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Friday, April 29, 2011

Playing with my Appli-K-Kutz

I wanted to play with some of Patsy Thompson's Feather Dies so I searched some dyed fabrics in my stash.  Once I found a fun color combination I got out my Mistyfuse and fused it to the back of my fabric.  I prefer Mistyfuse because it is so lightweight that I don't feel it behind the fabric.  I've used even the lightest of the other brand fusibiles....still stiffer than Mistyfuse....that is why I like it (in case you were wondering :).
This is a pix of Mistyfused laid over the fabric before I pressed it.  Since Mistyfuse doesn't use paper people often ask how I get it fused to my fabric. 
I lay the Mistyfuse over my fabric and cover it with my Goddess Sheet and press.  Once I pull the Goddess Sheet off....this is what it looks like.
Then I take it over to where I'm cutting out my appliques.
So many people say using Dies wastes fabric.  Not for me.  As you can see her I cut out a paper Small Feathers  and  I laid  it over the fabric to pre-view where I thought I might like it on the dyed fabric.  I also could have used the negative space of my paper feather but I chose the positive
Then I cut out the fabric and lay it over the die and put my recycled paper over it and put it through my Sizzix Big Shot.

It was that easy....I just took the applique over to my design area and started to play.  This is when the real trouble started....Way too much fun and too many choices.  I could have played with this for days.
I wanted a very large flower so I used the Sizzix Flower Album Die.  This die was clearly made for small albums....but I wanted it for an applique die.  So, I hammered down the area of metal where the small circle was so I would not cut a little hole in my fabric.  Important Note: This die was made for making photo albums. I bought it and hammered down the metal in the small circle so I could use it for applique in quilting. Once this is done, the warranty is VOID. Just thought you should know :)

That is how I got the larger flower below.  I started playing with all the options to find a color combination I liked....this is what the process was like....first I changed the orange background fabric to black.

Then I started playing with options for the flower colors and shapes.

After awhile they all started to look the same so I separated out all of the flowers I made and went to bed.
Today I walked over and started playing again....I think I like this combination the best....what do you think?  The first one or the second one with the yellow circle center?  Do you like these combinations better than the ones above?  I've not exactly decided on the placement of the to have them connect to the flower or not....that will probably be tomorrow.

I wanted a flower larger than the Flower Album Die so I took the dark purple flower I had cut from the Flower Album Die and took it to my printer.  Thankfully I now have a printer that will reduce and enlarge (thanks to MJ:).  I enlarged the flower by 110% then loaded a piece of PrintNFuse into my printer.

 I copied that flower onto the PrintNFuse and fused it to the orange fabric and cut it out.  Now I have an exact copy of that flower but larger.  I'm one of those folks who can't stand being frustrated and I want it to come out nice so I have learned a variety of ways to change the size of various shapes.  
I store my un-used appliques in an acid free envelope that I borrowed from my Scrapbooking Supplies.
 Another question I get asked often is how do I store my dies.  You already know I'm a visual person so it does not exist if I don't see it.  I tape the paper inserts from the packaging to my dies and then I put them into my Sizzix Storage Boxes.  I like these boxes because they stack nicely and it helps my work space tidy.
 There are trays in the bottom of the heavy boxes ....hopefully you can see in this photo....
and I just store them like rocket science here.  If you are still reading, I'm curious to hear if you like the flower with the feathers and if so, which one is your favorite.



Madame Samm said...

Kelly, this is sew darn am sew impressed and the colors pretty cool my if that does not cry out spring for me...nothing does...

Christine said...

Wow....very intresting to see the process. I have been wanting a die cutter to use with wool. I love those of you that share the techniques with photos on your blogs...very helpful to determine which product to get. Thank you!!! I love flower nine....the mix of thextures of the fabric, the batik makes it more intresting.

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

That Feather die is beautiful! And I think it's hilarious that you void warranties. =)

WoolenSails said...

Love how the colors come out when cut and vary, really nice effect. I need to do some dying myself.


suemac said...

Looks like you were having loads of fun. I treated myself to an Accuquilt Go Baby at Christmas but I have not gotten too creative with it yet.

suemac said...

Looks like you were having loads of fun. The creative bug really hit you.

sewmeow said...

Wow...great post and love your fabrics. They're all beautiful!

SewCalGal said...

What fun. I'm confident that what ever anyone creates with Patsy's new dies, the results will be spectacular. Love seeing your latest project. Excellent.


Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Great Post Kelly,
I just bought a Sizzix Big Shot Pro. I need to check out the non quilting dies!

Can you use the Print and Fuse with a Laser printer?

Also, will you be in Salt Lake. Would love to meet up. I'll be rockin the house in booth 524.


Donna said...

How adorable! My fav is #5 with #3 right behind. My eye was drawn to the centers of these two.

Colleen said...

I love to play with fusing fabric and dies too. You really need Tim Holtz tattered florals die. It has 4 different shape flowers. And no beating the metal down. See this post for a pic of the die, I made wool flowers and I cut 4-6 layers at a time. From sizzix.

paintedlady89 said...

I was looking at the go dies...Can these be run through a sissex big shop with out damaging? I was thinking about picking up some of those super cute dies, but I really didn't want to purchase another machine?

Beth said...

So how is the hand of the 'Print and Fuse' compared to Misty Fuse?

You have way too many flower choices to make a decision....

Had to go back and see which little metal hole you hammered down... I get it now!!!

I wish I was made of $$$ I'd buy all of the dies you have on here today!

Allie said...

Kelly, you have more fun than anyone I know. Yes I do like the flower with the feathers - I think I like flower version eight the best - and I think you should try the feathers in a wreath design around the flower, see what that looks like. Someday I'll have to pop over and play in your sewing room!

Anonymous said...

I can see the fun in that. I like #8, but then you could have a bouquet of all the flowers... Just sayin'

I need to use my mistyfuse more often. I love the stuff!

rosemary said...

This looks great and very addictive LOL Ro

Jane said...

Oh for the time and money!!! I have a big kick and have not used it for quilting yet. It looks beautiful, epecially the feather dye but so expensive to have very many. Of the flowers Ilike #8 best.

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