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Friday, July 31, 2009

Simplicity Update

By the way, I don't work for Simplicity!!! I was just shipping out a box of Jackpot Scissors and thought maybe others did not know how great they are.

I'm in contact with a gentleman from Simplicity to resolve the concerns and questions folks have about the Rotary Cutting Machines. I'll keep everyone updated :)


Jackpot Scissors by Simplicity

I think I have sold over 30 pair of these scissors in the past 3 weeks (truth, no lying going on now:). I think they are some of the best scissors with sharp tips I've come across (except those made by Dovo....they are much more expensive but very spanky!!!). They are affordable and excellent for snipping small stitches, applique, unsewing and trimming threads close to your project without cutting the fabric.

I'm sure they are good for other things too....clipping your nails, stabbing an intruder, opening packages, trimming your husbands eyebrows.....but I don't recommend them for those uses unless you are desperate.

I'm not the only one who things so either. Check out this comment.

She makes the same promise I won't be disappointed. Stop by my website and see for yourself. Ok, I'll make it easy for ya....just click HERE :)


Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity Update

Some folks e-mailed me with questions about the Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity. I forwarded the questions to my distributors and to Simplicity. The response I received from Simplicity is below:

Rotary Cutting Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my blade cut through the fabric?
If you are
using the machine for the first time, you must tighten the pressure between the
blade and the roller underneath. Out of the box, the machine will not cut – it
is loose to protect the blade in shipment.

If the machine was cutting
cotton and now you want to cut wool or paper for example, you will need to
adjust the pressure for the heavier materials used.

What can I cut with
the machine?
Our testers cut quilting cottons, artist canvas, wool, paper,
fleece, craft foam, and felt. The pressure between the blade and the roller
underneath must be adjusted to achieve the cut for the materials to be cut.

How many layers of cotton can the machine handle?
This will depend
on the pressure between the blade and the roller underneath. However, in testing
by several quilters they found that 2 layers gives more control for accuracy
than more layers.

Why aren’t my strips straight?
consistent and accurate results takes practice. (One of our testers said it took
him only about 10 minutes to get the hang of it!) In testing, we found that
guiding the fabric with your hands behind as well as in front of the blade
provides more control.

How do I prevent drag when trying to cut a long
length of fabric?
One of our testers placed the machine in a sewing machine
cabinet so that the surface of the machine was level with the cabinet surface to
allow for a larger flat work surface area.

How do I change the blade?
To change the blade you will need a Phillips head screw driver and a Flat
head screw driver. Follow the instructions that come with the machine. You can
also watch our How-To video by clicking on the link.

Are there additional blades available?
There will be 3 blades
(large wave, small wave, straight) available in late September 2009. Additional
styles of blades will be available in late fall 2009.

Watch our instructional video at:
I have not operated a Rotary Cutting Machine myself. I will have the opportunity at the end of August to meet with some of the folks who work closely with the machine and I will get more information at that time. My understanding is that it works great but takes a little practice to get used to. I have recommended people use their sewing machine tables for stability when moving the fabric through the cutter. As soon as I learn more I'll be sure to pass it along :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sizzling Circles by Lacey J. Hill

Wow, talk about a great gift package. I just got home from taking the boys to the park I found a package on my front porch. It was from Lacey Hill.

You might remember her from my story of the Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. She and her friends are the gals who saved my life. I was wandering around the streets of Pittsburgh looking for my car. I saw these three gals and asked if they could help me. They not only helped me they drove me to my van and waited until I drove away. So, she saves my life and now sends me a gift. (she must not read my blog....she probably wants my first born....boy is she in for a surprise..rofl.) Lacey is in the middle of the picture below.

Look at what is in the package!!!

"Sizzling Circles", the Circle and More Ruler, Snap Backpack pattern, Snap Bag pattern and purse handles!!!!

Look at this cool Snap Backpack pattern. I can't wait to make one. I like the "filled with pockets" because I'm always finding army men or legos in my purse. I need special designated pockets for that special stuff.

Not only did I get this pattern but the handles too!!! Do you think it is my husband she wants? All I have to say is it better not be :)

She wrote this inside her book.

"Sizzling Circle Baltimore Basket" is the title of this pattern. Isn't it beautiful?
Sizzling Circles "Simple Quilt-as-you-go Technique. No Quilting or Binding Required!" I imagine these would make wonderful gifts....not only the book but one of the Baltimore Baskets!!!
I am so thrilled. I can't wait to try these out. How exciting. I have no idea what I have ever done in my lifetime to deserve such generosity.....but I ain't turnin it down!!!
If you want a copy of "Sizzling Circles" for yourself or a gift click here.
If you want a Snap Bag Pattern, Snap Backpack Pattern or The Circles and More Ruler click here.
Thank you Lacey for the lovely gift. You know I'll be getting my Mom down here to watch the boys so I can sew this weekend :)
Huge Smiles,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity Update and Alex Anderson

I hope everyone noticed who stopped by my blog yesterday. (No silly not Robert Redford) Alex Anderson left a comment for us/me and I thought that was so generous. This is the picture I took of her at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh earlier this year. Every time I saw her this is the great smile I was greeted with. She seems so genuine and real.....I just love that.

OK, on to the Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity:

Recently I received some feedback from an experienced Quilt Artist who purchased the Rotary Cutting Machine by Simplicity from me. She thinks the written directions are lacking. I only want satisfied customers so I attempted to give her all the information I had about the cutting machine. One of the things I noticed at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh was this acrylic table the Simplicity demonstrator was using. I remember asking who made it and she said "Dream World." You may be able to use your own sewing table too. I think having the support for the fabric may help quite a bit. Thought everyone would want to know that too!!!
Anyone withing driving distance to Hershey PA? The Quilt Odyssey is being held at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center from July 30th through Aug. 2nd. My girlfriends, Mary Jane, Eleanor, and Lois will be there without me. So very sad I know. (no, no...thanks for the Kleenex but I have a whole box right here) I know they will have lots of fun and I'm hoping for lots of phone calls to tell me every juicy detail.
I'm off to pick up my monkeys now. I have missed them terribly and I'm looking forward to their first fight (lying again) and huge kisses and hugs.
Mommy Smiles,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alex Anderson Alert!!!!

OK is true....there is only seven degrees of separation between people. I wrote a post about anyone knowing Alex Anderson. Someone apparently does and she stopped by my blog and left a comment today.

Lets hear it for Alex!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Check out the comments on my post today.

Thanks wonderful for you to take your time and leave a comment. By the way, I think you are beautiful in person and on TV. You seem sincere and real .....which are very high on my list of values.

Smiles....Big Smiles,

Shhhhh, can you hear that?

Me either.......soooo quite. Too quiet. Much toooooo quiet. Aaron and Zach are with Grandma and Auntie for two days. Where am I? Home with tears in my eyes missing them. Last night I missed Zach saying he needs water or listening to him talk in his sleep. I missed the fight with Aaron about going to bed. This morning....silence in the house. I actually felt like I was doing something wrong by sleeping in. "Mommy I want my waffle cut in pennies (his own creation)" and "I don't have to go to the bathroom".....all being given to Auntie and Grandma today.

This says it all.....channeling my inner Mommy!!
I am going to muster all the strength in my spirit and re-organize my sewing area and do some chores. I got some free Iris last night. They were nicely labeled in boxes last night on the roadside. How nice is that? They even went as far as to take a sharpie and write the type of Iris they are on the leaf. And as if that was not nice enough....there were printed pages on how to care for Iris. Talk about generous.....I took several.....and now they need to be planted :)
No sewing talk for now....just speeding around the house trying to get everything done before tomorrow when my monkeys return.
Tearful Smiles,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Found Another "Gotta Have"

Is there a limit to the human spirits ability to "gotta have"? It must be my age that now allows me to understand the meaning of "desire" and I just wonder why money is the root of all evil and not desire.

My little girl eyes saw this and just wants it....desire.....(I think there are a lot of spiritual teachings that allow a person to stare down the hallway of desire and see white light and not the hungry Grand Canyon of want.....but that is NOT what this post is about!!!)

You are probably thinking it is chocolate, diamonds, stacks of cash, a jar full of tokens for endless hours of house keeping done by someone else, a Featherweight, a store room full of fabric all for is this.

Isn't this sooo pretty?

I apologize if I am feeding your dark monster of want too. Someday we'll tame them but not today!!!

Texture Magic

The first time I saw Texture Magic was at the Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. I thought it was really neat but was sort of unsure how a quilt would look made with it. This morning I found this post and now I know. Babies love textures and their little fingers just search around for things to here is a terrific post by Bitty Bits and Pieces Blogspot.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Non-Reply Comments

My goal is to respond to everyone who leaves me a comment on my blog. Some people leave comments and they are "non-reply" so I can't respond. If you have not gotten a response from me....check to see if you are one of those "non-reply" folks :)

I figured everyone would want one of the pin cushions and I was waiting to see how many people chimed in. We could do a swap so everyone could get that sounds like some fun :)

Sneeky Kelly

Sew Mama Sew

Does anyone need just one small project to make? How about a gift.
Well if you really want to....
feel free to make me one of these. If you are so moved to make one for me...I would thank you kindly....hug you.....and put a picture of it on my blog.

I'm not ashamed to beg. I really want one of these and you know me....I won't get to it for ..... well.....who knows when.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amy Butler's Little Stitches For Little Ones

I now own a copy of Amy Butler's "Little Stitches For Little Ones" and I am again itching to find a baby to sew for. Rick's nephew and his wife are due in Sept. and I hate to overwhelm them with distant Aunt gifts.....but unless Megan and Cody get busy, that is what I may have to do.

Oops, how did that get in her book?
(another lie, sorry :)
(notice she is wearing the same colors....hmmmm...)

Don't you just want to kiss that baby? I love the dress and I think it would be so fun in batiks too.

These are some spanky jammies!!
Not to mention that very cool rocker.

How about this diaper bag. My boys are only 5 and 6 and I never, never, never saw anything this fun when I was carrying a diaper bag.

"Snuggie Wrap Blanket"
I think the Snuggie Wrap Blanket would be great for charity quilts/blankets too. So often they need blankets at hospitals and shelters, this would be easy and warm. Just another idea.
I really like the way the book is laid out too. It is spiral bound and the pages flip easily. All the patterns are in the front of the book tucked nicely into a pocket. I tell you this girl has it "All Go-in On" and she looks so beautiful next to that picture of some red head. (Next time I'm going to mimic her stance so my legs look thinner , LOL :)

Please don't ask to borrey my copy. Not that I'm not nice, I just love it and don't want to part with it soon :) But if you want one, I know some place very special that you could get one (hint hint). If you want ONE click HERE, if you want TWO click HERE.....if you Don't want one.....that is just a negative thought and it will pass soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Please think twice before posting pictures of yourself on your blog or the Internet. The computer adds 10 years (or more in some states) to your features!!!

Whose hands are those anyway?

I received my package from
Green Fairy Quilts yesterday!!! How very beautiful. What a huge jelly roll. I'm not sure what I'm going to make just yet....but I'm certainly thinking about it.

Smiles, Kelly

I'm changing the size of the type as I noticed the letters are very small. Does this help anyone else but me?

Alex Anderson's Essential Sewing Tool Update and MORE!!!

Can someone please tell me why these things keep happening to me? I really need a job with Consumer Reports....or my version would be Common Cents Reports (rare commodity).

Ok, I'm minding my own business (a lie, I never mind my own business) clearing some things off a table in the basement (more about that later). I find an old vase I made when I took a pottery class several years ago. I love it so I brought it upstairs to hold some "overflow" pens. My husband complains there are too many pens in the container (yea....why dear? perhaps because you keep bringing more home every day in your pocket from work.....could not possibly be must be your frugal wife out buying tons of pens just to fill containers). I pull out the pens and what do I find all over my hands and fingers???? Not RED CRAYON....but BLUE INK. Jeeeeezzzzzz Ooooooooo Peeeeeeetttttzzzzzz!!! This gal needs to avoid all trouble honestly.

I'm feeling sort of smart right? I head for the laundry room and get the WD40. After all, if my memory serves me correctly (not too often) the web site said it takes ink off skin. So I take my smart self into the kitchen and spray it on my hand. Then I begin wiping. Did it come off? Heck no.....only took a tiny bit off. So I marched my smart self back into the laundry room and got the De-Solve-It and sprayed that on my hand. Did it come off? You better believe it did!!! Score a point for De-Solve-It.

How about that pen self says to self......self.....this is ceramic....what is going to take that nasty ink off of this....or do I just throw it in the garbage and go to bed. Never that smart!!! I'm going to get my camera and do before and after pictures (boys are in bed and husband is spending time with Giant Ginger (his girlfriend).

I spray De-Solve-It in the container thinking if it took the ink off my hands it is sure to take it off the ceramic container. NOPE!!! No go. No nuttin. So being as I have a can of WD40 handy I give it a healthy spray. It took most of it out. What did not come out with the WD40 came right off with one of those Mr. Clean sponge babies.

Yes I've lost my mind again....."Gone Nuts and Ain't Commin Back" the title for my new book!!!

So there you have got the skinny on the subject. Back to the fun part....why I was re-arranging the furniture in the basement. I went to yet another garage sale (ok, several....lying again) and I found this credenza for $50.00. I was able to put lots of my scrapbooking supplies and photos away tonight. It is really a nice piece of furniture and I thought it was a steal for $50 (the better steal was stolen right out from under me....a Featherweight for $40.00...gritting of teeth in the background).

Then we had dinner. Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy.....ok so that is not mine either....stole that from the Wiggles. Then pizza and mac and cheese. I tell you this so you don't think I'm some amazing person able to go to the YMCA, drop off and pick up kids from VBS, go to the post office, pick up an order, garage sale, go to the dermatologist office and pick a large black bag full of weeds from my yard and make a terrific dinner and pay my taxes.....don't happen here!!!(did I mention the 2 loads of laundry too?).

Well.....I'm still standing and I'm headed off to bed. Ya'all can read my adventures in the morning while I'm running out the door again (last day of VBS).
Thanks for all the great comments. When the new tool by Alex Anderson is out I'll be sure to post it on my blog.
Thread Carousels are available on my website for those of you who inquired today. Here is the info about the Carousels being in Quilting magazines:

Well I know Virginia but not Alex. No one who reads my blog seems to know Alex. Girls you gotta get out there more.....get me some "pull" with Alex....we need those tools before anyone else gets them....right?
PS....I'm happy knowing Virginia.....I can wait for Alex to call....not long though.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alex Anderson's Essential Sewing Tool

Penny Haren from Checker Distributors has written an excellent review of this new tool.

Alex Anderson’s 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool will begin to be shipped to stores
the middle of August so place your orders now. This notion is carved from maple
and includes a seam ripper, a stiletto, a presser and a turner. This is an
heirloom quality notion that every quilter will love - and the perfect gift.

It is designed to lay flat on your work surface and will not roll off of the
counter or table at any time. Alex has thought of everything! This notion should
be in every quilter’s stocking this season!

They are now available at I Have A Notion for 16.99. Woooo Hoooo....time to get one for yourself and one for your best stitching friend. Booo Hooooo I just learned they won't be available until Sept. Anyone friends with Alex? Maybe she'd ship us some sooner :) We can always hope, right?

Smiles, Kelly

Easy Reach Thread Carousel

I forgot to post pictures of my Easy Reach Thread Carousel after it was filled. Here it is....isn't it beautiful? I just love it. It saved me two wall racks worth of space. Also two acrylic boxes that held my bobbins. Huge space saver and very convenient to keep near my machine. These are fine heirloom quality thread carousels and I feel very lucky to have one.
Virginia Lauer is the inventor of the Thread Carousel. She is such a dear and sweet woman. I am very lucky to have met her. Her Thread Carousels will be featured in some big magazines keep your eyes out. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say just that's all I'll say for now :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Zillion Uses for WD40

(Edited 7/24/09) See Bold type below.

I received several e-mails asking how I knew what to use to get the red crayon out. To be honest, I really didn't know what to use exactly. I did have the De-Solv-It in the laundry room. I've used it for lots of things before. Then I just remembered WD40 has a Zillion (yes I'm you think someone can count to a zillion?) uses so I just gave it a try. I didn't have much to loose at that point....other than my sanity and that was already long gone!!!

This is only a partial list. Click here for more.

•Prevents rust on tripods
•Removes gaff tape
•Removes old cellophane tape
•Removes ink from blue jeans
Keeps sewing needles from rusting
•Cleans metal figurines
•Cleans piano keys
•Adds moisture to and preserves ivory and bone items
Shines mother-of-pearl accessories
Removes glue from carpet
•Keeps curling iron from sticking to plastic crafts
Spray sewing thread to prevent breakage
•Removes rubber cement
•Removes glue from paneling
Removes adhesives from sewing machines
•Removes stickers from guitars
Spray on hands before using heavy adhesives to prevent sticking
Removes rubber cement from clothing
Protects metal bars on glockenspiels (without google...or any other resource...does anyone know what a glockenspiel is?)
•Cleans Hemming dies
•Prevents rust on jewelry forging blocks
•Protects DJ components from rusting
•Coat electric guitar pickups to prevent rusting
•Cleans synthesizer keys
•Coat collectible metal toys before storing to prevent tarnishing and corrosion
•Removes stickers from piano keys
Protects antique toys
•Cleans potentiometers on guitar amplifier
•Cleans and protects collectible cans
•Cleans glue from antique bottles
•Cleans old coins
•Cleans microphone cables after rental
•Cleans and protects chrome on bass guitars
Removes ink from hands (Edit: Not for Kelly Jackson...see post of 7/24/09)
•Cleans electrical contacts on slot racing cars
Shines doll shoes
•Gets glue stains out of jeans
•Cleans piston valves on horns and tubas
•Keeps clay from sticking to molds during crafting
Removes play-dough from hair
•Removes stickers from Hummel figures
•Cleans antique guns
•Shines seashells
•Helps lubricate fretboard on guitars
•Keeps flight controls for model aircraft in working order
•Prevents detail from sticking to cast material in resin-kit model production
Gives a great shine to flat surfaces for stock photography
•Removes duct tape
•Helps hone stones
•Polishes seashells
Cleans ostrich eggs for craft use (Now ya know I really need WD40 for this!!!)
Gives virtual rocks a clean shine (Is this a joke? I did not write this....HONEST)
•Keeps model trains rust-free
•Drives out hard to remove debris from rock samples
•Protects HAM radio antennas from moisture
•Cleans tin-plated parts on model trains
•Keeps moisture and corrosion from building on the control cables of model airplanes
•Use the WD-40 Smart Straw to help clean frets on guitars and prevent strings from rusting
Keeps trigger on glue gun from sticking
•Lubricates needles on knitting machine
Penetrates stuck walking foot on sewing machines
•Lubricates piano lid hinges
•Lubricates air nozzle of balloon pump
•Lubricates piano leg casters
•Lubricates tuning mechanisms on graphic equalizers
•Frees up stuck keys on organ
•Lubricates gear trains on servo motors
•Lubricates bass drum and high hat pedals
•Lubricates and improves electrical contacts on model train tracks
•Lubricates antique toy trains
•Lubricates end pins on cellos
•Lubricates stuck parts on vintage 8 mm film projectors
Unsticks piano keys
•Stops knitting machines from binding
•Lubricates latches on saxophone case
•Loosens end joints on flute
•Lubricates crank motors on antique mechanical phonographs
Unsticks keys on baritone horns
•Soak clarinet joints to loosen pins for easy dis assembly
•Lubricates soap box derby wheel bearings and spindles
•Lubricates piano hammer action in pianos
•Lubricates guitar case latches
•Lubricates flute joints and screws
•Lubricates rotors on French horns
•Lubricates wheels on tuba case
•Lubricates tuba valves
•Frees stuck slides on brass instruments
•Lubricates landing gear on model airplanes
•Lubricates tuning gears on guitars
•Lubricates robot joints
Loosens arm and leg joints on porcelain dolls
•Lubricates valves on peck horns
•Lubricates model airplane linkages
•Lubricates joints of artist’s easel
Lubricates craft punches
•Lubricates "fine tuner" screw on stringed instruments
•Keeps the throttle cable on my model airplane working smoothly
Use the No-Mess Pen to lubricate the area under the hook of a sewing machine
•Makes rusty piano strings pliable again

I am so glad they did not write me and ask me to compile a list for them. I'd be very busy for a very long time. Before I finished I bet I'd be looking at lots of wrinkly Tattoos and listening to the golden oldies (Rap Music).


Oh My....I never thought about this...SCARY


Much Better Day

This is the inside of my dryer today :) It is spanky clean.
What pray tell allowed this miracle to occur, you may ask. First I used De-Solv-It to wipe out the dryer. Afterwards I cleaned the dryer with Dawn dish soap and water on a cloth. Nice and clean. Then I turned the dryer on high and ran it for 20 minutes with a white cloth inside. When I opened the dryer I found only two small areas to clean.
Then I took the WD 40 and sprayed all the clothing that were red streaked. I re-washed the clothing on the hottest cycle. That took out most of the red crayon. There were small red areas on a few things so tonight I got Spray and Wash and it is all out. Can you believe it? I'm so glad my mother did not shoot me....I would not have been able to enjoy a clean dryer. Oh the joy I would be missing. ROFL
I was so over tired yesterday. I finally got into bed and went sound asleep. Then in the middle of the night I heard this faint crying. I checked the boys, they were fine. I checked all the TV sets and the radios. They were all turned off. Then I figured it must be a toy in the basement so I went down there. Nope. Hmmmmm.....when I came back upstairs I passed my purse on the kitchen counter. That is where the sound was coming from. I opened it up and in my wallet I found my credit had been so badly abused during the past week it was whimpering and crying. Guess a wedding will do that!!!
Got Ya!!!
Smirky Smiles,
Devilish Kelly

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Retro Aprons by Cindy Taylor Oates

This is the best photo I have right now of Megan in her apron. She really liked it. I heard several people say they wanted one too.

This is the pattern I used to make her apron. Isn't it sooooo cute? I had to change threads and feet a few times but it was well worth it. Cindy Taylor Oates has other very cute designs on her blog. You'll have to check them out. I used batik fabric. Because there is no right and wrong side to the fabric it made the pattern a zip for me to follow. I don't sew from clothing patterns very much so I have to depend on my Mother or friends to help me when I get stuck.

Today I hit the ground running...literally. VBS started this morning for the boys. It was 8:30 when my eyes popped open. I had slept through my alarm. Guess I was pretty tired ay? So off we go to VBS and we arrive on time. Score a point for the Jacksons :)
Then I rush back home to unload suitcases and sort the laundry. I put a load in and quickly answered some e-mails. I unloaded the dishwasher and swept the kitchen floor. Called to re-schedule a Dr. apt (the only time they had available was 1:00 today).
The doctor was one hour behind. Two hungry boys were very difficult to keep quiet and peaceful for an hour. So my nerves were pretty much shot by 2:00 when we got out of there. Then over to McDonald to get them something to had been torn the past week. Now please....this building was just fine. Who has the money to just tear down a perfectly good building just to update the place? (don't answer that....we to keep up with BK I guess). So I hit the Wendy's all the while the boys are very upset that their McDonald had been torn down. Lovely!!!
I get their lunches and open them and give them their lovely "fast food/unhealthy" lunch. Then I drive over to the recycle center to make perfect use of my time while they eat. I get my box tops off the cardboard cartons and my extra coupons from the newspaper bin. That takes all of 12 minutes.
I head for the freeway to come home when I remember the Eye Glass shop had phoned while we were away and my glasses are ready. We quickly get my glasses and arrive home at 4:00. The boys were whipped out and I was whipped out squared. I guess that would be WO2.....or something like that!! Could have been cubed I was so zombified.
I got the boys down for a nap and returned to the laundry. What do I find?
Oh NO!!! .....please, please, please don't let this be happening to me.

This is a picture of Rick's shorts. I bought these for his birthday. Know what that is in his pocket? might have been a relief.....then I would have made him clean it up or his girlfriend. LOL ... This is a red crayon that Rick put in his pocket while out for breakfast with the boys on Sunday morning. Yes it went through the dryer and yes the load was full. The beautiful shirts we got the boys for the wedding, new socks, shirts, pajamas, pants, underwear, oh yes....all with red crayon. The dryer was covered. While my head was inside the dryer so I could see every area I needed to clean, I was thinking to myself.....don't sweat the small stuff.....this is just another adventure.....look at the bright could have been worse.....then I called my Mother and begged her to shoot me. No I cleaned it up and I'm still washing the clothes to see if the rest comes out.
Crooked Smiles,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding Photos

We are home safe and sound. Before I hit the hay I just had to post a few pictures to share. I have not gone through all of the pictures yet. After all this nutcase had two cameras and a video camera (and it takes pix too!!!). Rest assured I was not going to miss a picture if I could help it :)

Let me introduce Cody and Megan Ricks
On their way to the reception

Krista my oldest step-daughter

Maddy my youngest step-daughter

I can brag about their beauty and intelligence because I didn't give birth to them. Everyone thinks....well, every Mom thinks their children are beautiful. But I'm not birth mom so I can say Rick and Susan sure did have three amazing girls and I'm so lucky that they share them with me.....I'm very blessed indeed :)
Good Morning to some and Good Night to others :)

Dear Jane quilt completed in two weeks?

Yes....I'm kidding. No one could complete a Dear Jane quilt in a few weeks. Or could they? Can you believe this "convenience cloth" Dear Jane??? A woman from the Black Swamp Quilters brought this in to show the rest of us gals. Now.....I think that there Dear Jane quilt my kind of Dear Jane!!! Just sandwich and stitch around the pieces....from a distance no one will know the difference.

I can just hear the booing and hissing from all my Dear Jane enthusiasts friends. Its like thinking you've been to Paris if you've watched a movie filmed in Paris....ain't no comparison!!! But that may be the only way I ever get a Dear Jane quilt.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Purses by Kathleen Plumley

Look at these beautiful purses (and the young lady too of course). When I was at Needles in Wellsboro I found these great purses made by Kathleen Plumley. The quality of her work is really terrific. Her prices are really reasonable especially for the quality. I bought the pastel one for the girl next door (she watered our garden and flowers while we were gone) and the black one is for myself :)
I called Kathleen to tell her how much I liked her work. I asked if I could post pictures and share her information. She said that would be fine. So here goes: Purses by Kathleen Plumley, e-mail KPlumley@PTD.Net and she accepts custom orders too!!!
Next time you are in Wellsboro you need to stop at Needles and check out Kathleen's purses. You won't be able to help but notice all the lovely fabrics there too!!! That is where I got my fabric for my daughter's apron. Just tell Katie and Mary that Kelly sent ya and give them both a big hug from me :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Black Swamp Quilt Guild Meets Again

I am now a member of the Black Swamp Quilt Guild in BG, OH. I really like the enthusiasm of this group. I invited my neighbor and fellow quilter, Rosemary, to go with me. She knew several people and also really enjoyed the great company.
One of the members brought several boxes of fabric and notions to give away. The tables were full and overflowing. They were from a woman who had passed away. Everyone knows I don't need one more thing.....even if it is alter personality took over and picked up a few things. I have no idea what I'm going to do with these but I just liked them.
This brings me to another thought. When am I going to have a little more time to play with my lovely things? The boys will be in school in Sept. I hope I get a few hours here and there to get back to making some fun things. I really liked making the apron. Thankfully my Mom was here to guide me when I got lost.
Another thought.....what in the world am I going to do with all the things I want to make? I have a list so long I could give everyone in our town a gift. Guess I better get focused ay?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winner Alert.....

I have won my first blog giveaway!!! One of my friends e-mailed me to say I had won. I checked it out....and I sure am the winner. I'm speechless.....especially after what I pre-posted to my blog. Everyone will be rolling their eyes after my blog posts while I'm out of town. Thank you to Marguerite for the nice e-mail :)

It was the drawing with the wonderful opportunity. I won a jelly roll and a pattern at Green Fairy Quilts blogspot.
Candy'll know what I mean in a few posts.

I was drawn to the opportunity because 100% of the monies collected goes to feed people in Romania. If you've ever seen any television programs on the homeless children you will know why I donated to this cause. I once saw one of these on televison and I had to stop watching TV for months. I cried so hard I threw up. I can't stand the suffering of children. So if you are so moved to donate (she said even 1.00 will help quite a bit) you know your money did not go to postage to send fliers requesting money or to someone's airfare etc.

Just an FYI....I have no affiliation to Green Fairy Quilts and I've never met the owner. I was just moved and a trusted friend said the charity was legitimate. Typically I don't tell people who I donate money to but I thought this was a grass roots way of getting something meaningfull done.



3.00 Shirts Revealed and Apron & Dishcloths

Shirts number 2, 5 & 6 were all 3.00 from the Goodwill on Reynolds Rd!!! Can you believe it? I love them. I also got a Evan Picone (sp?) outfit for 4.00. I could have worn that to the wedding but Rick did not like that the top matched the Capri pants. It is beautiful however :)

OK, on to the wedding shower. I was asked to bring an apron and tea towels for a gift basket (and our gifts of course). So I made this apron and then I put binding around two tea towels so they would match the apron. I really like the apron (pix is a little blurry...and I'm not saying who that 6 foot 5 model was) but it really took much longer than I expected. I really like the quality of the tea towels. I'm going to add them to my website when I get back. What I would do differently next time is make the binding wider. An applique would have been very pretty too.....but time has run out...for today anyway.

So, what do you think? Let me know. I may not be able to moderate comments for a few days....but I'm interested in hearing what everyone thinks.

Lurking in the mist

For everyone who is lurking in the mist....please add yourself as a follower on my blog. It is painless and free. Just click on the follow button. Go is calorie free too :) But you know what? No chocolate bars fly out of your printer when you do this.... :( that sure would be cool ay? I would want Twix bars flying out of my printer and lots of them.

Devilish Smiles,


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Knows?

By now you all know how thrifty I am. I get a thrill out of saving money. Something great for nothing is my idea of a great day shopping. I have lots of those stories....for later.

How many of you can tell the 35.00 shirts or more from the 3.00 shirts? I bought all of these shirts on the same day. Can you tell which cost $3.00 and which were 35.00 or more? Come on now....just take a guess.

Number 1
Number 2

Number 3

Number 4
Number 5

Number 6

Tomorrow I'm hoping to post the apron and tea towels...and pot holders if I'm assured none of the girls are reading my blog.....secrets are fun :)


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