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Monday, July 13, 2009

Giveaway Alert and Opportunity Too :)

Hurry over to Green Fairy Quilts Blogspot. I was tipped off about a giveaway....a great giveaway....but a much better opportunity. You'll have to check it out for yourself. Please come back and let me know your thoughts :)

On a different note altogether, my step-daughter is getting married next Saturday. I need help choosing outfits. It is a beach wedding. Which outfit do you think would be best? The white skirt is linen. The other skirt is cotton. I just ordered white sandals to go with either.....when you wear a size 12 its tough to get shoes near home. It also makes it tough when you have to put your foot in your mouth!!!

Her mother and father will be walking her down the isle. I'll probably be taking pictures or video all while making sure the two little monkeys behave themselves :) I'm not part of the wedding party so I don't really need anything more "formal" than these two outfits.

Please leave me a comment or e-mail letting me know which outfit you think would be best.....I need some help here :)



  1. I like the green skirt outfit. Linen wrinkles like crazy and white will show any spots that you could get from the boys hugging you.

  2. I'm with MJE on this one...

  3. I like the print skirt and white blouse first pick for sure!

  4. I like the second outfit, slightly dressy so you will look great in the photographs you will get someone to take of you with the bridal party

  5. Kelly, I like the very pretty multi-colored skirt for the same reasons that MJE states; however, if you were going just as an observer, I'd pick the white skirt with that gorgeous print top. It just screams "summer."

    Big help, eh!!

    By the way, the package arrived & I LOVE everything! Thank you sooo much!

  6. I'm with Pam. I think I like the beautiful white skirt and the print top. It just looks beachy to me.

  7. I also like the green print skirt. Of course, if I were to wear a white skirt, it would end up with something on it before the reception! But that's just me!

  8. I would have to choose the white blouse and print skirt. I could see several long strands of beads with that white blouse. Just cute!!

  9. Both are cute as can be...I'm green with envy wishing I was a size 12!!!! My first impulse is the print skirt/white top. THat top is dressy enough for a wedding and the skirt brings it to beachy levels....have fun!

  10. I like the green skirt and white blouse too! That way if you sit down on the beach or anywhere it won't get so dirty! Besides it's very pretty.

  11. LOVE the second one though both are very pretty! You'll look great and have fun either way. Be sure to share beach pictures when you get the chance. : )

  12. I am voting for the green skirt and white top too. Love the buckle at the waist with that touch of brown in the skirt too.
    You are step mummy of the bride after all! (At my S2's wedding there were "father of the bride and his partner", "mother of the bride and her partner", "mother of the groom and her partner" and "father of the groom and his partner"...made for a BIG family photo, lol!).
    Dont forget to add pics!
    Which beach (not that I am going to gate-crash, it is abit of a hike...).
    Jasmine in Oz


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