Friday, April 15, 2011

Guess What? (No I'm not Pregnant!!!)

You no longer have to type the dash between the A and Notion to get to I Have A Notion.  You can type in, .net, .org etc....and you will still arrive at IHAN.  Not much savings you say?  To me it was worth a million bucks (tax free).

Why am I sharing this with might wonder?  Because I know many folks share their great resource for Quilting Notions and Needle Art Supplies with their nearest and you don't have to explain the dash.



  1. Appreciate the key stroke less helps, especially if it is Not a letter...

  2. And I was pretty sure you were pregnant! Isn't it amazing how a little dash (or the lack of) can just make your day!

  3. LOL... not pregnant. I tell hubby that all the time. Glad you're now dash-free!

  4. Congrats! That will make it a lot easier for people to find your store and blog.

  5. Darn there goes the extra income tax deduction! ha ha..
    No dash, but with the dash still works, right?

  6. Kelly it was great to see you at the quilt show and at our guild meeting the other night. You always make me smile, you are special:)

  7. Good for you!!!!! Maybe I should get rid of my own dash, lol!

  8. I'm glad you are part of the quilt that I treasure. And yes, I understand exactly what you are experiencing. As our brother would say, "It's a paycheck." Love your sister.


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