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Saturday, July 11, 2009

More about my trip to PA

As we pulled out of Eleanor's driveway I snapped this photo. Interesting sky's!!

After visiting Eleanor's house, we went to Pizza Hut to meet Anya and Susan for lunch. Susan won the giveaway (bag tags of course) for guessing who's shirts my boys were wearing in the picture a few weeks back. So I took them to give to her. This was the first time I had met Susan. Oh we had fun. I knew I was in for some fun when I saw everyone with their handmade bags.

Mary Jane, Susan, and Anya

Susan with her bag tags.

" Bloggifers" or "Blogologists" or "Blog-on-an-on-ists"
After lunch, we went to Needles Quilt Shop in Wellsboro to visit Mary and Katie. If you've not been to Needles in Wellsboro, you need to go. You'll be greeted warmly and treated like you have been coming for years. They'll help you out with anything they can and if they can't.....they sure do know someone who can. I bought some batiks to make an apron for my daughters wedding shower. I'm in charge of bringing the tea towels and apron for the kitchen gadget basket. We could not stay long because Bill put dinner in the oven early (MJ's hungry husband) we ran back to the house for dinner.

I got to meet "Betsy" (Bernina 820) for the first time. This is MJ's new baby girl. Oh this machine does everything including thread the needle and cutting the thread when it stops. I was waiting for it to start talking but it only beeped. I was afraid to really play around too much.....what a nightmare if I jammed it or somehow it stopped when I was sitting in the chair. No problems though.....she just purred and purred.

Sorry this pix is so blurry. This is a pix of a miniature quilt MJ put into the frame I had given her. I really like these frames and I wanted her to have one.....what a beautiful wall hanging....shame the pix is blurry. Guess if you had several glasses of wine it would look clearer? might not notice as much or even care :)
MJ had made this apron and I had admired it before. She offered it to me and I did not hesitate....I had it in my hand in a heart beat. It is so colorful and fun. I think you are supposed to tie aprons around the smallest part of your waist? Well, I could not that so I just tied it around the middle. That will have to do!!!

Being the nutcase I am.....I had to give it multiple can't be just an is also a beautiful head wrap. MJ cracked up laughing when I put it on my head. I told her she would have to wait until she sees Rick in it too. We're all a bit "odd" if you will.....we do silly things all the time.

Me in the "Walk like an Egyptian" pose

Rick with his "Lawrence of Arabia" head dress

Zach with his "Laundry Day" head wrap

Aaron looking like a gift package
I'll keep looking for more uses for my lovely apron. I hate to say I really think it would be great to keep the sun off your neck when you're in the yard doing yard work or gardening. Then you just pull it off and tie it around your waist and wahhhhh have an apron ready to go.
MJ and I spent most of Wed afternoon and evening writing a tutorial to be published on my blog. I can't say what it is exactly.....but keep your eyes and ears open :)

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  1. You should see our skies in PA today...very, very dark and stormy! I'm glad that you enjoyed your trip and I'm so glad that you took time out of your vacation to have lunch with us! It was a fun afternoon!

    I love the photos of your men modeling the apron...too funny!


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