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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Winner of Grip & Stitch Free Motion Quilting Disks IS.....

a Rafflecopter giveaway


A very big THANK YOU to Ellen Holder at Clever Craft Tools for providing the Grip & Stitch for this review and giveaway....I'd say this was a huge Win/Win :)

I wish I had an entire case of the Grip & Stitch to send a set to everyone who came by and left a comment...I just know I'm not the only one who could be surprised by how helpful these disks are for Free Motion Quilting.  I don't have a case but I can offer you a $5.00 discount code if you purchase the Grip & Stitch Free Motion Quilting Disks at IHAN®.  The code will only be good for one week.  What's the code? SMILES 

Stay tuned for more photos of my California trip and more giveaways....ooooohhhh can you say Hoffman Fabrics Give Away?  Several of them?  Time to do the Partah' Dance...giggles.

Happy Smiles,

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Better Hurry...Last Chance to Win Grip & Stitch Free Motion Quilting Disks

The Giveaway is HERE....last chance notice :)

Link was fixed...THANK YOU to everyone who e-mailed to let me know it didn't work the first time!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

11 Teachers Plus! Empty Spools Session III Seminar at Alisomar (Photo Intensive)

WARNING: Photo were warned :)

Late Addition: I've been reminded again to let everyone know that all of the patterns from these teachers and the students are copy written, you may NOT copy any of them without direct written consent from them.   I so appreciate them allowing me to blog about their work, please respect their wishes and their work.

I hope you are not tired of hearing about my recent trip to Alisomar for Session III of the Empty Spools Seminars.   This was my first time there and I was very impressed for so many reasons.  The very lovely gals who put the seminar's on, Gayle Wells and Suzanne Cox, were wonderful hosts.  The grounds are absolutely beautiful and the meals were great....what's not to LOVE?  Oh yea, did I mention 11 Teachers and an Artist/Collector in Residence as well?  In our case there were 10 teachers but the hosts were so lovely to leave Libby Lehman name on the program.  Many prayers and well wishes were sent to her that week. 

One afternoon all the students were given time to walk the grounds and visit the other teachers rooms and naturally I had 2 cameras in tow.  I'm mixing some of the photos from their presentations and the class room big deal....just wanted you to know.  There are photos of work done by the students as well.  I could take a class or several from every single teacher there....I'm not kidding it was so inspiring on so many levels.  I'll list them in no particular order and include links to their websites so you can visit and learn too :)

Keep in mind the lighting was not always playing along with my plans so just enjoy and pretend the lighting was perfect.

Cindy Needham: 

This was my first time meeting Cindy in person and I must say she is a warm and wonderful woman.  She is a master at Free Motion Quilting and a very generous teacher as well.  I was blown away by all she provided to her students.  They had wonderful greeting gifts as well as an entire binder with instructions and samples that can be updated regularly.  I won't miss an opportunity to take a class with her!!!

Here are photos I took of her work:
 Cindy's Class Photo...posted with permission :)
With such amazing beauty I could not help but take so many photos!

Anelie Belden

When I saw this book I said....OH I have THAT BOOK....silly me....I never met the author until Alisomar so how would I have known?

What beautiful projects and Anelie was an excellent speaker as well.  We all had several great laughs.

Patt Blair

By now you all know Patt was my teacher....and what an excellent teacher she was!!! I would highly recommend her for teaching and/or speaking at your won't be disappointed.

 My not so good attempt at a Selfie Ellen DeGeneres style...I'm thinking she staged that pix because ours didn't come out that well.

Becky Goldsmith

I have to say I want to radiate like Becky does....she is one beautiful woman and she just shines!  I wonder what she does to radiate like she does?  Anyone know?

When Becky spoke to the group one evening, she shared her trick for putting two fabrics that really don't go together well.
I can't imagine putting these two in the same quilt....but Becky does....
Once she selected a fabric that shares both values...she puts it between them and voila!
 I own several Piece O' Cake books and really enjoy Becky and Linda's style with applique'.  I know I can buy more books....but how do I get that radiance???  Someone please do tell.

 Patty Hawkins

 I had the good fortune to enjoy a few meals with Patty.  She is a lovely woman with many talents!  Patty has won many awards and you can see oh so much more of here work HERE.

I have done my very best to keep the photos in order and if I have confused some, please forgive me.  Also worth mentioning....these teachers and artists have won many awards and I don't have time to research them please forgive me if I neglected to point out all the award winning quilts...I just loved them all awards or not!!!

Meri Henriques Vahl

Layered fabric colage was the class Meri taught at Alisomar.  Not only are her quilts absolutely stunning (award winners) but so were the works of her students.
 Very cool way to add dimension to her collage don't you think?

 What did I tell ya?  I can't help it...can you imagine me leaving out even one of these photos?  I can't...they are all amazing pieces.  So take a break and go to the powder room or your sports locker and come on back.  Yes Gene...that one was for you...LOL.

Rita Hutchens

I regret not taking more photos of Rita.  She wore some of the most fun clothes during the retreat and I didn't want her to think I was a strange stalker taking photos of her everyday.  People just have to know I'm just their personal paparazzi ...not a stalker right? 

Many of Rita's quilts were shown as a slide show so I don't have too many photos...but you can certainly see more on her website.

Rita is the Tubular Strip Piecing gal and I might add a genius to have come up with the methods she uses.  I don't think I've ever met another person who can put together two strips of fabric and come up with as many options as she does by cutting them apart and re-sewing them back together. Don't believe me?  Watch some of her You Tube videos HERE.

This was written on a chalkboard in Rita's class....I'm just taking a wild guess here...but I think those are words someone would use to describe her.  I'd certainly jump at the opportunity to take a class with her, I know it would be great!

 Sandra Leichner

Sandra teaches needle turn applique with embroidery and her pieces are just beautiful.  Take a look....

Unfortunately these photos just don't do her amazing work justice.  You can see much better photographs on her website.  I missed taking photos of the work that is in her book, Hand Applique with Embroidery.  Check out Sandra's blog as'll be glad you did.

 Mary Lou Weidman

I can't believe this was the only photo of Mary Lou I took.....but at least it is a good one ay?  Mary Lou is the story book lady...she tells stories with her quilts.  When I got so nervous about taking Patt's class Mary Lou's was the class I was going to change to because I thought it would be a blast to make a story quilt.

Here are some photos of her students work:
 I just loved Mary Lou's Cows....they crack me up.  You can see so much more on her blog.  Please, please, please don't miss her'll be so happy you hopped over.  I wish I had taken more photos....go figure.

 Last but certainly not least....the amazingly talented....

 Norah McMeeking

 Nora was another gal who used a slide show for many of her quilts so I don't have too many photographs.

Mosaic tiles seen on Nora's travels have been the inspiration for her amazing book, Bella Bella Sampler Quilts.   Her quilts are exquisite and I'm certain we can all learn quite a bit about paper piecing from her.    If you check out her Gallery you'll see perfectly photographed pictures of her gorgeous quilts.  Here you'll see some of her students work....

"Bella Bella Sampler Quilts" just so happens to be available at IHAN® as well as at Nora's website :)

I'm hoping I didn't get any of the photos mixed up, but if I did....this is your apology...I'm so very sorry!  Let me know and I'll fix it right away.  Many of the teachers are big award winners and I just didn't have the time to go and look all of that information up...but trust me....they certainly deserve all the awards they can get because each one of them are incredible in my book.

Like I said...I had a ball and I hope you have one looking at all these are your eyes?



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