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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What does the Mayor of Toledo have to do with Hot Dogs and Quilting?

Repost with Photos....Hopefully!!!

IHAN of course!  Oh what a weekend we had....come along...I'll show you......

Pam, my friend since my first college class, is here visiting for a week. She is a world traveler and when she travels with her husband they really, really, really....see it all...every play, major league game, exhibit...etc. etc. etc. How do you entertain a gal like this? You take her to the International Festival at Erie Street Market.
Look at these beautiful ladies and their dresses. Tell me you would not love to wear one of these dresses? (Ok guys....use your imagination....suits for the fellas). They danced with confidence and pride. Very impressive young ladies indeed. I was thinking, "Quilt Pattern" while looking at their dresses.

There in the center is the  Mayor of Toledo, Mayor Bell and he  was having a great time too.  What a great opportunity for everyone to come together and share some good fun.

Then off for a Hungarian Hot Dog....where else but Tony Packo's?

Aaron and Pam

Who could forget MASH?  Klinger in his dresses, Hot Lips Houlihan and Hawkeye?   The good ole' days of TV (now I really sound old don't I?)  Klinger was always talking about Tony Packo' of course we had to go and visit.

I chased a waitress with a tray because I had never seen this before....a chili sundae? I'm not thinking this will do much for PMS, but certainly would be good for the guys with a beer after a baseball game

Some Famous Buns were here in Toledo
The names are hard to read so from top left to bottom right :

Jamie Farr, Danny Thomas, Jerry Lewis, Jim Nabors, President Obama and Vice President Biden, Soupy Sales, and Robert Kennedy Jr. There were too many to take pix of all of them.

I just wondered who had the job of carrying the briefcase with "the signature bun" up to the famous person and asking for an autograph. The manager said most everyone has come into Tony Packo's and signed their bun there....but Barack Obama and Joe Biden were running for office when they autographed their "buns" at their campaign headquarters.
Doesn't that sound like a job for me? Keeping a straight face while asking for my buns to be autographed....yes I'd enjoy that....the job title: Bun Ambassador of Toledo.

These were hanging in the gift shop.....I loved them both and could not decide.....just too funny

Now on to the quilting part of the weekend.....

Pam, Waldo and I joined some friends at The Quilt Foundry in Maumee for an open sew.  I brought my Punctuation Quilt Kit to work on.  Of couse I left the pattern at about frustrated.  Then I decided to just "fly by the seat of my pants" and keep going...

I cut strips and sewed the alphabet blocks to the strips and pressed them open....
Pam asked how I managed to iron things without burning my I introduced her to a Sixth Finger Stiletto.     Ever use one?  I love them because they hold things nicely in place when stitching and ironing and takes the risk of injury out of the equation.

Now comes confession time....and before I even get started....I must blame Lisa Spalding, owner of the Quilt Foundry, Maumee, OH.  Yes....the purchase of this fabric below is all her fault. 

Fabric with cards usually looks like poker or some casino type thing....but check out this on GGE was I supposed to resist?  I could not....especially since when we get together with family we always play cards.  I can see a wonderful tablecloth and possibly some coasters made from this fabric....and is Lisa's fault.  That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
The Puppy Chronicles

Jake and Molly after a long play....and then ....

 my little "puppy" laid down to rest too.

  Waldo came over for a visit .....and she did not see the puppy barrier in the kitchen doorway....

Waldo now looks like she has been "Batiked".....OUCHIE. The good news is she has been checked out and is doing fine. I think she was sneaking over to snatch some of my stash.....and got her comeuppance!! Don't you try'll get your comeuppance too!!

Hope you had a great weekend and all is well with you and yours.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh The Joys of Ignorance :)

(random beautiful photo I've taken)

I've heard Ignorance is Bliss....I beg to differ with them. I find it frustrating!!! So what to do? Make lemonade first. Boil some water....pace the floor....pace some more....then just let go and remember...we are not in charge anyway. Control is an I'm not going there. I'll take a chill pill....sit back....and breathe.

While I'm doing my Zen thing...just know there is stuff going on in the background to get me back up and running in a pleasant non-frustrating fashion.  Meantime...I'm taking my girlfriend back to the airport after a wonderful weeks visit.

Ommmmm  ....Ommmmmm....Ommmmmm

Scents of Incense burning.....deep breaths.....


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogger ....Looking at other options

Hi everyone...just thought I'd let you know that I see there are no photos...there is apparently a problem with Blogger and Picasa right now.  I'm looking into other options....and I'll be back soon.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Life at IHAN

Believe it or not, I really have been working....honest....but not on posting to my blog.  I've been a little distracted...if you can imagine such a thing.
Oh but first....I have to share what the lovely mail service delivered to me this week...not to IHAN but to Kelly Jackson.  Woo hoo....some very fun buttons and a Snap Bag.  Thanks for the prezzies ladies....the love is appreciated :)  And speaking of Love....well.....this is what is happening around here lately:
We fight, tussle, bite tails and paws....
and bones too
then we bite Daddy's ears....
and Mommy's thumb and hair.....
then we colapse....sleep...wake up and do it all over again :)

I'm behind on my reviews....I know....but can you blame me?  And best of all.....I'm headed over to a local quilt shop, The Quilt Foundry, to stitch with friends today....hurray.  My friend (since my first class in college), Pam , is here visiting from OK and we are going to be creating some fun stuff today....I'll share more later. 

What and where ever you are today....I hope you are well and have something to smile about.  If me....we'll talk!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embellishing With Thread

I only wish I could claim this project as is not.  This is Jean's project and she is a friend and guild member.  She loves thread, quite possibly more than I do.  Jean came over on Sunday afternoon to look at some thread for her wall hanging below.  This is her original design, isn't it cool? 

She is couching some Dazzle (WonderFil Threads) around these feathers.  But....she doesn't just choose one thread....nope....Jean is excellent at choosing a variety of threads to work into her designs.

Look at the Razzle Dazzle (Superior Threads)* she has used to outline some of these feathers.
I had loaned Jean some of my threads and look at the sampler she made
 before putting the thread into her design.  I think this is a great idea and I'm going to take some time to do the same for myself.  I like the way Jean has tested them and then written down the weight and brand.  I know it will be time consuming....but I know for myself that there are plenty of times I'm brain dead and don't feel like doing much....but this I could do.

While I'm on the subject of may or may not have noticed that I have added another brand of thread to the IHAN shop....WonderFil Threads.  Why?  As with everything...there is a story.  It involves a panicked woman and a great person, Patsy Thompson.  I was panicked when I was attempting to quilt "Passing the Sacred Orb" so I e-mailed Patsy begging for suggestions (thank God she likes me :)  I did not want the quilting to stand out because I did not want it to interfere with the fabrics designs.  I know, I know...use invisible thread.  Been there, done that.  Every invisible thread I used had a shine to it and looked misplaced on the matte fabrics.

Patsy to the rescue....she said she has used Invisifil by Wonderfil Threads.  To make along story is wonderful for quilting (I also use it for hand applique).  The Invisifil is so fine that it lays quietly on the fabric.

IHAN now carries the Invisifil ...great assortments too.

Check out how fine it is.....

This is Invisifil, right,  next to 50 wt cotton, left.  Doesn't the cotton look like rope next to the Invisifil

Thank you Patsy for introducing me to another great product!  You can regularly check to see what has been added to IHAN by clicking on the New Items tab on the IHAN website.

New Co-Workers

I'd like to introduce you to our newest family members....

Miss Molly

Tough Guy Jake

and just like other siblings....they love to tussle with one another. assured I did not cage my children.....they climbed into the crate with Molly and Jake and began snapping photos of their own.  I only wish I had thought of this sooner....little boys with puppies in a this could potentially mean some "free time".....LOL.

The kids first mess....I wish you all could have seen Mr. McSteamy's face when Molly knocked over this plant.  Way to good for words. 

On Saturday, Mr. McSteamy was determined we were going to have a dog....and that was the way it was going to be!!!  So, we all loaded in the van and he began to drive....and drive....and drive.  Once we visited the family who had 8 was all over...the deal was sealed.  We were having a puppy.  Then, I said...."how are you going to separate this little girl from her siblings?"  Well, along came Jake to keep Molly company and now each of the IHAN co-workers....have a co-worker too :)

Since it was Mr. McSteamy's determination that brought the puppies to our home....I suggested he might consider puppy-proofing the kitchen.  Then the plant went over....I tried so hard not to giggle.

Initially their names were Bonnie and Clyde....but after spending a few days with their sweet little furry little faces....Molly and Jake seemed to fit a little better.  If you'll allow me a little brag.....they already go to the door when they have to go potty.  Can you believe it?  Now, I'm not saying they don't have little accidents.....I'm just saying they know to go to the door to go outside. 


Monday, March 21, 2011

Cast Your Ballots Folks

If you have not already gone over to SewCalGals' Golden Quilter Awards and cast your vote for your favorite

Quilt Shop- Brick and Mortar
Quilt Shop- Virtual aka On-Line Shop
Best Long Arm Quilter
Most Innovative Physical Product
Most Innovative Software Product
Most influential person in the world of quilting to-date, aka "Lifetime Achievement"
Best Quilt Retreat
Now is the time to do it....yes now....otherwise you may forget....or if you are like me....will go to do it and find out the voting has been closed because I waited to long.

Not that any of us need any prizes to participate in the fun....but.....there are lots of lovely gifts that will be given out to those who vote.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Rich!!!

Thank you to everyone who continues to wish me a Happy Birthday!  It has been another wonderful day...I got breakfast in bed this morning :)   Aaron and Zach made special cards and brought them to me in bed.  Believe it or not, I actually got a check for a million dollars.  Yes sir'e Bob....Aaron told his Dad he wanted a check give to his Mommy for her birthday.  When Rick asked what amount to write it for...Aaron said, "One Million Dollars!"  So I'm one very rich woman today!!!

Time to reduce prices even more for the last two days of "Kelly's Birthday Sale" at IHAN.  The sale ends tomorrow so if you want to check out the better go fast.

I've changed my blogger comments to block anonymous commenter's.  If you don't see your comment published you can e-mail me and I'll check on it for you.  I changed it again after one brave soul decided to write, "You are full of yourself, aren't you?"  Ya gotta love those folks.  I immediately thought to myself, "who in the HE double hockey sticks else would I be full of?  If  I were not filled with myself I'd either be possessed or psychotic."  Clearly the person doesn't know me if they were intended to say I'm arrogant or self centered.  I hope this person has stopped reading my blog and finds more of themselves soon...right after their cranial anal inversion :)


Friday, March 18, 2011

THANK YOU for all the Birthday Wishes :)

I've gotten so many Birthday E-mails and phone calls....Thank You to everyone who has called, sent cards and e-mails!!!  What a pleasure to be celebrated. 

I was at my Mothers house last weekend and I saw this and cracked up.  Yes, I've always liked to work with my hands.  Remember when padded picture frames were all the rage?  You know I had to make one...actually several.  I gave this one to my Mother back in 1982.  A photo of me in kindergarten and of course the ole graduation photo from high school.  Can you believe I thought I was ugly?  I'd take back that smooth perfect skin back in a heartbeat....and the natural red hair without the grey...oh yeah baby.  "Ya just don't know what you got till its gone"...well...not gone...just different right?

I slept in this morning and have refused to answer the phone.  Ahhhh.....the joys of being 47....doing just what you want to do....felt soooo good.  I had coffee, sat on the sofa and even watched some mindless TV....just doing what ever came to mind.  Then I saw the mail man drive by....look what came today:
These spanky little pins....look how small and perfect they are....I'm in love.  They came from Me & My Stitches....the place I told ya about the other day.

Then, I'm sitting on the sofa again....and what do I see pull up in front of the house?  I grabbed my  camera and headed my pajamas no less...
Who says Sun can't be delivered?  It was a delivery for the neighbors....but just seeing the truck was enough for me to get the biggest kick....the pleasure of the simple things in life.

I showered....and decided I should paint my toe nails " screaming A double S Red" just because....check em out...
I think the best part is the fact that without my glasses on, I can no longer see when I've painted the skin and not the nail.  The freedom age brings.  Think I went back and cleaned it off?  You're absolutely right....I did not.  I'm walking around smiling because I have a pair of sandals on and I have "screaming A double S Red" toe nails.  The freedoms of aging....ya just can't beat it.
Oh....I made this bowl for Raegan, our neighbor who turned 16 on the 15th of March.  I thought she would like it and she did.  Just wanted to share that during my "quiet" times...I still love to be stitching :)
This also came today and I just had to share it.  It is the Habitat Quilt Kit by Brewer.  Isn't it pretty?  I liked it and you know what else I liked about it?  It comes in one of those reusable zippered heavy plastic envelope bags.  I should have taken a pix of it too.  I really like packaging that can be reused...excellent idea Brewer!!!

I saved the absolute best news for last...

My sister Taylor had a baby girl, Lola Tolise, yesterday at 4:30 in Columbia, South Carolina.  Lola has red hair....and was born on St. Patrick's Day....I'm so happy for Taylor and Robert and of course thrilled to be an Aunt again.  As soon as I have a photo to post....I'll be posting...or should I say Plastering the photos all over the place.

Grateful Smiles,

PS...Don't forget to check out the Birthday Sales at IHAN!!!  They end on Sunday March 20, 2010 so get your behind over there and find great bargain either for yourself or perhaps for a friends birthday :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Early Bird Specials for IHAN Blog Readers

I want IHAN blog readers to get first dibs on the big sale going on at IHAN to celebrate my birthday (March 18th).  If you click on the cupcake in the upper right hand side of this blog page, you will be magically transported to the Birthday Celebration Sale going on now through Sunday March 20, 2010.  Some of the items are limited supply so I thought blog readers should get first dibs! 

With The Luck O' D' Irish

It may take more than luck to be able to join this group in dance.  I tried it on my kitchen floor this was not pretty.

Perhaps you could stand now, in front of your computer and just give er' a go....I know you can do it....come on now....quit rolling your eyes.....get up off yr' bum and give er' a go :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Waldo

I hope you enjoy this Waldo :) 


Stay tuned for a March Birthday Sale at IHAN on Friday

Monday, March 14, 2011


We can not control Mother Nature and I am willing to live with the beauty and the terror she provides.  I am finding it very difficult to speak about a Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown...Horror....and our own causing as humans.  Those who have visited Chernobyl have said that if you saw it, you would understand there is no way they would ever consider Nuclear Power as an option.  I am not well versed on the subject of Nuclear Power and I don't intend this to be a discussion about the subject. 

What has been made by humans who have the audacity to believe that just because something has not happened in 300 years is not "likely" to happen....ignorance at its best.  Every one of us are responsible for needing "more energy"...."more...more and more of everything".  May we all join together to use less and honor, love and respect more of what we already have.

Respect for one another, caution and care for our environment and world....that is my meditation and what ever form of prayer, thoughts, meditation....what ever way you cope...I do hope you are doing just that and all of your families and loved ones are well and safe.  For those who are not safe and well, my thoughts are with you.

It may be a few hours or days before I will post again.  Know we are are well and safe here.


Saturday, March 12, 2011


Not Quilting now...Quieting....praying, thinking, and having compassion for those in Japan and around the world.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Momma Moment, Stitcher Gift and Me & My Stitches

Just a quick post....I'm working on other posts...I just wanted to share a snippet of my "real" life.  Last night at 10:30 oldest co worker (who went to bed at 9:00pm) came down into the kitchen begging for food.  Of course my first thought was the same as it always is....this kid does not know the difference between exhaustion and hunger...he has them confused.  So, I tell him to get himself a quick snack and get back in bed.  I was working on the computer in the kitchen, not my office so I could hear him banging around in there.  I walk over and what do I see?  This.....

You know I had to grab my camera.....I had that little glowing Momma heart of those precious moments when a kid is being a kid and you just enjoy the moment.  I love those moments and store them up in my heart....I guess that is why I have such a big one....or so I've been told.
Last night was my Needle Arts Guild Meeting, The Toledo Needle Arts Guild.  There is something called a "Secret Stitcher" and you can sign up to be a Secret Stitcher if you like.  This was my first time of signing up....

I missed last months meeting so look what was left for me.....a lovely heart shaped candy dish full of those yummy heart candies a fun card AND a St. Patrick's Day Card too.   I can't even begin to tell you how it lifts my spirits to bring home a little gift to open....typically I am alone....and I just smile. If your guilds or groups don't have one of these might just want to start one.

Last....but Holey Sch-A-Mokin" not Least....check out these Miniature Teeny Tiny Quilts....they are so small you can wear them as a necklace, a pin or earrings.  I saw these for the first time today and flipped.
I saw these over at Me & My Stitches and could not believe my eyes.  So many of us talk about how hard it is to make a wall hanging or quilt....ok....this is like the Olympics in my book!!!

Gene Black asked me to tell folks how I find things when I found my son in the kitchen, my Secret Stitchers gift on a table at the Maumee Seniors Center...(LOL) and I happened to find Me & My Stitches because Julie Letvin who makes these amazing little Quilts left a comment on a post asking about scissors.  When I replied to her comment I clicked on her took me to her profile....then I clicked on website.  Good thing was it was just as Mr. McSteamy was coming home for lunch and I was able to show him....and remind him my birthday is coming up....and hey...I'm thinking my camera strap...the one I wear to Market....needs to have one of these pins...don't you agree?

So there you have it....I hope where ever you is either beautiful....or if you are in OH like find beauty in the soft gray skies.



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