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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back On Track

My Bot is finally back home where it belongs.  It has a Bios problem....a problem with this particular model....and now it is up and running again.  I felt like someone had removed my heart and my mind when my computer was visiting with the Geek Squad. 

As you can imagine I have so much work to do to catch up on my posts I don't even know where to start.  So I'll be working on those posts the next few days.  I have been extremely stressed lately with a number of things that are beyond my control, including the USPS.  Did you know that if you use Click and Ship and take your packages to the Post Office they don't scan them so there is no "proof" that they have possession of your package?  I have had 4 people not receive their EQ Software.  All shipped on the same day from the same Post Office and all with Delivery Confirmation.  When the mail carrier delivers your package with delivery confirmation they scan it as they leave it at your address or box.  Prior to that there is no record of the shipment!!!  I had no idea whatsoever that they did not scan it into their system upon receipt of the package.  Essentially I am out quite a bit of money and postage too.  If I were to purchase insurance on each package then I would have been able to file a claim.  Interesting isn't it? 

On to WONDERFUL Package news.  I arrived home today to this incredible package.  When I opened it tears welled up in my eyes.  Can you believe how charming this pin cushion is?  I love pin cushions and one of my customers, Rosemary from CA, sent this to me along with a payment for an order.  Can you believe it?  I wonder how many businesses get gifts with payment? I am floating on cloud 9 right now.  Thank you Rosemary!!!  I'm thrilled to be so lucky to receive such a beautiful gift :)

If you thought this is the cherry topper....wait there was more!!!  Another customer sent a check for 150.00 and a Thank You note.  The money was not payment for an was a contribution for the Amani Ya Juu Foundation.  Incredible isn't it?  I get a Thank You card for her generosity.....dang I'm waiting for Oprah to knock at the door next.....I can hardly believe such wonderfulment coming my way today!!!
Speaking of the Amani Ya Juu Foundation, we raised over the 2800.00 necessary for the Mid-Arm to be purchased and taken tomorrow to Africa.  I asked Rosemary to send me a photo of the Mid-Arm so I could post about it on my blog.  As soon as she gets me the pix I'll be sure to write a post.  I am so incredibly glad that I found the wherewithal to put together that post when I was so exhausted and really did not want one more thing on my plate.  Just that one more thing has made a huge difference because of all of you who contributed.  Thank you all for trusting me, I'm so honored. 



  1. That pin cushion is just amazing...I want to eat it.

    You did have a good mail day.

    Maybe the packages will arrive soon and you won't be out any money. I am still waiting for mine, guess it took the slow boat.

    You are one amazing woman....

  2. I used to insure everything mailed by USPS until I found out that you cannot get a refund unless you show the actual receipt for the items sent. I don't want to know how much I've ever spent growing the stash----and I certainly don't want my DH to! LOL

    On the brighter side, fabulous pin cushion and congrats for the Mid-Arm contributions.

    Hang in there!


    WOW! your customers!

  4. The pin cushion is absolutely gorgeous! You deserve all good things Kelly as you are a very generous lady and have a good heart :) hugs Vicki

  5. a low fat cupcake... lol!

  6. The post office system is a train wreck. It's amazing that they can't seem to figure out why. I hope your packages show up.

    So glad you had some nice surprises in the mail today.

  7. What delightful packages!


  8. Cute pincushion! Congratulations on raising so much for the longarm! :-)

    If you call and have them pick the packages up at your door, do they scan them? I think the ones I sent said something like 'accepted at blah blah postal unit' or something like that, as the first entry. If you paid for DC, they should be keeping track! I hope they arrive too. :-/

  9. What a great pincushion. I hope all your packages arrive safely, my fingers are crossed for you!

  10. Great packages! I love the pincushion--look at the detail work! Wow!

  11. Welcome back Kelly. The packages will hopefully turn up. We've all waited on slow shipping caused by the USPS. They are like the goverment, raise prices for no service, oh yea, they are the goverment. LOL. Love the pincushion.


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