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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale for IHAN Blog Followers Only

Shhhhh....this is for IHAN
Blog Followers ONLY!!! 

All Thread 30% OFF  
 Coupon Code: Cyber Monday Thread

 DVD's 25% OFF  
Click Here to see All DVD's

 Coupon Code: Cyber Monday DVD

Coupon Code: Cyber Omni Glide

These coupon codes can NOT be combined with any of the Pre-Holiday Sale Items or Offers.

My way of saying...Thanks for Reading!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Really Nice Person's Stuff

Once upon a time....there was a really nice person that had too much miscellaneous no longer being used, games no longer played with, books, old clothes etc.  She said she was going to have a Yard Sale....but didn't quite find the time to have one

Have you ever met someone like that?  A really nice person with too much stuff? 
One weekend that really nice person's sister came to visit and said to her, "I would love to help you sort this stuff and we'll sell some on Craigslist,  get rid of some on and give the rest to friends who may want or need these really nice useful things. 

So they sorted, and sorted and sorted.....then there were piles with:
and a pile for...friends

And that really nice person started feeling so much better.......and her house seemed lighter too....
So light it could float....well...maybe not that light....but much lighter!

Only a Sister would spend her weekend sorting a really nice persons stuff......

That sister may have looked something like this at one time.....although the really nice person wasn't born yet so she wouldn't have known! 

Aren't Sisters wonderful people.....I think so!

Don't ya just love a happy ending to a wonderful holiday weekend? 


Friday, November 25, 2011

Gifts With Purchase

If you didn't get a IHAN Newsletter, you can click on the link above to see what all the buzz is about.  If you would like to begin receiving the IHAN Newsletter there is a sign up link on the right...yep...glance to the right and you'll see it :) on the side bar. 

That was my first Newsletter and I'm telling you it took me over 11 hours to get the thing right and then get it sent.  Ya know what?  There are errors...spelling and punctuation.  I felt really bad about that...until....I thought about it and decided I did a great job for a gal working alone (support from friends of course).  If you pretend you didn't see the errors....I'll return the favor :)

One of the errors I made was saying that all Non-US Shipping Addresses get a Gift with $100.00 purchase at IHAN (excludes purchases included in the Pre-Holiday Sale).  I should have said...for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.

The free gift is a" Spirit of the Bear Snap Pack" a $15.00 Retail Value.  You get all the fabric necessary and the pattern too.
The batiks are beautiful....and so is our weather today :)

If you are looking to stock up on some beautiful embroidery thread (excellent for thread painting too) then this Sale is for YOU.

Not only do you get Free Floriani Thread....but you Get Free Shipping Too!

Buy 10 Spools Get 1 FREE Save $14.48 Coupon Code FLOR 10
Buy 25 Spools Get 5 FREE Save $47.43 Coupon Code FLOR 25
Buy 50 Spools Get 11 FREE Save $92.35 Coupon Code FLOR 50

Buy 100 Spools Get 20 FREE AND a Free Rolling Machine Tote
Save $296.00  Coupon Code: FLOR AND TOTE
You Get $120.00 in Free Thread Plus a $129.00 Teal Me Away Tote...that is a total savings of $296.00...Defintiely a Great Bargain!

You can choose from individual spools or collections, your choice.
(I'm still uploading colors of thread so if you don't see what you are looking for please e-mail me at

This is the Free "Teal Me Away" rolling machine tote.

Since the weather is so nice, I took the photos outside...can't believe it is November in Ohio.
The Teal Me Away Tote is an Brewer Sewing and Quilting Supplies Exclusive. As you can see, there is plenty of room for your machine plus all the supplies you need. This is the front zipper pocket and there is a place for thread, fabric, pattern and a zippered compartment for your other notions.
Inside there is another zippered pocket and the padded part that protects your machine also has a zipper and will hold a cutting mat and rulers.

 And there is even a safety belt!  Can't have your girl giggling around.

 Inside pocket
Outside front pocket.
When you take the machine out....there is yet another zippered compartment.  I'm calling this one our "Private Stash Hiding Spot."
 If you happen to be gone sewing and have spent more than a reasonable amount of money on more stash....just hide it in the compartment and say nothing.  When you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, sneak down and retrieve your secret stash and incorporate it into your fabrics and no one will be the wiser :)  Also a great place to hide extra documents when traveling. (The Teal Me Away Tote is also available for Purchase)

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday.  I know I did.  There were 12 of us for dinner.  Our kitchen area is very small...and yesterday I noticed 5 adults standing in there....what in the heck...that is like packing  a phone booth...check it out:

 There is Mr. McSteamy, both my brothers, my sister and my nephew....all crammed into tiny kitchen...on Thanksgiving no less.
Only one of them was in there cooking at the time....ya gotta love it...the kitchen is the place to congregate I guess.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

IHAN Pre-Holiday Sale


Shop anytime anywhere on November 25 -28, 2011 at and fill your stocking with all your Quilting, Machine Embroidery and Sewing desires.

Choose your own colors or choose a set. YOU DECIDE! 


Buy 10 Spools  Get 1 FREE Save $14.48 Coupon Code FLOR 10

Buy 25 Spools Get 5 FREE Save $47.43 Coupon Code FLOR 25

Buy 50 Spools Get 11 FREE Save $92.35 Coupon Code FLOR 50

Buy 100 Spools Get 20 FREE AND a Free Rolling Machine Tote
Save $296.00

A $129.00 Value

(customer only pays shipping on tote)
Coupon Code: FLOR AND TOTE

Buy A Sizzix Big Shot Pro or Vagabond Fabric Cutter and it Ships Free (cont. US only)

Have you been wanting a Sizzix Fabric Cutting Machine? Buy it this weekend and IHAN pays your shipping in the continental US.
The Big Shot Pro and the Sizzix Vagabond are both excellent choices. I own all three Sizzix Fabric Cutting Machines and my favorite is the Vagabond. I don't use many dies over 6 inches wide, so it is perfect for me. With a push of a button....I have up to 13 layers of fabric cut .... oh yeah baby!

If you want to watch me cut all that fabric you can watch my "not so professional video" here :)

*Sizzix Cutters are compatible with AccuQuilt Dies and Appli-K-Kutz Dies as well as Sizzix Dies.

If you would like to read the reviews I have written for Fabric Cutting Machines, check out the right side bar of the IHAN blog ...they're all listed there.

Buy a XL or XXL Tutto Machine On Wheels from IHAN and Receive a $50.00 IHAN Gift Certificate

Your machine will feel like it is in a luxury condo when you travel with a Tutto Machine on Wheels Bag. Doesn't everyone buy their trusty sewing machine a holiday gift? If not, perhaps now is the time and you will receive an electronic IHAN Gift Certificate for $50.00 towards a future IHAN purchase.

Envision small print here:
The electronic IHAN $50.00 Gift Certificate can be applied to purchases and not postage or services.

The Gift Certificate will be sent to the purchasers e-mail address after payment for the Tutto Machine On Wheels clears.

Brighten your holidays with a Beam N Read 6 LED Hands Free Light for everyone on your list.

If you follow the IHAN Blog then you know there are as many uses for a Beam N Read Hands Free Light as there are people.

Get one for yourself, FREE, when you buy 4 Beam N Read 6 LED Hands Free Lights this weekend from IHAN.

Something Special for Non-US Shipping Addresses :)

A special gift will be enclosed in all non-US shipping addresses when you spend $100.00 or more during the IHAN Pre-Holiday Sale . This offer does NOT apply when purchasing Pre-Holiday Specials. Keep it as a gift for yourself or give it as a gift. $15.00 Retail Value

Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving-for those of you who are in or from the US. Everyone else...Have a Wonderful End of the Week and Weekend


November 25, 2011

May you all experience gratitude and grace this day.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ- Sew Steady Tables

Its Wednesday and the good news is....I know it's Wednesday :)  Time to raise your E-Notion IQ a little bit more. 

I choose to feature Sew Steady Tables today because I found mine to be invaluable this past week.  I'll also include photos from Quilt Market 2011 of the Sew Steady Booth.
Did you see the Featherweight?  Yes, there are Sew Steady Tables for those little beauties :)
I bought the Acrylic Spinning Tray, Polishing Kit and the Sew Straight Guide last year in Houston. 
Here is my "old" sewing machine.  I used it because I don't have a Sew Steady Table for the new one YET.  That will be ordered this week!!

The acrylic table attached to my Bernina is a Sew Steady Table.  The SST extends my sewing bed so my fabrics don't drag over the edge of the small bed and distort my stitches or get make my seams uneven. 
The Acrylic Spinning Tray is great for me because I misplace almost everything I lay my hands on.  I wish I were kidding...but I'm not.  You can see I keep a pair of scissors and my Wonder Clips  (another notion I highly value...they are awesome).

 I needed to make some very large play cushions/mats and I found this duvet cover I had purchased ($4.00 Goodwill :).  It was brand new in the package and the fabric is nice and heavy.  Perfect to cut in half and make the two giant mats.
This is the stuffing for the mats....can you believe the size of this bag of foam scraps?  The Occupational Therapist (part of the longer story) had this bag in the closet at the clinic and she gave it to me. 

You can see there are lots of scraps and odd shaped pieces of a variety of foams.   I stuffed 1/2 of the bag of foam into the mat I had made from the duvet cover.  Then the tricky part was how was I going to get the edge of the fabric from that ginormous bag under my presser foot?  Mr. McSteamy to the rescue.
 You can see Mr. McSteamy held the ginormous bag while I fit the edge of the fabric under the presser foot.  My Sew Steady Table was perfect to support all the bulk close to my machine.  It would have been a nightmare to attempt without my SST and Mr. McSteamy.
It took both hands to keep the fabric under the needle.

 Now I have two very large play mats and I believe this just may save my sofa and chair cushions when the co-workers decide they need a coffee break and want to rough-house :)

Sew Steady Tables feature:

  • High quality acrylic construction; rounded front edge for comfort
  • Large tables work with tiltables
  • Large, Big and Giant tables come with additional support leg for stability
You can get a Sew Steady Table for your Serger or Sewing Machine in Junior, Large, Big and Giant!   The tables can be used as a light box if you put a light under it :)  Great tip ay?

SST's are custom made to fit your make and model of sewing machine so it may take from 2-4 weeks for delivery.
Don't you just feel your E-Notion IQ going up?  I hope you do :)

Be sure to check out the

 IHAN Pre-Holiday Sale aka Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

I'm going now add all the great deals.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winner of the Pre-Holiday Beam N Read 6 LED Hands Free Light

(If I were a graphic artist...I'd have a Beam N Read 6 LED light hanging around this little fellas neck....but I'm not.  You'll just have to visualize one being there :)

AND the Winner of the Pre-Holiday Beam N Read Light Giveaway is:

Izzy said...

I would definitely get one for my daughter - she loves to read in the car and is constantly complaining when it's too dark to read!
November 14, 2011 2:35 PM

Thank You all 105 of you who stopped by to leave a comment AND for the remaining 104 of you...I'll offer free shipping through midnight tonight if you want to get yourself a Beam N Read 6 LED Hands Free Light...for no other reason than just because :) 


Make your shopping a Beam N Read for everyone on your gift list and I'll ship them for free and include a is that for easy?  (Free shipping for contiguous 48 US States only)
Congratulations Izzy!!!  And a big Thank You to Bob from Beam N Read Lights for sponsoring this giveaway!

Izzy, please send your full name and address to so I can let Bob know where to send your light :)
Bright Smiles,

"Quick Look Quilt Show" Houston 2011 Quilts

I was able to go back into Photobucket and make the slide show larger...I know it is a bit fast, I could not find how to slow it down.  You've heard of speed dating?  Quilt In A Day?  Now you have "Quick Look Quilt Show" Houston 2011 ...what next...brief stitch? 
As soon as I get the co-workers on the bus, I'll be back to tell you who won the Beam N Read 6 Led Light :)

Early Smiles,
Just discovered if you click on "view all images" will take you to Photobucket and then you can click "Next" upper right and you can see them individually.  Quit acting like you knew that all along...I know I'm not alone in this technological maze of mirrors :)


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