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Monday, July 13, 2009

Replacement blades for the Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity

Replacement blades for the rotary cutters are due out in Sept.

(Juanita, you need to leave your e-mail address for me to reply.)

I hope this clears things up for everyone :)

Giveaway Alert and Opportunity Too :)

Hurry over to Green Fairy Quilts Blogspot. I was tipped off about a giveaway....a great giveaway....but a much better opportunity. You'll have to check it out for yourself. Please come back and let me know your thoughts :)

On a different note altogether, my step-daughter is getting married next Saturday. I need help choosing outfits. It is a beach wedding. Which outfit do you think would be best? The white skirt is linen. The other skirt is cotton. I just ordered white sandals to go with either.....when you wear a size 12 its tough to get shoes near home. It also makes it tough when you have to put your foot in your mouth!!!

Her mother and father will be walking her down the isle. I'll probably be taking pictures or video all while making sure the two little monkeys behave themselves :) I'm not part of the wedding party so I don't really need anything more "formal" than these two outfits.

Please leave me a comment or e-mail letting me know which outfit you think would be best.....I need some help here :)


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Other fun in PA

We really enjoy being at our "house cabin" as the boys call it. There is no electricity and no running water. Rick, his brother and father built the cabin in 1983 from the wood that was on the land there. Critters seem to snuggle in during the winter. I always find some evidence of them here or there. This year we stopped with the hospitality and got rid of anything that they could make a bed out of.....they are sleeping on the floor now!!!!

I see so many beautiful pictures of nature so I tried my hand (camera) at some nature photography. I really like the macro pictures people take....but I don't know how to do that yet....I'll learn one day :) I hope you enjoy the little snippets of the beauty around the "house cabin."

The boys and I sat on the dock (sitting on the dock of the bay watching the clouds roll away.... ... a little background music for ya) throwing sticks and rocks into the water one afternoon. The water was cool and the air calm.....a lovely way to spend some of our summer vacation. Hmmm, I love those times....relaxing and the boys are enjoying the simple things in life.

Ahhhhhh what a great memory :)

Smiles, Kelly

Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity

73.99 will get you a quick and easy way to make your bias tape and quilt bindings too (the tips for the binding will be available in Aug.) Retail is 99.99.

The Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity had been a huge seller for me. Perhaps because I have shown the blog readers how it works and that it indeed does work. It really saves time and it is straight confusing steps to getting it to work.

The Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler by Simplicity is a great accompaniment to the Bias Tape Maker. You just line it up with the edge of your cutting mat and it automatically lines up the 45 degree angle. See for yourself. It retails for 19.99 and I sell it for 16.50.

Another savings....and we all know what we do with every extra dime we more fabric or I right? You know you are guilty and don't even try to hide your blushing've been found out....caught.....but one saving grace.....we did not dye our underpants and hang them on a tree for everyone to see, right?

For those of you who read my blog regularly....this is all old news to you.....sorry. I get so many e-mails asking price and questions I thought I would just write a post and get the information all in one place :)


Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity

54.99 will buy you a quick and easy way to cut strips for your rag rugs, strips for quilting and don't forget it works on paper too!!! Replacement blades will be available in September 2009.

I get so many e-mails asking questions about this machine so I thought I would just do a quick post telling everyone that these are now available. The Rotary Cutting Machines by Simplicity retail for 79.99 and I sell them for 54.99.

My blog readers get the best prices because I don't pay to advertise. My only advertisement is my blog and word of mouth. That is how I keep my prices low. I also use recycled boxes and shipping supplies to save money there too. If I can use a priority box provided by the post office I do that as well. Overhead is kept to a minimum so I can pass a little savings on to you.

OK....I'm done now....just though you should know how I keep my prices low :)

Thrifty Kelly

PS...I'm not being paid by Simplicity for saying these things....just and FYI

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler by Simplicity

Another cool tool alert. I forgot all about posting this great ruler. I got it at Quilt Market and I guess I thought I posted about it and I didn't. It is called, "Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler" by Simplicity.

This ruler automatically lines up the 45 degree angle for cutting fabric on the bias. You just line it up with the bottom of your cutting mat and you are done. No more moving the square up and down the fabric. Of course I love this for cutting bias strips!!! Then I just feed them through the Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity. You've all seen my pix of that cool tool already.

My fabric was so busy it did not show up when I first took the picture. I grabbed a dark blue piece just for a could not see the ruler with the other fabric (that is the secret tutorial fabric....keep looking and listening :)
I'm helping my mom make piping for some cushions for my sister's house. She called to see if I would cut all the strips because I was telling her about this ruler a few weeks ago. My mom does not even have a rotary cutter or a cutting mat. I feel so bad about that. She says she does not want them until she gets a sewing area set up. I guess I'll have to go and help her get it all together so she can whip these things up.
OK, so now you really can cut your bias strips for quilt binding etc....quickly and easily...honest.
If you have not been to I Have A Notion lately (shopping in your jammies or in the middle of the night) you might want to stop by. There is now a SALE tab.

More about my trip to PA

As we pulled out of Eleanor's driveway I snapped this photo. Interesting sky's!!

After visiting Eleanor's house, we went to Pizza Hut to meet Anya and Susan for lunch. Susan won the giveaway (bag tags of course) for guessing who's shirts my boys were wearing in the picture a few weeks back. So I took them to give to her. This was the first time I had met Susan. Oh we had fun. I knew I was in for some fun when I saw everyone with their handmade bags.

Mary Jane, Susan, and Anya

Susan with her bag tags.

" Bloggifers" or "Blogologists" or "Blog-on-an-on-ists"
After lunch, we went to Needles Quilt Shop in Wellsboro to visit Mary and Katie. If you've not been to Needles in Wellsboro, you need to go. You'll be greeted warmly and treated like you have been coming for years. They'll help you out with anything they can and if they can't.....they sure do know someone who can. I bought some batiks to make an apron for my daughters wedding shower. I'm in charge of bringing the tea towels and apron for the kitchen gadget basket. We could not stay long because Bill put dinner in the oven early (MJ's hungry husband) we ran back to the house for dinner.

I got to meet "Betsy" (Bernina 820) for the first time. This is MJ's new baby girl. Oh this machine does everything including thread the needle and cutting the thread when it stops. I was waiting for it to start talking but it only beeped. I was afraid to really play around too much.....what a nightmare if I jammed it or somehow it stopped when I was sitting in the chair. No problems though.....she just purred and purred.

Sorry this pix is so blurry. This is a pix of a miniature quilt MJ put into the frame I had given her. I really like these frames and I wanted her to have one.....what a beautiful wall hanging....shame the pix is blurry. Guess if you had several glasses of wine it would look clearer? might not notice as much or even care :)
MJ had made this apron and I had admired it before. She offered it to me and I did not hesitate....I had it in my hand in a heart beat. It is so colorful and fun. I think you are supposed to tie aprons around the smallest part of your waist? Well, I could not that so I just tied it around the middle. That will have to do!!!

Being the nutcase I am.....I had to give it multiple can't be just an is also a beautiful head wrap. MJ cracked up laughing when I put it on my head. I told her she would have to wait until she sees Rick in it too. We're all a bit "odd" if you will.....we do silly things all the time.

Me in the "Walk like an Egyptian" pose

Rick with his "Lawrence of Arabia" head dress

Zach with his "Laundry Day" head wrap

Aaron looking like a gift package
I'll keep looking for more uses for my lovely apron. I hate to say I really think it would be great to keep the sun off your neck when you're in the yard doing yard work or gardening. Then you just pull it off and tie it around your waist and wahhhhh have an apron ready to go.
MJ and I spent most of Wed afternoon and evening writing a tutorial to be published on my blog. I can't say what it is exactly.....but keep your eyes and ears open :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Visiting with Eleanor in Wellsboro, PA

MJ and I went to visit Eleanor in Wellsboro to take care of several yards of unfinished business....fluffy business (batting). I wish I had taken pictures of Eleanor's work space. I just love her set up. Her living room is really a sewing studio. She has wonderful tables to lay out large projects. Easy access to the kitchen and wonderful windows for lighting.

Meet Eleanor :)
After I was kindly guided in my rolling of the batting (my end kept corkscrewing out no matter how I tried to get it straight) I went on a walkabout around her house. Eleanor is finishing a quilt and of course I wrote down the name of the pattern and the information but do you think I can find it tonight when I want to are right....I can't find it.
Well, a picture is worth a thousand words right? How about 7 pictures? I'll get the proper information and make an addition to this post. In my next life, I'm going to have a computer appendage so I have all necessary information with me at all times.
I think the pattern is called Beyond Baltimore...I'm 98% sure. It was a block of the month project and it is all needle turn applique and hand quilted. I think it is absolutely beautiful. Eleanor has an eye for color and it really resonates with my vision of beauty. MJ and Eleanor were working on squaring up the quilt. I wish I knew how to photograph quilts better. It is tough to get a full appreciation of just how beautiful this quilt is by my picture.
Eleanor responded by e-mail and this is what she had to say, "You were close on the name of the quilt. It's WAY BEYOND BALTIMORE and designs were by Jane Bestwick."

(Drop your left ear to your left shoulder.....see the picture is now in the correct orientation)

The next piece was a miniature Eleanor made and it was laying on a table. I went through my purse for a quarter to lay on it so you could see just how small these little pieces are. The pattern was called, "Springtime" but Eleanor titled her piece "Summertime" she said because of the colors she choose.

I could have spent an entire afternoon cataloging all of her fun quilts and wall hangings. Eleanor is great fun and even more fun when she has a drink. I know, the next time I visit Eleanor, I'm taking lots of liquor and my PF Fliers!!! She'll wake up with naked beds and walls...I'm soooo bad!!!
Naughty Smiles,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Giveaway Alert

I am embarrassed to say that my addiction to scrapbook paper is significantly more disabling that my addiction to fabric. So when I saw this giveaway I had to put my name in the hat....not once....but three times....eeek. Danger Will Robinson Danger.....alarms and sirens spinning and swirling. Geez...I'm cringing....did I just tell everyone about my "other" issues? Geez....ok....I admit I am powerless over paper and fabric....are you happy now? I have come to believe that a power greater than myself can and will help deliver me from these chains.....(I'm so bad that I'm thinking that power greater than myself that will help deliver me is the dollar hire someone to get me organized so I can get to playing with my toys sad isn't it?)

So if you have issues like can visit Rebecca's blog and get yourself into some trouble too. Her blog is called: Rainy Day Kisses. What a cheerful title :)

Smiles and Blushes (deep red cheeks now that I'm partially out of the closet)

PS...speaking of airing our laundry in public....Anya and Susan not only decided to dye their underwear....they took pictures and hung them in a tree!!! Now I'm not the only one blushing :) If you don't know Anya and Susan....check out their blogs: Hills Creek Quilter and Hanging on by a Needle and Thread . Someone else I know actually has a real issue with having her underwear show up in very public places...but we won't talk about anyway :)

Bendable Bright Lights are on Sale!!!

If you don't have one of these don't know what you are missing. They provide 100,000 hours of light...yes, one hundred thousand hours of light. I love mine because it helps me thread my needle and see better on dark fabrics. Another great thing I love about mine is I can move it from my machine to my punchneedle frame. I just put another bracket on the frame and I move the light to that bracket when I am doing my punchneedle (which is not often enough lately:). To read about all the other great qualities and check out the sale price...just click here. I have limited quantities so if you want one, ya better e-mail or order on the web fast!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stories from PA

When I go to PA I usually get to spend a few days with my girlfriends. A week ago Tuesday we met at Ann's house in Mansfield. This is a picture of the gals who gathered to stitch together.

Ann's granddaughter was working on decorating eggs when I arrived. I was very impressed with how delicate and tiny these little eggs are. Here are a few pictures of Ann's collection. Aren't they just great?

We stitched and caught up on all the latest news. We shared stories of our children and grandchildren. Here are some goodies I just had to share:

Leona's granddaughter (apx. 4 yrs old) was getting ready for pre-school and learning to use the potty independently. She was with grandma and used the potty. She asked grandma to wipe her and Leona told her that she was getting to be a big girl now and she needed to wipe herself. The granddaughter replied, "but grandma if you wipe I won't have to wash my hands."
Another story about Leona's granddaughter. She came up to Grandma and asked her if she wanted to buy a pine cone. Leona asked her how much money she wanted for it. She said, "how about $3.00. Leona said, "Grammy does not have $3.00." Granddaughter says, "how about $2.00?" Leona says, "I don't have $2.00." Then she asked for $1.00. So Leona gave her a dollar and then one to her other sister. The granddaughter says, "Grandma, you did have $2.00." All of this from a 4 year old. Math starts early in their family I guess!!
Eleanor's granddaughter (apx 11) visited last summer. Eleanor suggested they make cookies one afternoon. Her granddaughter said, "Grandma, we can't make cookies, we don't have any dough." I guess this little girl thinks all cookies come out of a refrigerated section of the grocery store!!!
I can't remember what story I shared about the boys. I have so many. Another funny one on vacation came from Zach. He had found a little shell by the river. He brought it to me and asked me to save it for him. I put it into a little zip lock bag and gave it back to him to carry around. He wanted to hunt for more shells later. The next day he came to me and told me he had 3 more shells and he wanted his little zip lock bag. He handed me the shells.....they were pistachio shells....he had found them by someones campfire. He was very confused when I tried to explain that these were not shells from the water they were from nuts. To him....they were indeed shells and we were going to save them no matter what!!
It is late and I'm very tired. I spent my day wrapping up packages for the winners of the giveaway. I needed to get groceries and get to the post office. So I sat in the parking lot of the grocery store writing out note cards and addressing packages so I could hurry into the post office to ship them without my frozen items melting. Multi-tasking makes me nuts.....but without a full time maid and nanny what is a girl to do? Multi-task with roller skates on baby :)

Loooking for a winner: PAM

I know this may come as a huge surprise to some of you.....but the Just Another Button Company winner needs to send me her address. PAM left a comment and she is from Santa Rosa CA.....but I don't see an e-mail from Pam with your address. So if you are Pam....better hop right to it....because I know there are plenty of lovely people just itching to get their hands on 28.00 worth of Just Pins....right?

I'll post later today.....I have some great pictures from my trip. I've got to get these suitcases (don't tell my mother in law) put into the closet.

Smiles :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

And the winners are.....

The cliffhanger comes to an end.....and the winners are:

Michelle- Valori Wells Designs

Anita in FL - Square Dancer Pattern and GrabARoo's

Sue Stubbings - Dear Jane Book

Angie - More Elm Creek Quilts

Moneik - Brewer Bag, Isacord Thread, nail file, Clover Pin Sampler, Hoop Tape etc.

Pam - Just Pins(both sets) by Just Another Button Company and Andover Tote Bag

Jean- Christmas Layer Cake and Charm Pack by Freedom Fabrics.

Becky - Little Pieces and Vintage grains patterns

Sew Cal Gal - Isacord Thread
Congratulations to all the lucky winners. Really we were all winners because we got to read all the great comments, learn about great new blogs, compile fun recipes, get some great sewing tips, learn about new products and hear some really fun stories. I hope you all enjoyed participating. If you go back and read all the comments there is a lot of great information there. A few people commented that this was work. I was surprised to hear it was work. I tried to make it fun and informational for everyone who was reading and writing.
To receive your gifts I need you to e-mail me your full names including your addresses so I can ship all these fun packages out. My e-mail is .

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We are home safe and sound

We are home safe and sound. The unpacking begins....yippee....or not :) I would like to thank everyone who participated in the NINE DAYS of GIVEAWAYS!!! I have really enjoyed the comments and I need to finish reading them. Since the giveaway does not end until midnight, I can't tell you who the winners are because I don't know.

Another cliffhanger...don't ya just hate that? Me too.

I'll try to entertain you a bit while until we know who the winners will be.

My son Aaron who is 6 1/2 woke up one morning this past week and got into my lap. He wanted me to tickle his arms and back while he was waking up. I told him how his arms and legs are shaped just like his daddy's arms and legs. He said, "I look just like my daddy." I said, "well, no....where is your beard?" He said little boys don't have beards. I asked him when he thought he would grow a beard. He looked off and was thinking.....then he said, "15? 16?" in a questioning voice. So I told him..... maybe....this entire time he had his hands on my neck. He said, "mommy, when will I get a flappy thing? Grandpa has a flappy thing too." I was kind and allowed him to live. I told him he would probably be much older than 16 when he got a flappy thing.

I guess I need plastic surgery to remove my chicken neck/flappy thing.....s h i x.....I was hoping to use that money for a dream vacation. I wonder if a ace bandage in skin tone would hold that thing up so I can save my money....a new marketing idea for Ace Bandages. If that works maybe they could get other things to hold up....or at least higher than they would be a huge savings.....I could afford a spanky new wardrobe for that dream vacation. I better get on Google and find out who the marketing directors are for Ace Bandages and claim my ideas before all of you beat me to it....ROFL.


Day Nine Giveaway

Today's giveaway is five spools of Isacord Thread 1000m. Colors include: Royal Blue, Yellow, Cinnamon, Petal Pink and Old Gold. These would be a great addition to any one's thread collection. Oops...did I just say collection.....well....we're not really collecting....we are using...right?

To have a chance to win today you need to leave a comment telling everyone where you would go for a week if money and time off was of no concern. What is your dream trip? Who would you take, why would you take them.....and why are you you choosing this destination? Since it's dream can include me in this one!!! ROFL


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day Eight Giveaway

Ohhhhh Ahhhhh these are so neat. Today you could win "Little Pieces-Miniature Quilt Art" pattern AND "Vintage Grains -Miniature Quilt Art" pattern by Galloping Pony Studio.

I saw these made up at Quilt Market and they were so neat. Aren't you glad the picture came out right side up today? I hate to have everyone always bending over looking through their legs to see my pix in the right orientation!!!

Today is the 4 Th of to have a chance to win today you need to leave a comment telling us what you are doing today or what you have done today. Don't leave out any of the really yummy/juicy how chocolaty the cookies will be or how red and juicy the strawberries were. Feel free to send pix too :)

Did you read "Giveaway Rules"?



Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Seven Giveaways

If you stand on your head while looking at this picture it will be right side up. If you can't stand on your head.....just bend over and look between your legs at the screen....are you there yet? is right side up now :)

This beautiful Christmas fabric is by Freedom Fabric given to me by Brewer Sewing. Brewer gave these away in their Schoolhouse seminars in Pittsburgh. They are absolutely will get a Layer Cake and a Charm Pack. These will make a great quilt or a table runner.....or what ever you want it to be.....tree skirt.....several mini boxers...Ok...I'm done :)

You might be thinking....How do I win this great prize? win you need to leave a comment sharing a sewing tip or tutorial. You can leave a link to a great tutorial if you like (not mine...that's too easy).

Remember that all the prizes will be drawn for randomly. So you may leave a comment today and win a prize from day three. If you are not sure...go back and read the post for day one giveaways. Be sure to leae your e-mail addy for each comment...I won't be able to contact you :(


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day Six of Giveaways

Just Another Button Company Pins and an Andover Tote Bag are the prizes you could win today! I just love these pins. Cecile from Just Another Button Company gave me this pins. She is so very generous and kind. I want to be selfish and keep them for myself....but what fun would that be. I have to share them because they are so pretty.
The Andover Fabric Company gave out these really fun tote bags at Quilt Market. I'm only sorry the picture shows mostly the pins. I guess because I wanted the details of the pins to show up. Don't you know I uploaded the pictures while at home and now I'm on the road and can't re-take the pix. So, Andover folks.....your bag is beautiful and I thank you for giving it to me....and now I'm giving it to a lucky blogifer!!
To have an opportunity to win today.....leave a comment telling us all who you plan on leaving your sewing machine to when you transcend this existence!!! Be honest.....who do you want to get your little baby once you are talking to the clouds.
Make sure you read the post entitled: "Giveaway Rules" so you know how the gifts will be given away.

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