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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

A day to reflect and remember those who have lost their lives in the service of our country.  I'm not really sure how anyone ever says Thank You....for giving one's life for their country and fellow citizens.  There is one thing I do know....Memorial Day is a day to reflect and have gratitude for each person who has lost their life in the service of our great country.

While participating in the Memorial Day Parade today in Perrysburg, OH....we made sure our boys knew the meaning of Memorial Day.  The following photos were taken this morning and I thought I'd share them with all of you.

Thank You isn't enough is it?  Often times words don't measure up....this is one of those days.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends.....

Enter Art Quilt Challenges alone...Friends invite their friends to join in the challenge.  I was invited by Liz Kettle  and Judy Gula at the Cincinnati show and I invited Lois Grabowski.  Now I'm inviting you and I want to know who are you going to invite?

So, what are you waiting for?  The deadline is the end of May, just a few days away.  Click here to learn about the know it can't be too complicated if I agreed to do it....because I swore I would never do another challenge again....and I think this one is manageable (18 x 18).  If you don't like links, just visit Cindi at www dot MoonlightingQuilts dot com or e-mail her at

Keep in mind you don't need to have ever done an "Art" Quilt before....afterall....what is Art?  What ever you want it to be (know what I mean :).

If you are going to join please leave me a comment on this post so we can all chat back and forth and encourage one another.  The deadline to enter is the end of May and the deadline for your project is Aug. 31, 2011.  Very manageable right?  Smiles and Giggles....I'd love to have more friends to chat with about the challenge.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun

Sometimes a girl just wants to have some fun right?  Well, that is what I've been doing.  I've now had 3 "good days" so I'm thrilled.  Perhaps the supplements the compounding pharmacist is helping and perhaps it is because Lois Grabowski came to visit for a few days.  I'm sure it is a combination of both....but who cares right?  A good day is a good day and I'll take them any way I can get them these days (these perimenopause days).

Lois's husband was out of town working so I suggested she head North and come for a visit....I was nice enough to let her sit in the IHAN CEO's chair :)  Many of you know Lois Creates Blog...we have become friends through blogging and I stayed with her while in Cincinnati recently. 

Some people come to visit and are "normal"....not Lois....this is what she does at the kitchen table in the morning.....

And this is the response she got from my co-workers......
You probably guessed Lois is making shadow animals that wag and talk to one another....the boys loved it and laughed continuously...and you know I LOVED that.

Later in the day, Waldo came for a visit.  Waldo's husband, "Mr. Charlie" (as we refer to him) taught Geology at BGSU for many years and that is where Lois went to college.  It was discovered that Lois had Mr. Charlie as a teacher so we had to go over and visit.  Mr. Charlie really came alive during the visit with could see how happy he was to have her stop by and visit.  Lois said she has thought of him as the Johnny Carson Professor because to her he looked like Johnny Carson. 

I snapped a pix of  Mr. Johnny Carson and Waldo (this is the portrait that hangs in their family room...Charlie and Rosemary Kahle). 
What a beautiful couple....even after 6 kids!!!

After visiting with Mr. Charlie and Waldo you know we had to go over to the LQS for a little visit....and eat....bloggers gotta eat ya know.  There is a restaurant that Ranger Marianne (Misadventures with Rangers Blog) had introduced me to...Georgettes....and I'm telling you they have excellent food.  We got our lunch and it was so packed they asked us if we wanted to sit at a table in the back gift shop.  What?  A gift shop?  I never knew there was a gift shop back there....oh please....another place to spend money...great!!  lol
If you want to be inspired just click on the Georgettes  and read all about the place, I felt like I was on a mini vacation in the next town...discovering something new and visiting with a friend over a wonderful lunch. 

Georgettes is all about Fair Trade and they are Fair Trade Certified.  You know I love that..and so much more about Georgettes.  I saw a wall hanging I thought might look good over the IHAN place of nightly rest so naturally I picked it up.  It is neither one of these below, but, I thought I would show everyone the hangers they have for wall hangings.  These hangers would be perfect for so many quilts and wall hangings....I was thinking especially of the Indian, Africian and Abrigional fabrics that I have....what do ya think?  (They even have free shipping and free hand written note card nice is that?)
Back at the ranch, Lois and I did some (a little) sewing and this is the progress I've made on my Hugs and Kisses Quilt that I'm making.
I used a Bali Pop from Hoffman Fabrics....I really like it...still want to shift some blocks around....but overall I really like the batiks...what'cha think?

That's what is up in my end of the about you?

Monday, May 23, 2011

AccuQuilt, Sizzix and Appli-K-Kutz Die Sale Ends Tomorrow

Thought I'd let everyone know the Fabric Cutting Die sale at IHAN ends tomorrow.  So if there are dies you have been interested in might be a good time to hop over and pick them up.  The AccuQuilt Dies are 25% off,  AccuQuilt GO! It Fits Dies (Pre-Order) are 20% off, Appli-K-Kutz Dies are 15% off and Sizzix Dies are 25% off....time is a tickin'

Thought everyone might want to know who designed my new blog graphics (website to follow) over the weekend.  None other than Madame Samm from Sew I Quilt Blog and Stash Manicure.  I hired Samm to give IHAN a face lift.  I'm one of those who is slow to warm up to change.  The neat thing is the leaves in the background can be changed and any photo put in there....which I think is cool.  What do you think? 

No photos today...because I loaded 7 thousand for yesterday's post...LOL.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Days as Chapters

When you see all these photos you are going to think, "No wonder you are so darn tired girl....gets some rest why don't ya!"  Truth is I have been resting and although there are a lot of pix here....those were only snippets of my day.

Last Thursday I met my friend Starr for lunch.  I've needed some girlfriend time and I always enjoy Starr's company and her amazing creativity.  People think I'm a gadget person....truthfully I'm not...I'm more of the gadget critic....however Starr IS the Gadget Queen of the Universe!!  She has darn near all of them and knows how to work them....which blows my mind. 

Starr has an IPAD and she has been telling me about flipboard.  I told her I had no clue as to what she was referring to and she would have to show me.  When we met for lunch she brought along her new toy...she's only had it for two weeks....and she can operate all these aps...amazing isn't it?

She was tickled to show me she has IHAN on the Flipboard...can you see it there in the center?  That is my blog at a touch...can you believe that?  Technology is amazing to me.
Next Starr shows me how she can just use her finger to browse the pages of my blog.  Dang, my blog looks better on an IPAD than it does on my computer....what is up with that?

Do you wanna know what the best part was?  Her new IPAD bag....she made and designed it herself :)

The amazing,  creative and talented Starr holding up her punchneedle IPAD bag.  I'm in love with it.  I don't think there is anything Starr can't make in punchneedle and it always comes out terrific.
 I had to do close ups so you could see all the details....can you believe this?
 Look at the curly red looks real....and the sheep...the apples....absolutely amazing.
Check out the sun....and the change in colors of thread to make the face....all the color changes that add texture. 

Look at the crystals for eyes in the snake...scary snake ay?  Starr has a facebook page, Punchneedle and Me...go over and check it out.  Soon she will have an Etsy shop too.

 Friday there was a Stitch-In at The Quilt Foundry in Maumee and I had arranged with some girlfriends to stitch together there.  Naturally I was excited because I don't get much time away to stitch.  When I woke up on Friday I was so exhausted I had to go back to bed and sleep....missing the entire morning stitching with my girlfriends.  Boooo hoooooo.  I tell ya, I was not happy.  At least when I did arrive I enjoyed their company and the time I spent stitching. 

That night The Foundry had a Lasagna Dinner Party, click here for more photo's on their Facebook Page. I dare any quilt shop to match the fun those gals had on Friday night.  I've never seen anything quite like it....honestly.  We were served dinner, Lasagna, Salad, Bread (the garlic butter was awesome) and a chocolate cake with a mouse center.  After dinner everyone brought out their jelly rolls and began making a Lasagna below.
I worked on my Hugs and Kisses quilt by Jaybird Quilts because I didn't want to start another project.  Most everyone finished their quilt top that night. 


Anyone who wanted to get "Party Toes" could get a pedicure or manicure for just 15.00. 


Check out these frosty machines....wanna know what was in there?  On the right was margaritas and on the left were mudslides....can you believe that one?  Yes-sir-ee-Bob....frosty drinks for anyone who wanted them.  They were not supplied by shop but rather a couple who wanted to share some fun with the rest of us.  Of course rides were offered to anyone who needed one....I made it home just fine :)
Check out the fun Party Toes

Saturday, May 21st...Claire's Day in Maumee, OH.

 Claire's Day is held in honor of Claire Lynsey Rubini, who died suddenly July 6, 2000.  Claire loved to read and her family honors her memory with an amazing gathering of children's book authors and many other sponsors to encourage children to read.   
 Brad and Julie Rubini
 These are photos of Claire....she would be so proud to know how many children's lives she has touched because she loved to read.

Zach received a CARE Award on Saturday.  We are very proud of his reading efforts.

Claire Ackerman, Zach's reading teacher, with Zach at the awards ceremony. 

Sunday, May 22

If you are still with me and have not fallen asleep.....thanks for reading and sharing the last few days with us.

Did you notice the IHAN blog face lift?  It will be transferred to the IHAN shop soon as well.  I'd like your opinion...please tell me what you think.  Honest feedback only please :)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Quarter Inch Allowance ... Sounds Simple Doesn't It?

A Quarter Inch always sounds so easy....but how about when you have the actual size of your design and you just want the exact same pattern 1/4 inch larger or smaller? 

See the red fabric from the Cub Scout Banner I recently made?  You have no idea what it took me to get the white inner boarder.  I transferred the design to a piece of Print N Fuse and adhered that to the red fabric.  That made cutting out the red fabric a breeze (not to mention it was then fusible :).  I went to my copier and attempted to reduce the image using a variety of percentages but every time I cut it was not smaller unilaterally.  I just wanted the white to be 1/4 inch smaller. 
I dug and dug and found my 1/4 wheel and drew around the pattern on the inside of the pattern and this is as close as I could get....not perfect...but it worked.

Yesterday the mail arrived and what did I find?  A package with several "Seam Allowance Guides" from Hollie.  Hollie is from Australia and she had e-mailed me asking if I would review her new Seam Allowance Guides....sounded interesting so I said yes.  Then I promptly forgot about it until the mail yesterday. 

I found them to be very neat....and quite helpful....or would have been when I was attempting the impossible with the white fabric above.
The guides are magnetic and stick to your scissors.  The little black ring is adjustable so you can actually cut (inner or outer) allowances to the measurement you choose. 
To demonstrate, I grabbed one of my newest Applique Books, The Ultimate Applique Guidebook (which is excellent....I have a few other favorites too).  I copied a page and cut out a leaf to show you how this works.  I used a glue pen....I like both the Fons & Porter and the Sewline Glue Pens.
I put a little of the glue pen on the paper template I cut out and attached it to a piece of green fabric I had folded.  This way I'll get 4 green leaves I can hand applique down.  If you were going to fuse them down you would not need the seam allowance.

Here I have the Seam Allowance Guide attached to my Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors (yes they are perfect :) so I can cut 4 leaves out at one time with a 1/4 inch seam allowance to turn under.  Cool ay?

Of course they fit on several of my other scissors too.  The Yellow one is for blades with a sloping edge and the Green is for non-sloping scissors.  They don't work on my rotary cutters....I tried that know I try almost everything...LOL.

I've attached  their You Tube Video you can see it in action.

On another topic all together, I want to thank everyone for their supportive comments and phone calls.  I did have more blood work done and I'm going to see a compounding pharmacist tonight to see if there is anything they can recommend.  I've also made some necessary dietary changes too.  I promise to return the favor of positive energy and prayers when you need them :)



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