle the EQ mouse not sure about any others...ick! Hope you have a great weekend...

  7. Ohhh, I think I see mine in there! Can't wait to get it - thanks for the update!

  8. Oh, EQ the Mouse is so very cute. And he has such a great personality, and periodically gets to travel the world with Penny of EQ. For those on Facebook, you may want to become a friend of EQ the Mouse too. Sometimes he has some very challenging contests with great prizes:!/pages/EQ-the-Mouse/78456056949?ref=ts

    Thanks Kelly for the great post & photos. And I'm so happy Rosemary is able to ride her bike now!


  9. you were down in my old stomping grounds. That's where I went to college! great to see Rosemary back on her feet. Knee crud is not fun.

    Rest, my dear... You've worked very hard.... rest...

  10. Eagerly waiting for mine to arrive! Thanks for a great price!

  11. Wow, that is alot of orders, glad you got help.

    Congrats to the winner of your book above....


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