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Friday, July 10, 2009

Visiting with Eleanor in Wellsboro, PA

MJ and I went to visit Eleanor in Wellsboro to take care of several yards of unfinished business....fluffy business (batting). I wish I had taken pictures of Eleanor's work space. I just love her set up. Her living room is really a sewing studio. She has wonderful tables to lay out large projects. Easy access to the kitchen and wonderful windows for lighting.

Meet Eleanor :)
After I was kindly guided in my rolling of the batting (my end kept corkscrewing out no matter how I tried to get it straight) I went on a walkabout around her house. Eleanor is finishing a quilt and of course I wrote down the name of the pattern and the information but do you think I can find it tonight when I want to are right....I can't find it.
Well, a picture is worth a thousand words right? How about 7 pictures? I'll get the proper information and make an addition to this post. In my next life, I'm going to have a computer appendage so I have all necessary information with me at all times.
I think the pattern is called Beyond Baltimore...I'm 98% sure. It was a block of the month project and it is all needle turn applique and hand quilted. I think it is absolutely beautiful. Eleanor has an eye for color and it really resonates with my vision of beauty. MJ and Eleanor were working on squaring up the quilt. I wish I knew how to photograph quilts better. It is tough to get a full appreciation of just how beautiful this quilt is by my picture.
Eleanor responded by e-mail and this is what she had to say, "You were close on the name of the quilt. It's WAY BEYOND BALTIMORE and designs were by Jane Bestwick."

(Drop your left ear to your left shoulder.....see the picture is now in the correct orientation)

The next piece was a miniature Eleanor made and it was laying on a table. I went through my purse for a quarter to lay on it so you could see just how small these little pieces are. The pattern was called, "Springtime" but Eleanor titled her piece "Summertime" she said because of the colors she choose.

I could have spent an entire afternoon cataloging all of her fun quilts and wall hangings. Eleanor is great fun and even more fun when she has a drink. I know, the next time I visit Eleanor, I'm taking lots of liquor and my PF Fliers!!! She'll wake up with naked beds and walls...I'm soooo bad!!!
Naughty Smiles,

1 comment:

  1. she looks fabulous too. Loucky you for having met her.


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