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Thursday, December 31, 2009

IHAN Rocks the House on New Years Eve

We know how to party here at IHAN.  We started the day with Zach jammin on Aaron's guitar.

Then he moved over to a little percussion.   Move over Antonio Bandares.....Zach is moving in!!

Aaron had enough sharing of his new is time for him to jam out a bit.  Andrés Segovia get out of the way.....Aaron is now movin on over :)

Par-tay Time
Here at IHAN midnight gets celebrated at 9pm.  First we have to have some hors d'oeuvres IHAN style!!

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Just Chillin'

Nothing like some Scooby Doo Trouble at a New Years Eve Par-tay
8:45 gettin ready to Beat a Pot on the Porch

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Oh yea....forgot to mention the Party Poppers that went on inside after the big Pot Banging Par-tay!!!

That is our big New Years Eve!!!  I hope all of you have either had or will have a wonderful New Years Eve.

Happy New Year to All and to All a Good Night (that is what the boys said on the porch after they beat the pots and kidding)

New Smiles,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Electric Quilt 6....DO EQ? I DO NOW!!!!!

This arrived in the mail today from The Electric Quilt Company. Talk about jumping up and down and running all over the house. I'm glad Rick did not have the video camera rolling because I have not even combed my hair or washed my face yet. Yikes :)

IHAN sells EQ6 and I have always wanted the EQ6 Software. You can imagine how excited I was when I learned I had won the software on Darlene's Blog, SewCalGal.

I am so excited to get this software downloaded and start a project....or even just start poking around.  I get to join the EQ Club now and start seeing what everyone else has been doing. 

If I forget to post in the next few days....someone needs to call me.  This could be seriously dangerous.....I get could get lost in EQ Land for days at  a time!!!

Dancing Smiles,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

JanetBaskets NOW AVAILABLE from $18.99-$26.99

Not only did I add the JanetBaskets (yes it is spelled correctly :) but I also added a few of my other favorites as well. 

Prevent spilled drinks and eliminate clutter on your craft or sewing table. Durable steal holder attaches to the edge of most flat surfaces and is designed to hold a drink and reusable trash bag (included). Holds 32 ounce drinks.

I have one of these and I use it for my drink when I'm working downstairs in my sewing area.  I also take it with me to retreats so I don't spill my drink all over my pattern, fabric, machine etc.  I'm also a scrapbooker so you know I definitely use it soda on my photos thanks :)

I thought this tote would never arrive.  I think I waited 5 months or maybe longer to get this beautiful tote at IHAN.  It was on back order at every distributor I use for months. 

Do you remember the carpet in the skywalk in Houston that I loved?  Here is a photo:

It was designed by Paula Nadelstern.  No wonder the tote caught my eye so quickly.  I guess I know what I like when I see it....even when I don't remember the designers name.

Now for the JanetBaskets!!!
This amazingly lightweight tote features aluminum exterior structure and is completely collapsible. Originally designed as a market tote, it is also a super versatile project tote. The metal structure keeps access to goods inside immediate. Made of durable nylon in great prints; self-fabric lined. Excellent quality. Exterior pocket.

The EcoBag is potentially the ultimate project tote. The extended zipper opens down the width of the bag for easy access to entire bag interior. Large pockets line the interior sides of the bag. Bags are lined in coordinating solid nylon fabric. Bag bottoms feature large rubber mat corners. Handles are just long enough to slip to a shoulder. The feature we like best is that the zippered edges have metal support so the bag keeps its shape when reaching inside and doesn't droop when carried!

I really like the JanetBaskets I bought for myself.  They are very well made and are excellent for projects, shopping, organization and errand running too.  I bought them to hold things here on my desk.  I typically have a pile of papers or mail that I don't have time to sort.  Sometimes I have products that need to go downstairs etc.  I just put everything into my JanetBasket and I'm ready to go downstairs or to my file cabinet.  No longer am I dropping everything everywhere because I have it stacked 18 inches high in my hands.   

I also carry one when I run errands.  Everyone smiles when they see it and ask me where I got it.  Of course I just have to tell them....I got it at "I Have A Notion."

I personally guarantee you won't be disappointed in any of these products.  I own them myself and as most of you know....I don't waste my money!!!


Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love This Coat

Don't you just love this coat?  Rosemary (on the right) bought it for Sarah, her daughter, for Christmas.  I'm in love with Sarah's coat.  I think it looks so great on her.  She even has this wonderful purple hat she wears with it.  Oh about perfect fit.

Something is up with my camera.  Most of my pictures are coming out blurry like this.  I think I will sit down with the manual and see if I can't figure out why all my pix are blurry.  Lots of Christmas Day photos are blurry too.

I am off to add those Janet Baskets to my website if you liked them and wondered where they are.....they have not been added just yet.  A girl has to have a holiday you know :)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

I just need to sit down and have a glass of water...Evian Perhaps

I realize I've been MIA recently.  I had 14 Christmas Day and 5 stayed until last evening.  Then my friend's entire family got a nasty virus so I had to take her to ER and got to bed at 4am this morning.  Needless to say, I just need to sit down and have a glass of water and catch my breath.  I hope Evian will do this for me....


Saturday, December 26, 2009

There Arose Such A Clatter...or was that a Thud?

And the Clatter was me falling into bed with a THUD.  I would have slept on dirty dishes I was so tired last night....oh that's was 4am and that is yesterday now.  (However it is 1:40 I'm not thinking I'm doing much better tonight).  We did wrap all the bows however....that was just more than we could handle.  So the gifts were partially naked.

It pays to have IHAN at Christmas.  We needed boxes of every size and shape....and I had them the garage.  I use recycled boxes so I keep them stacked in the garage.  It was a breeze getting the right shapes and sizes but the wrapping was not such a breeze.  I think I'll just use stickers next time.  Perhaps "Priority Mail" stickers will come in green and red next year...LOL. 

Zach and Aaron sang carols last night and again today.  They were so animated it was a great time.  This morning Zach got so excited about his Christmas gift from Santa that he ran outside onto the front porch and screamed, "Thank You Santa....I love my present."  So wonderful.

The boys leave Santa and the reindeer cookies and carrots/celery.  Santa leaves them gifts and letters.  They boys just love the letters and seem so thrilled that Santa remembers things that they did this past summer.  It is so fun to see their faces when I read them the letters.

I'll post some pix soon....but as it is it is almost 2am on the 26th and I need to get some "beauty" rest.  My definition of beauty rest is getting enough sleep so I can see the beauty in the day!!!

I hope your day was wonderful and filled with gratitude.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Merry Merry Merry Merry

This is a picture of our house this Christmas Eve (total lie).

We have had a wonderful day today.  Some of our friends and neighbors came for a Christmas Open House today.  It was a wonderful time.

It is 11:17 PM here in OH right now.  I do not have a single gift wrapped (not a lie).  Good thing I believe in miracles!!!  I believe and I'm sure one will be granted or something amazing will an interesting new tradition or something!!!  Naked Gifts are in this year....No?  Well.....then I guess I better sign off and get to wrappin!!  Not beatbox....just wrappin :)

We wish you all a safe, loving and warm day filled with all the things in your life that make you feel deep gratitude! 

Merry Christmas


Inklingo has done it again!!! Absolutely beautiful free patterns

Stop here and download your free pattern to make a beautiful table runner.  Oh did I say free?  I meant to say FREE!!!  You won't be sorry you did.....and while you are over there....leave a comment because there is a Give Away too!!  How is that for a little gift?  Wish it were me who was so generous....and talented.....but I am just the messenger this morning.  LOL


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The JanetBasket 18.99 & 27.99 NOW at I Have A Notion

JanetBaskets are available at IHAN :) Red Floral Eco Bag 25.99 (Suggested Retail 29.99)

JanetBasket Lime Large Aluminum Frame Bag
Suggested Retail 24.99

Get it at IHAN 21.99

JanetBasket Red Floral Small Aluminum Frame Bag
Suggested Retail 20.99 IHAN price 18.99

"This amazingly lightweight tote features aluminum exterior structure and is completely collapsible. Originally designed as a market tote, it is also a super versatile project tote. The metal structure keeps access to goods inside immediate. Made of durable nylon in great prints; self-fabric lined. Excellent quality. Exterior pocket."
When I saw these....I could not resist.  I have the small Red floral and the large Lime Green for my sorting station here at my desk.  I remember carrying similar baskets when I went to the General Store as a kid with my Grandmother.  The General Store was in Downtown Detroit somewhere and  I remember the smell of the store and the wooden floors.  They sold everything there....I loved going there as a kid with my Grandmother.

Now....onto a tribute to Dave's Mom :)

Do you want to have some serious fun?  Click on the link below, get your best paper scissors and invite every kid, grown-up and friend to sit down and make some of the prettiest decorations you will find this year.  You might want to be sure you have extra bedding....they may not want to leave.  No kidding :)  We have done several of Dave's patterns and if I had the time to fiddle with my camera right now....I'd show you a photo of some of ours.  But for now, Dave's photos will have to do :)

Enjoy your day!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Life & Times at IHAN

Yes, I am running around like a chicken with my head separated from my body.  That comes with the territory.  These are my first IHAN holidays and I'm amazingly surviving and continue to enjoy the Holidays.

First, I've gotten lots of e-mails asking what "Gulf Wax" here is a photo from my box.  That was the part of the Blog Post that said, "Don't read this part." one listens to me :)

Maddy, the youngest Jackson female :) is home from college for Christmas.  Of course here youngest brother (they share the same birthday) is in "Love" with Maddy and quickly climbed right up on top of her shoulders yesterday upon arriving home from school.  It is so much fun to see how the boys adore their sisters.

Of would not be a Jackson Household if some cards where not played.  This was a game of Hand and Foot.

Yesterday both of my co-workers had concerts at school.  Grandma came down to watch the concerts too.

Grandma and Aaron

Zach .....he had is moves down was so much fun watching the concerts.

We are still maintaining our own here.  Christmas cards may just turn into New Years Cards....because they are not in the mail yet....any surprises there? 


Monday, December 21, 2009

Life Is Good :)

Ahhhhh.....this is the part I like the best.....the really bad stuff :)  First you start out with several really pretty boxes that you have purchased 9 months ago for 25 cents each (new from a candy shop).  Then you store them in all that extra space you have.....just move your stash over....or pile the boxes on top of the fabric....your choice.

Then you melt Nestles Chocolate Chips or Chunks.  Purchased on sale of course. (Pretend you are not reading this part....this is really shave some Gulf Wax and melt it into your did not see this part remember?) 

While you have your chocolate melting on low heat in a double put 24 oz of Jif Peanut Butter and 1 1/3 sticks of Imperial Margarine (softened)  into the blender.  Mix well.

Then add as much powdered sugar as necessary to get it to a consistency to roll into balls.  You might have to use your intuition by the seat of your pants....what ever works for you.  I use more than 16 oz and closer to 20 oz sometimes.

Then walk out onto your back steps and put that bowel of Peanut butter nastiness there to get cold.  If you happen to be one of "those" who live in warmer climates....guess you folks will have to put yours into the fridge.  So sad for you.  (Yes those are my foot prints from my house shoes.  Well what did you expect....size 5 on a woman who is 6 feet tall?  Yes they are a size 12....who asked anyway:)  My house shoes say "Life is Good" on the much fun in the snow :)
Then, when your peanut butter mixture gets firm enough to roll into roll them up and place them on wax paper.  With a toothpick, you poke into a ball and dip it into your melted chocolate.  Carefully place it onto the wax paper or parchment paper lined pan.  Take your finger and dip it into water and then you can smooth that little hole closed if you wish.  When they get you know what you have? 


I had never had one until I moved to Ohio.  I don't like peanut butter and chocolate together.  My neighbor made them for us for Christmas the first year we lived here.  To be polite I tried one.  To my shock and surprise....I liked them.  Should I have been grateful or really ticked?  Who actually needs another really nasty thing to like?   

Naughty Smiles,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Have A Notion's Big Sale - 25% off Suggested Retail -Just In Time for Last Minute Gifts **

Sale Ends Soon....and does not apply to those new Dovo Scissors...yummy!

It is not a rumor.....completely true!!!   25% off of the Suggested Retail on your total order.  You MUST e-mail your order to in order to receive the discount.

That includes all these wonderful products and more.  Please keep in mind the first price on the website is the Suggested Retail Price....that is the price that the discount will be taken on.

This offer does not include Electric Quilt 6 Software, AccuQuilt Go or The Thread CarouselIf you are interested in these products you must e-mail me for more information.

When the sale is's over.  I will not honor sale prices after the post on this blog indicating the sale is closed. 

Tell all your chat group friends, your stitching friends, your spouse's, blogging buddies and don't forget to get something for yourself too :)  I always do....truth! :)

All purchases over 100.00 receive a free gift from IHAN.  Nothing big (No fancy sewing machines or new sewing but something fun I think you will like!!  AND if that is not enough....if your order is over 100.00 you have the option of purchasing Alex Anderson's NEW 4 in 1 Essential Sewing Tool for only 12.00!!!  Just tell me in your e-mail you would like me to add that to your order.

Please be aware that shipping will be based on weight and size of package.  I will have to send you an individualized shipping total when I have your order ready to ship.  Yes, lots of work for me.....that's why it is for a limited time :)

PS...there is always a PS....some items are limited quantity and when they are gone .... they are gone.  I'll do my best to keep everyone updated if I get close to running out of something wonderful.


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