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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Quick Things

Flamingo Update:

Apparently the Stork has been cavorting with the Flamingos....

Yep....they have two baby Flamingos now :) 

Pinterest Information:
I read this blog post about Pinterest and I found it eye opening for sure. I'm not sure I'm going to continue on Pinterest....I don't want to invite any problems.  Does anyone have any more information on the subject? 

Andres Amador Arts

When I saw Andres work....I was speechless....and believe it or not...I got misty eyed.   We all know how much work it takes to make a beautiful quilt right?  We spend hours and hours and then we label them and love them....with the whole goal of hanging on to them or hoping the ones we give them to treasure them forever right?

Would you still put all that work into one if it were going to be gone in a matter of hours?  Can you believe there is an artist who does?  Click Here to see the amazing art work of  Andres AmadorAndres' Website is something to behold as well....I was blown away and I hope everyone takes a minute to enjoy the breath taking work Andres creates.

After reading the Pinterest blog post, there is no way I was about to copy a photo of Andres to put here for everyone to you'll have to trust me and go over yourself and behold the magic for yourself.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bling Your Thing!

Bling Your Thing -  Part 1

Don't think for one teeny tiny second that I've forgotten about our little remember...the one you agreed to do to win Creative Quilting with Beads.

In preparation for the teeny tiny challenge, I decided to look at some of my embellishments.  They are kept in a drawer down stairs.  It's dark down what did I do?  I grabbed my Beam N Read Light.  (I don't make these things up for blog posts by the way....I'm just reporting the facts! :)

I found the two bags of miscellaneous embellishments and brought them upstairs and dumped them out on the floor.  When ever I come across any type of embellishment at at a garage sale or on a clearance rack someplace...and I even take them off discarded garments....I put them into my embellishment stash.

While looking through my bling I realized how un-jazzy my Beam N Read Light looks.  I had to put a quick end to that catastrophe!  LOL   (Yes, I realize that I was in the process of looking for some bling for a quilt challenge...but sometimes a girl gets inspired and she has to strike while the iron is hot!  Do you know what I mean?

Here are some of my attempts at blinging-up one of my all time favorite notions.  (Honestly it is...I call it the "notion you never knew you needed and couldn't live without" until you have one," 100% true).

 "I've got my eyes on you baby"
 "Kiss me you fool"
 "Over, way over the top  Bling"
"Hi Friend"
 "You hold the key to my heart"
 "Who says fun washers aren't bling?"
"Gaudy Rabbit Bling"
"What?  You think I've lost my mind this morning bling?" hit about some strap bling for those who like the "understated" look :)
 "Vintage Jewelry Bling"
 "Knit This Bling"
 I had to do a close up of this pretty little pin.  A woiman from my needle arts guild made it and I just love this little pin.  Kay passed away recently and I'll always think of her as the woman who could make anything look beautiful.
"Rhinestone Love Bling"

Sew you's isn't very difficult to "Bling Your Thing or Things" ya just gotta play with your embellishments until you find something that makes you smile, laugh or ask "have I lost my mind."  It's lots of fun.

Fun can be found almost anywhere....but you definitely need a great light to see it!  How about I make you a deal?  If you are even remotely thinking about having a Beam N Read Light....I'll pay your shipping and if you don't agree with my opinion...I'll pay your return shipping too.  HOWEVER...if you bling your Beam N isn't not returnable...LOL.  You could bling one for your sweetie and put it in their Easter Basket....then they could find the eggs at O-Dark-Thirty.

Bling Your Thing Part 2 will be about our teeny tiny quilt challenge :)


NOTE: The free shipping offer is only good on the Beam N Read Lights through the end of March.  when you are checking out, choose your shipping, then enter your Coupon Code:  Bling Your Thing    If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail at

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guess who's using their EQ?

Guess who's using their EQ?
Kathy from Cotton Cellar Blog....that's who.  Kathy is a friend and guild member in PA.  Recently she has been having fun with her Electric Quilt 7 and I was able to  interview her for this post.  I have always admired people who dive in and have fun....Kathy is one of those people.  Here is my interview with Kathy (her words are typed in blue).


My EQ drawings were a starting point for both quilts, but I made changes as I went, once I started the actual quilt. "Coasting" started out with equally spaced blocks on the drawing, and while I liked that, I decided to gradually increase the spacing once I started making it. Hence the name, Coasting - just like taking your feet off the pedals on a bike and coasting. I still like the original layout and have enough blocks left to make a second quilt, and that one will have the equally spaced blocks like the drawing. That one will be called "Cruising" - as in a constant speed. 

"Coasting and Cruising"

Can you tell me how long you have been using your EQ software....some of your thoughts about the software...and your process of learning to use it.

 I've been using EQ7 since mid-2010 when I purchased it from IHAN, and had a little bit of exposure to EQ6 prior to that at Needles Quilt Shop.  I admit that I'm very much a "newbie" at this, and am totally self-taught.  I learn best when I have a "need-to-know" so when I run into something I don't know how to do, that's when I dive in and dig around through the lessons until I figure it out.  I still have LOTS of learning to do!

I've just recently learned how to create my own fabric libraries in EQ and that is so valuable to me in my design process.  All I have to do is look up my fabric on the internet, and many times I find the .jpg swatches are already on the manufacturer's website ready to download.  If not, once I find the swatch I just right-click and save the image to my computer.  From there it's easy to import the swatches into EQ and use them in my designs.  It makes such a difference when I can view my exact fabrics on the screen as I create a design.

Was the fabric your inspiration to start the designs or did you make your designs first and then look for fabrics that would complement them?

Definitely the fabric was my inspiration!  Just like the commercial says - "the look, the feel, of cotton".  It draws me in and I usually buy it simply because I love it.  Occasionally I have a design in mind first, but most of the time I fall in love with a group of fabrics and have a general "feeling" that comes to mind when I work with them. Then the design is secondary.

For some totally unintentional reason, these latest two quilts have been designed around an emotion that came to mind when I start working with the fabrics.
For the "Coasting" quilt, I definitely wanted to work with the "light-to-dark" sequence of fabrics.  When I started playing around with the spacing between the blocks I had the feeling of just slowing down and coasting - like the feeling I remember as a child when I would take my feet of the pedals of my bike and coast...
The drawing for "Grounded" started out in a horizontal format, suitable for hanging behind a sofa. But once I made the blocks, I realized that I liked it better in a vertical format, so I changed it again. The drawings are just starting points, so it didn't make sense to spend the time in front of the computer to change the drawing - it just got me going on the quilt.

When I started designing the blocks for "Grounded", I liked the idea of having a vertical band of a constant fabric running through each block, then connecting them with the quilting stitches.  It brought to mind the idea of electricity following the path of least resistance to the ground - hence the name "Grounded".  We all like to follow the path of least resistance in our lives, and working on this quilt made me feel grounded too.

How long have you been quilting?  Anything you would like folks to know about you in particular....just let me know so I can include that in my post.

I have been sewing as long as I can remember, but I didn't start any attempts at quilting until the mid 1980's.  I was working as a Drafter in the Engineering Department of our local Glass Factory here in Wellsboro at the time, so work and family took priority and didn't leave much time for sewing.  I left my job in 2004 so I could enjoy some pre-retirement years and focus on the things in life that bring me the most pleasure - family (which now includes two new grandchildren), sewing, camping & fishing with my wonderful husband.
My mother taught me to sew when I was a little girl, and my first sewing machine was passed down to me from my great-grandmother, so sewing is definitely in my genes!

Are you planning on selling these patterns? 

I have just recently opened an on-line Etsy shop ( where I hope to sell my quilts, as well as the purses and accessories that I make.  I've been thinking about selling patterns for my quilts as well.  I guess that depends on the feedback that I get.  If there's enough interest, I might go ahead and publish the patterns too.  I have been designing patterns for Needles Quilt Shop for several years now, so I could easily transition into designing my own line of patterns as well.  We'll see...

Thank you for the interview Kathy. 

You can visit Kathy's blog here or by clicking on any place in this post that says Cotton Cellar. Click here to visit Kathy's ETSY shop.

Sew you just takes starting! Are you using your Electric Quilt software?  I know I've used mine and found it to be very user friendly.  I don't personally know of any other software company that totally and completely supports their software like the Electric Quilt Company does.  They have a forum, videos, name it....they are committed to help you learn to use your software.  Go over to the EQ website and check out all they offer.  Some companies take your money and say, “Thank you very much,” and that’s where the relationship ends.   The Electric Quilt Company follows the sale with, “How can we help you be successful in learning our software?”  That’s my kind of company!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Did Ya? Did Ya? Well....Did Ya?


Whatcha waitin' for?  A special invitation?  Ok....I am now extending to you this extra-special invitation to get your booty over to SewCalGal's Blog and Vote for the Golden Quilter Awards

Now....don't you just feel better?  I know all of you have opinions...I wouldn't be friends with folks who didn't have an opinion or go tell SewCalGal what you think :)

Giggles & Smiles,

Hold On To Your Stuffing

Yep, you heard me right....Hang On To Your Stuffing!!!

Why?  Because over the past few months I've been cleaning out and giving things away.  Yep....and I recall giving a gal an entire bag of poly-fil  because I reasoned....I have two bags....that's enough. 

Wait until you see how small this owl really is.  I made this recently to give to my Niece, Lola, who will be turning 1 on the 17th.  I got her a few outfits and wanted to enclose something I made.  I thought this little owl would be cute for a 1 year old.  I pre-washed the fabrics in the event she put it into her mouth right away.  I avoided buttons because they are choking hazards.  So I was thinking I've thought of everything....all is well..... I was cruising right along....until I had to turn this little owl inside about recalling child birth.....I really should have left a larger opening!!!  lol
 I even remembered to embroidery a little note to Lola...Love, JoJo.  Do you want to know how much stuffing it took to stuff this little owl?
Now you can see the scale...this is one small owl....yet it took tons and tons and tons of poly-fil to stuff this I'm just telling ya....hang on to your stuffing!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Talk About Addictive

Addictive in a good way....naturally! :)  I know many of you are not into Machine Embroidery but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate the results...right?  Right :)

I had a wedding shower to go to last Saturday and I knew I was going to be giving a gift card because the couple live out of state and they'll be moving soon...a gift card is just the right size and weight for travel.  I still wanted to give them something fun to open at their shower.  Check these out.....

I used Floriani threads because I love the way the colors have a shine that just pops the design.  I didn't want hoop marks on the towels because I was them the same day so I used Floriani Perfect Stick stabilizer.   I just hooped the stabilizer and positioned the towel, pressed it down and I was good to go.

 Call me corney if you must...but I have always liked hand towels and kitchen towels that have a pretty design on them.  I think they are sort of decadent....clearly not required....but fun and frivolous to have.  Like kitchen / bathroom jewelry if you will.

What I'd like to know is how on earth anyone does Machine Embroidery without excellent tweezers and a pair of very fine pointed and sharp scissors?  I used my Famore Micro Fine Tweezers and my Dovo Embroidery Scissors to cut the fine threads from the back.  All the other tweezers I own would not pull just one or two threads....and I needed to do that here and I'm thinking if anyone who doesn't have a pair of Famore Micro Fine Tweezers needs to get some lickity kidding.  By the way, if you do order them from IHAN and decide you don't think they are the bomb I'm telling you they are....I'll refund your money along with paying the shipping too.   The tweezers were great to get that little bit of stabilizer off the back in the tiny spaces too.

This is another one I made for them....I loved the Eggplant design.  Naturally I made them others and in my race to the finish line I didn't take photos.  I literally finished the towels within a 1/2 hour of needing to leave to go to the shower.  Do you know anyone else like that?  :)

Switching topics here....I've gotten a lot of e-mails asking how the Flamingos are doing.  They are just fine and in the same place that I showed you last time.  When the folks who own them get around to moving them...I'll be sure to get another photo to update everyone.  I was thinking about sneaking over there and doing something funny with them to give the owners some pleasure and humor....but then I was afraid it might not be the best thing to do....I'd be I didn't.

While tutoring at my co-workers school last week, a little girl wanted to show me the book she had just written.  I asked to take a pix and she let me.....and since it isn't identifiable....I'm posting photos here to share with you a few moments of joy and humor that was written by a 9 year old little girl.

I hope you can read each page....


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Let's Roll"

"Let's Roll" is a powerful phrase....and who ever broke into Patsy and Ernie's car in Corbin, KY didn't realize they were messing with an elite group of extremely well armed Quilters....rob one of've robbed all of us. 

I can only imagine the darkness that is going on in the person or person's life that broke into their car and stole a laptop, quilts, embroidery machine, threads and notions.   I do hope that something good comes out of this that's my honest wishes.   Y'all know I"m not a mean spirited person....but I do enjoy partaking in my dark side on occasion.  In the photo above, you may be looking at what might happen to the robbers if I were into Voodoo...ROFL.  It just ain't so smart to be messing with middle aged women who has rotary cutters, hot irons and a host of other very dangerous sharp objects.  They just might find themselves used as an applique and pressed down very hard upon with a very hot iron....then zig zag stitched all around their borders (naked borders) ya know what I mean?  

One guess would be,  they are very disappointed in their haul because it isn't exactly easy to sell a quilt that was made by someone else....and quilters are so connected that someone will see it and the "cat will be out of the bag" so to speak.
 I once heard that if you are ever out of town and need help...don't dial a are much more likely to get the help you need.  I laughed when I heard that but you's probably very true.

When you think about it...and if everyone within a 5 state radius of KY checked their Craigslist listings for Embroidery Machine and Babylock Ellismo to see if possibly there are any new listings....we might be able to locate Patsy's machine.  I did enter a google alert for Craigslist and both Babylock Elissimo and Embroidery Machine.  I'm not sure if that will work or not...but I figured it was worth a try.  

Patsy's work is so unique it won't be difficult to spot so if we all keep our eyes and ears open...ya just never know what may happen.

I'm telling you it just isn't smart to go messing with a Quilter!!

Evil Smiles,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Be On The Look Out

Updated 7:10 PM  -For more information about Patsy's quilts...please go to or click here.

Somewhere out there....perhaps in a Thieves Guild....perhaps in a gallery, a flea market, a pawn shop, a garage sale or maybe even hanging someplace you might see some amazingly beautiful quilts that look exactly like these:

As many of you may have already heard by now....Patsy Thompson and Ernie Bode's vehicle was broken into and an embroidery machine and her quilts and works in progress were taken.  If anyone sees anything that remotely looks like these pieces or anything suspicious....please call me at 419-913-8080 or e-mail Patsy at 

No Smiles Today,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm here and we're safe

My sincere thanks to everyone who has sent e-mails to inquire about the IHAN clan.  The tornadoes have not been near us and we are all doing well.  Please keep those less fortunate in your thoughts.

A friend (non-quilting / stitching friend) is visiting and I'm still recovering from this yucky upper respiratory now y'all  are up to date on the latest....well'll have to come back for some yummy pix soon :)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Winner of Creative Quilting with Beads

After writing every one's names down....cutting them up and putting them into a bowl....I would appreciate it if someone would please remind me to find a new way to add additional names in a random number drawing?  

The winner is:
 Congratulations Quiltluver!!!  

Please e-mail me with your full name and the address you would like your copy of  Creative Quilting with Beads sent to and I'll make sure the publisher gets that information and they'll be shipping your book out.

To everyone who said they would like to join the teeny tiny itsy bitsy challenge, please stay tuned.  I'm compiling a list of names and I'll be posting about it here on the IHAN blog and if I have e-mail addresses I'll also be e-mailing you.  No worries...just like I promised....the challenge is intended to inspire one another to actually pull out our beads and other embellishments and use them.



Sale Prices End Tonight at Midnight

Just a reminder that the Valentine Specials were extended until March  If you were planning on ordering please do so today or send me an e-mail at to confirm and I'll process your purchase at the sale price.

The winner of the Creating Quilts with Beads will be announced later today :)

This is just a copy of the information about the Valentine Special:

After reading this comment, I've decided to continue the IHAN Valentine Specials so everyone can have an opportunity to participate :) 

Just in case you missed these yesterday, here they are :

Teal Me Away Machine Tote is 50% off
Regularly 129.00 Today Only 59.99
Click here to see the review and Here to Purchase

Other Valentine Specials

25% off ALL Aurifil Thread

25% off ALL  Floriani Thread

The specials will end at Midnight March 1, 2012.

My Valentine wish for each of you.....

for each of you to look into the mirror at some point today and say I love are are lovable....and you deserve to be loved.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Really? I don't believe it....not IHAN blog readers....

I'm giving away a very inspiring and beautiful book and as of today at 2:00 pm I only have 20 comments.  I know IHAN blog readers are not Chickens?  I never said you HAD to join in the challenge to win the book...nor did I say your reason for wanting the book more than I do,  had to be a good reason....and still there are only 20 comments.  I'm almost speechless....but not quite :)

With over 1600 people reading my blog, I can't believe that many of you missed THIS POST.   I am giving away a copy- a germ free copy- of  Creative Quilting with Beads by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader .  After reading the copy I received to review, I didn't want to give it away....and besides...I've been sick and my copy must have some germs on it.  The publisher, Lark Books,  didn't want any of you to get my bug so they have agreed to ship a copy of Creative Quilting with Beads to the winner of the drawing (US addresses only.  If you win and are outside the US I can have the book shipped to me or one of your other friends and you can arrange for it to be shipped to

You'll get one chance to win by simply leaving a comment on the post about the giveaway (click here) and if you choose to join the" teeny weenie ittsy bitsy challenge" you'll get three more chances to win the book.   Anything that you have to embellished will count....I don't care if it is a postage size piece or a mug rug....the goal is to encourage one another to pull out some of our beads and other embellishments and create a little something....that's all...nothing will be's just a teeny weenie ittsy bitsy little what are you waiting for?  If it is a call from me better let me know that so I can dial you up.
If you actually went back to read that post you'll know exactly what I'm referring to with this picture of Jim Carey from the movie Mask. 

When I said it was very difficult  not to show a photo of every page in Creative Quilting with Beads....I wasn't kidding.  Y'all know I can be over the top...every now and again...and apparently this must resonate with most of you or you would not be near crazy enough to read this blog...LOL. 

Sue Spurlock, one of the contributors to Creative Quilting with Beads, has made so many beautiful pieces and I just love looking at her photos for inspiration.  I asked her if I could use "some" of her photos from her blog, Piece of Work, and she said yes.  I have saved the e-mail as proof too....and she made the big ole mistake of not saying how many...
"Somebody Stop Me".......said with wild abandon....ROFL :)

All photos below are property of Sue Spurlock and have been used with her written permission.
I assure you after looking at these photos you'll want to go over and follow Sue's blog, Piece of Work.  No, she's not promised to give me one of her pieces nor has she offered to take my boys for a week while I go on a retreat....I sincerely don't want folks to miss some wonderful inspiration and meeting a very insightful enjoy :)
All photos above were published on this post with the written permission of Sue Spurlock, Piece of Work blog.

I know within each and every one of you there is an idea appreciation....a fun thought....and I want to invite you to express it in some way...embellish it!!  :)

I want to say THANK YOU to Sue Spurlock for the permission to use your photos....and for inspiring me to express some of the ideas I've had stirring for quite some time.  And to the rest of you...I say:

 If you look closely at the fabric under the is all with beads and the other with stitching....and you know what?  I didn't make either one of them....nope.  The beaded one is a vest I wore to work years ago that I absolutely loved.  I knew one day I'd use it in an art piece but I didn't know I've saved it....and this here:
is a vest I picked up at a yard sale.....I loved the stitching and I knew it could be embellished further and added to something else. Each of you have interesting little things tucked into drawers and closets...lets pull something out and make a little something...or a big something....where ever your inspiration takes you.

Before I close I want to show you a photo of something I decided to do one night.
I had this fabric...I think it was Art Gallery Fabrics but I'm not' was a long time ago and I was in love with it. 

The post I took these from is HERE....I made this for Amy Butler as a gift (I'd never make another gift like this again...I thought I'd throw up giving it to her).  I have to say I absolutely loved putting the beads on the fabric and I've not done anything like it I'm in for the itsy bitsy challenge too :)

Appreciative Joyful Smiles,

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