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Monday, November 30, 2009

Help Flat Stanley Get Around

I promise I'll get back to posting about sewing/stitching related topics tomorrow...I think :)

Meet Flat Stanley.  He belongs to Sam who is in the 2nd grade in Mansfield PA.  I acquired him while home for Thanksgiving.  He needed to go out of state on a visit.  We brought him back to OH with us.  Along the way he has gathered a few souvenirs and some brochures about his travels.  Tomorrow he will be packed and sent to New Hampshire for a short stay before going back to Mansfield, PA.

Posted by PicasaHOWEVER....with the Internet.....why can't Stanley do some cyber travel too? If you would like to print out this photo and take his picture in your area and send me a digital photo...I can print it and ship it with his box.  If you have a few minutes to participate....I think we could make one little fella in 2nd grade smile very big when his box gets to his desk.

If this is too much for you to do before 3:30 about sending Sam F.  a post card from where you live.  Perhaps you can tell him a little bit about where you live and / or just say hi.  Here is where to send the post card:

Sam F. C/O Jenny Kilmer
Miller Elementary School
Dorsett Dr.
Mansfield PA 16933

There is a third option too.  If you are someone I can just send me an e-mail with SAM F. in the Subject box and tell him you saw his Flat Stanley and send him a greeting from where you live.  You can tell him a little about yourself and your area.  Then I'll print out the e-mails and put it in his box.  My e-mail is:

I hope Sam F. who colored this fun Flat Stanley smiles when he sees how far his Flat Stanley went on his little trip. 


Saturday, November 28, 2009


IHAN'S WHITE FRIDAY SALE  has been extended until November 30th.  I have received several e-mails from people who are traveling and would like to shop on Monday.  I agreed to hold the sale open for them and I am opening it to everyone.  I will honor the sale prices through Midnight Nov. 30th.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Sewing Notions and Fabric Sale at I Have A Notion - White Friday Sale

Avoid the need to fight, push or get out of your pajamas....

Come on over to IHAN to check out the White Friday Sales.

There are limited quantities available on some items.  I will take orders in timestamp order.  If you prefer to phone in your order feel free to call 419-913-8080 and I can tell you if the item is still available.  I have worked very hard to avoid back orders on items but please be patient if a back order occurs. impatient and call and bug me every day!!  Your choice :)

Shopping at IHAN guarantees you the Best Customer Service available and typically the best prices too.  Your packages will be delivered in recycled (or priority post) boxes.  Not only does that help our also saves you money.  If you would like your package wrapped in a New Spanky and Bright prepared to pay extra!!!  LOL ...Spanky and Bright recycled packages don't cost a thing :)

Have a safe Black Friday and should you need some IHAN's White Friday Sale.  After all the pie I ate yesterday....I need some about you?


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and IHAN White Friday Sale

This is my way of saying "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of you.   You certainly did not expect anything traditional from me did you?

Being a non-traditionalist....I'm not going to have a Black Friday Sale.....instead....I'm going to have a White Friday Sale!

Here are the details....starting Friday at 12:00 AM CMT through Friday 12:00 PM CMT (November 27th) Sale prices are only valid during those hours.   Some things are "while supplies last" because I only have a limited number and there are no re-orders.  I'm sorry about that....but I have no other choice here.  The prices will only be good during that period and will only show up on the site during those times.  I will take the prices down at Midnight on Friday.  Basically I'll be getting no rest...LOL...what is new ay?

Here is the link to where the sale items will be posted: CLICK HERE 

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Gobble Gobble (me eating pumpkin pie:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CEO of IHAN Greatfully Released from Captivity on the Eve of Thanksgiving

Ohhhhh my....thanks for all your thoughts and prayers....I'm so glad to report I have emerged from the undisclosed location unharmed!!!!  I was driven to my in-laws house and pushed from a running vehicle into their driveway just in time for Thanksgiving :)

Today I spent my day with this lovely woman.....she is my Mother-in-Law.  No one can fix a Thanksgiving feast like she can.  I know I'm safe now :)

This is what she was up to today.

Ohhhh yea baby....I made cranberry relish of my favorites.

Look, it's Mr. Wonderful helping in the kitchen!!!

Joanne has asked to visit with Mr. Flat Stanley so as soon as I get back to OH I will take some photos with him there and ship him to Joanne!!!  Thanks Joanne :)

I have to say all this captivity has done me well.  I've been in bed before 2 am every night.  However I have not been getting back to all my e-mails  very quickly.  I have read every one but I will need a little more time to reply.  Orders are being shipped her from PA....the CEO never rests :)

Here is an excellent deal...... just in time for your holiday shopping....

and speaking of holiday shopping....stay tuned for more updates coming soon :)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Suffering in Tioga County

This is one scary hostage situation here.  The CEO was held captive in a room covered in Quilt many Best of Show, Judges Choice, Viewers Choice, First Place and Best Visible that is pure torture.  Forced to use a Bernina 820 (basically means several steps above the machine I own) and eat coffee cake for breakfast.  Please don't send out the FBI.....unless they bring Robert Redford with them!!!

These are just a few of the East Coast Directors ribbons....she has box after box stashed in the attic.

Forced to watch as these beautiful hand made items get priced for a Holiday Art and Craft Show being held at the IHAN East Coast Headquarers on Dec. 4th and 5th.

Then.....after suffering like this she was escorted out and placed into a Chrysler Pacifica with dark windows and taken to another undisclosed location. 

When she arrived....this woman, who goes by Anne, forced her to look at this beautiful new jacket she has made and suffered with the company of 10 of the most fun ladies in Tioga County.  It was just terrible....then came the forcing of the pumpkin cheese cake....oh the pain and horror.

Those little green men are following her around....she can't shake them.  It is like a terrible nightmare.

The woman, who goes by the name of Anne, forced a Flat Stanley upon her.  The requirements of the Flat Stanley are that he has to travel and gather experiences and some suveniers and trinkets and be returned to a little fella by the name of Sam (Sam does not know anyone who lives outside his town-truth).  The CEO will take FS back to OH and then look for one wonderful person to take possession of him and quickly return him to PA via USPS.  Need one volunteer.

Aaaahhhhhh then they wiped off her beautiful makeup and flattened down her hair and stuck her into a photo......between Kay and Anne.  Should you ever be tortured like this....SMILE!!!

Very Happy Smiles,

Undisclosed Location of IHAN CEO-Clues

This is the "Undisclosed Location" of IHAN's CEO.  She is being kept hostage by the Green Boogie Family and the Director of East Coast Operations.

Very little time to sleep around here....between the Bernina 820 and the Little Green Men.

Today the CEO of IHAN is being permitted out of captivity to rub elbows with some of the most wonderful women Tioga County has to offer.  Updates pending.....

Close lipped smiles,
The Captive

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Greenies Go on a Road Trip

Mr and Mrs Boogie take their two sons on a road trip.  Upon arrival to their destination, Mrs Boogie heads off for two days to an undisclosed location to play with this 820 Bernina!!!

Ohhhh my she is in bliss....

And at this undisclosed location there is a brand new Tutto XXL Bag/House for the 820 Bernina :)

Mrs. Boogie is in the process of using some her new Textile Batik fabrics to make an undisclosed project.

Ohhh this is so much fun....Mr. Boogie has the two little boogies and Mrs. Boogie is living it up with a girlfriend Boogie lover.

Ohhhh.....Green Boogie Man goes for a ride on the John Deere!!!!  Stay tuned for more updates on this Undisclosed Location and Undisclosed Project....ooohhhh yeah baby!!!

Joyous Smiles,
Kelly aka Mrs. Boogie

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pine Mountain Designs at the International Quilt Market in Houston 2009

Posted by Picasa

Sandy Workman of Pine Mountain Designs designed these two quilts.  They touched the little person that lives inside of me.  All I could think of was continuing to put away pieces of cloth from my boys clothing and making each one of them a little boys quilt using that cloth.  Can you imagine?

I just loved everything in her booth.  The punchneedle patterns were really fun too.  I will be adding her punchneedle patterns to my website soon. You can check out more Pine Mountain Designs here.

I was asked the other day if I still had more posts for Quilt Market in Houston.  I have enough material to post every day until Spring Market.  I need a Publishing Manager to help me get everything organized and then I would be able to do just that.  I keep a box of material right next to my desk.  Honestly I still have not added items to my shop that I loved at Spring Market.  There is just so many wonderful and fun designs out there....I'll try to get more out soon.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moda Bake Shop Sampler - 480 Fun Filled Charms ONLY 35.00

Posted by Picasa
Simply click on the photo to order!!!  Can't get much easier than that :)

Posted by Picasa
This sampler features collections from twelve Moda designers. There are four hundred eighty 2 1/2" squares. The prints range in style from light-hearted fun to pieces from our quilting past. Each stands on their own, but together would make a fascinating charm quilt.

Includes a booklet that offers templates and quilt inspirations for these charming small quilts.

Excellent book for 2 1/2" charm squares is Scrap-Basket Surprises.

These hot little babies are going fast.  I only have a few left so if you are considering ordering one or more....please do so quickly or e-mail me to let me know and I'll put your name on it.  I don't want anyone to be disappointed when they sell out.  I can not get any more.


Show me the Love....and the Money....but the Greenies???

This is exactly why I love my blog.  I have the wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world that I would have never gotten a chance to meet otherwise.  I have felt more alive and full of joy since I started this blog and business and it is all because of the people I have met.  Check this out: 

I was expecting a check from Joanne but certainly not a box.  First thing I did was listen to make sure I did not hear any puppy sounds or any ticking.  Next I checked for white powder leaking out the side....nope.  So....I opened the box.  For the life of me I could not even imagine why she would have sent me a box.  Then:

This was what was in the box:

A wonderful Green Boogie Family.  My joy level shot up sky high.  This is exactly the type of humor and fun that tickles me.  If you don't read regularly you may not know that my co-workers and I have had this mucus thing on and off for over 6 weeks now.  So apropo.

Posted by the bag I found this...Chocolate Chip Biscotti.  My first thought was I'm sure she sent more and those green boogies ate my biscotti.  Then I figured she really loves me and knows I don't have any self control so she only sent that is LOVE. 

While I was having all these thoughts the phone rang and it was Rick.  He was coming home for lunch.  I was just in the midst of eating the biscotti and having a cup of General Foods International Coffee-Vanilla Bean Latte (free samples given out at a guild meeting).  I could hear music playing ,....I think it was the harps of the angels....then the devil spoke up and said...." better eat that last biscotti fast before Rick gets home and sees it."  My reply, "oh Rick is going to love this so I'm saving this one last piece for him." 

I realize this is not enough to get me to heaven....but that's ok....because I've been having some heaven right here and I truly appreciate the thought and sweetness.  To you they may be just a bunch of green boogies.....but to me....they are cherished family members that will have lots of fun travels.

Thank You Joanne!!!!  And Thank You to everyone who takes the time to leave comments and e-mails.  I appreciate the effort and it feels more like a conversation that just a one sided publication.  It gives this place we meet called - I Have A Notion Blogspot- into a fun place filled with joy and kindness.  Can't beat that, not even with a big stick :)

Huge Smiles,


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