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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Other fun in PA

We really enjoy being at our "house cabin" as the boys call it. There is no electricity and no running water. Rick, his brother and father built the cabin in 1983 from the wood that was on the land there. Critters seem to snuggle in during the winter. I always find some evidence of them here or there. This year we stopped with the hospitality and got rid of anything that they could make a bed out of.....they are sleeping on the floor now!!!!

I see so many beautiful pictures of nature so I tried my hand (camera) at some nature photography. I really like the macro pictures people take....but I don't know how to do that yet....I'll learn one day :) I hope you enjoy the little snippets of the beauty around the "house cabin."

The boys and I sat on the dock (sitting on the dock of the bay watching the clouds roll away.... ... a little background music for ya) throwing sticks and rocks into the water one afternoon. The water was cool and the air calm.....a lovely way to spend some of our summer vacation. Hmmm, I love those times....relaxing and the boys are enjoying the simple things in life.

Ahhhhhh what a great memory :)

Smiles, Kelly


  1. Lovely pictures Kelly! What do you say you don't know the 'macro' thing? Lovely close up of those berries and flowers! On my camera I have a dial that I can set to macro. Just put the dial on macro (looks a bit like a tulip) and hold lens close.. that's it! (And the people who do even better spent 18 months salary on equipment!). But I know what you mean.. I so wish I knew a lot about photography but I'm still on 'automatic' lol!

  2. Adorable pictures of your little ones feet....and of course yours,too.

  3. I am there!!!!! Sounds awesome

  4. What could be cuter then children's feet in the summer! I love your pics! And thanks so much for your comment on my blog...i'm sorry that you didn't win the giveaway, but your comment made me laugh!!
    Of course I can relate since I feel the same way when I don't win (don't tell anyone k?!)
    Come check out my new giveaway, maybe I can throw your name in a few extra times just for making me smile!!


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