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Sunday, July 5, 2009

We are home safe and sound

We are home safe and sound. The unpacking begins....yippee....or not :) I would like to thank everyone who participated in the NINE DAYS of GIVEAWAYS!!! I have really enjoyed the comments and I need to finish reading them. Since the giveaway does not end until midnight, I can't tell you who the winners are because I don't know.

Another cliffhanger...don't ya just hate that? Me too.

I'll try to entertain you a bit while until we know who the winners will be.

My son Aaron who is 6 1/2 woke up one morning this past week and got into my lap. He wanted me to tickle his arms and back while he was waking up. I told him how his arms and legs are shaped just like his daddy's arms and legs. He said, "I look just like my daddy." I said, "well, no....where is your beard?" He said little boys don't have beards. I asked him when he thought he would grow a beard. He looked off and was thinking.....then he said, "15? 16?" in a questioning voice. So I told him..... maybe....this entire time he had his hands on my neck. He said, "mommy, when will I get a flappy thing? Grandpa has a flappy thing too." I was kind and allowed him to live. I told him he would probably be much older than 16 when he got a flappy thing.

I guess I need plastic surgery to remove my chicken neck/flappy thing.....s h i x.....I was hoping to use that money for a dream vacation. I wonder if a ace bandage in skin tone would hold that thing up so I can save my money....a new marketing idea for Ace Bandages. If that works maybe they could get other things to hold up....or at least higher than they would be a huge savings.....I could afford a spanky new wardrobe for that dream vacation. I better get on Google and find out who the marketing directors are for Ace Bandages and claim my ideas before all of you beat me to it....ROFL.



  1. Glad that you are home safely. Wheww, I almost missed the last giveaway. I checked this morning, but got busy getting ready for church, and forgot until just a few minutes ago. Can't let one of those giveaway days slip by :-)

  2. That is just tooo funny, kids say the funniest things....and I see your picture, you don't have a thingy at your neck. I was going to the store with one of my sons when he was about 6, I thought I looked pretty smart, nice skirt, shirt, but my son looks down at my legs and tells me how ugly they are (vericous veins)....what he doesn't realize is those are battle wounds for having him and his brothers.....

  3. Welcome back and thank you for our entertainment whilst you were away! I enjoyed all the (hard) questions but they were fun too! I hope you had a really nice time yourself.

    Now just fingers crossed....

  4. Oh and don't worry about the flabby... Go on the holiday and just forget that! Much better!! x

  5. IF I were to win I'd like you to sip it to Happy Cottage Quilter please ... I want her to win!
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. aughter at age two, said, "Granmomma, you are so fluffy." Then, her sister at age 2 or3 said, "Granmomma, you are so ...."(she couldn't think of a word) I said, "fluffy?" She said, "Yeah." The 2nd GD loves to sit next to me or in my lap and squeeze and rub my fluffy arms. One of them asked me why I was so fluffy and I said that it was because I was a grandmother and that grandmothers are supposed to be fluffy. She said, "But, Granma ???? isn't fluffy." LOL

  7. Glad you had a good trip...funny story about your son...they do say the darndest things. One time when I was first getting some gray hair, a little girl at school told me she loved the way the sun made my hair sparkly! She said she thought it was where it hit the gray meant it as a compliment...course she would be hard pressed to find them now.

  8. I'm glad that you are all home safe and sound, but your trip to PA was much too short!

    Flappy thing? It's a darn good thing kids are cute isn't it? LOL


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