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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Northcott Fabrics at Spring Quilt Market 2010 in Minneapolis

Yes I realize IHAN does not sell  Northcott Fabric (cottons that feel like silk-is their motto-and it does feel wonderful from my personal experience).   IHAN is too lazy to cut a zillion pieces of fabric to sell to all of those fabric addicted folks that lurk on this planet....including me!!!  Not only too lazy but I know that I would not sell it...I would keep it and pray Uncle Sam believed me when I told him that my tax deduction was based on the number of layers of  lovely cotton insulation I had in my home.

Since we don't sell it I don't know all the names of the fabric lines.  So if you love on the Northcott link and I guarantee you there will be all the information you need to learn the name of the line as well as where you can find it locally or on the net.

By now you may be asking, why in the hoodly doodley did you bother stopping by the Northcott Schoolhouse if you don't sell Northcott fabric...right?  Well....take a look at the gal in the next picture and you will know exactly why I was there.  Who would  not want to know what was making her GLOW.
When a woman glows like this....something very fun is up and I just had to know what it was.  This is definitely RED CARPET Glow...don't you think? 

From doing a bit of research I have learned this gal's name is Kim Deneault and she is a designer.  I recall  her telling me that her  girlfriend had made the jacket for her (it is Northcott fabric) and the necklace too.  She was absolutely radiant and if I were her....I'd sleep in the jacket too!!!  (Then again, if I were her.....I'd probably just have the thing tattooed onto my skin because I'd want to look this beautiful forever)
What a happy and beautiful woman!!!

More Northcott pix......

Oh, yes, Santa was to visit the Northcott Schoolhouse too.  Santa?  Yes, and if you think the little girl inside IHAN would miss are just plain w r o n g .
Just outside the schoolhouse appeared none other than Mark Lipiniski.  Who?  Yes, Mark Lipinski.  He began putting on a white beard and then it all became clear to me....Santa must be  working overtime at the North pole and he had asked Mark if he could fill in for him....OK....I get it now.  Sometimes these things happen and we just have to go with the flow.  No one can be everywhere at one time....right?  Right!!
Mark had a little, something un-Santa like on his beard and I certainly did not want to traumatize here you can see me giving him a little Elf like help.
I'm still not certain how this photo came about.  I handed my camera to an innocent by-stander and asked if they would take my pix with Santa....and then....Santa did something I did not expect......
I think this is when it became ultra clear to me that Mark had taken this Santa -fill in job- as seriously as Tim Allen did and he wanted to show everyone what happens when the "Santa" thing strikes.  I remember photos similar to these of me....not too long ago....when the "Mommy thing" belly looked something like this.....well...I don't remember it being fuzzy....LOL.

Mark Lipinski -aka fill- in -Santa's latest line of fabric, "Chester Gardens."
The Santa persona quickly disappeared and I think everyone knew it was really Mark Lipinski- especially when he started throwing fat quarters of his latest fabric line into the crowd.
I was fortunate enough to catch one of the fat quarters and sent it to a friend.  I was hoping she would get a kick out of it.
With the IHAN co-workers being out of school, I'm not as fast at posting as I'd like to be....but please stay tuned....I may have a little bit of time soon to do a few posts at one time...:)  Thank you to everyone who leaves a comment.  Please don't take it personally if I can't answer each one is sometimes tricky to keep all the IHAN balls in the air.....and keeping the co-workers on track.



SewCalGal said...

Thank you so much. Great post. And great insights on Quilt Market. I won't ever tire reading your can keep on writing about Spring Quilt Market all year long.

Loved to hear the insights on Northcott Fabric. I have always thought their fabric had the softest feel and yet it holds up so well (quality, durability, color). Love the new lines that you shared photos of.

And what a riot Mark is. Thanks too for the introduction on Kim Deneault. She is a beautiful woman and very talented. Love her jacket. I think I would have tackled her for it.

Great post. Magazine Editors are going to be knocking at your door to have you write for them!


Barb said...

How fun!!!

Lis said...

OMG I want to glow like Kim Deneault!!

Gene Black said...

keep juggling, no need to answer!

I would have stopped in Northcott too, just to see Mark. He is a bit unruly at times, but he sure is fun.

Pat said...

Take your time...we will be here happy to see your photos as you get a chance to post them. Loved the ones from today!!!

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Loved!! that Northcott jacket on Kim. It was beautiful. And I totally sympathize with your co-workers being out of school...

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

woo-hoo, what a fun adventure! Kim certainly is radiant! And thanks for being MY friend :-)

Loralynn said...

Fun post! Looks like you had a great time...of course...who wouldn't with all those gorgeous fabrics!!!

call me crazy said...

Great post!~ I got a good laugh at Mark's antics! :-) and BTW~ my EQ7 came yesterday!!! Thank you!!! :-)

Sequana said...

That Santa guy just has NO inhibitions, does he? *L*

What a beautiful jacket. It looks like silk.

No rush with the posts, but don't stop. They are such fun to read, even if it goes on til Christmas. *S*

Sheila said...

That photo of you w/Mark is a rare gem...he hates to be photographed showing his girth and usually hides behind the women who pose w/him! So you're pretty darned special....of course, we all know that,Kelly....

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Glad you had so much fun Kelly!

SheilaC said...

wOw! That jacket is gorgeous!!

Thanks for a fun market post :)


WoolenSails said...

Love seeing the market through your eyes.
You have so much fun and a lot of indepth information about the people and products.


PattyBYoung said...

Great post...I received EQ7...THANK YOU!

Karin said...

Have tremendously enjoyed travelling to the Quilt Market with you!!!! Puh-leeeeeeeeeeez keep writing - and sharing those marvelous pix!! OMG, you have too much fun for any one woman - you need a companion at any time, I'm your gal!!!

Patricia Lackey said...

I'm glad that folks like my jacket. Kim does look radiant. They compliment each other as I designed it using these beautiful Northcott fabrics. Patricia Anne

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