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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday in Houston for Quilt Market 2011

I sware I'm getting old or something.  I used to be able to stay up and post to my blog at night....but now I need my rest.  It was a busy day and I just wanted to share a few fun photos without any stories...just some teasers.

Michael Miller Fabrics Booth

Pillow & Maxfield new collection, Ohh La La for Michael Miller Fabrics.
I love the simplicity of their booth, my eyes go directly to their fabrics and my attention was not taken away by props etc. 
Patricia Bravo, Art Gallery Fabrics standing next to a very sensual over dress/coat....I'm not sure what it is called but it stopped me dead in my tracks.
I know many of you ladies think Brint (Famore Scissors) is this pix is for you.....does this sound like sexual harrassment?  If so, I'll be judged by a jury of my peers and what quilter who would want to convict me? 

Paula Nadlestern's new fabric line...and wait till I show you what she is doing now....all I can say is, "Great Balls of Beauty"...(sung with the passion of Jerry Lee Lewis)  I'll give you more details later!

Brandon Mabley, Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy's booth.  I know it looks like a whole lot of color....but you know I would absolutely love to have a room with that chair and quilt along with the fabric on the walls....I'd be in heaven.
Bet you can't guess who's new fabric line this is?  Go ahead...guess....nope, nope and nope.
This is David Butler's first line of fabrics...they are sophisticated for sure.
What?  You say you know know who David Butler is?  I've blogged about David before...he is Amy Butler's husband and an amazing photographer, graphic designer and a member of the Black Owls, a rock band.

Amy Butler's booth and new line, Lark.

Aurifil's booth...a garden picnic.  Definitely one picnic I waant to be invited to.  I'd be asking for at least two extra servings!!! :)

I know this is only a small sampling of Market....but I have two more days to go and I'm not wonder woman....but I will do my best to get more pix up tomorrow night.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Houston, We Have Touchdown

This is proof I have arrived in Houston for Quilt Market (the beautiful carpet that is in the sky walk between the Hilton and the Brown Conference Center).  The flight was bumpy coming in, but our landing was smooth as silk.  I did go to School House today and got lots of fantastic pictures.  I'm just so sorry to report how tired I am so you're just gonna have to wait for me to sleep before I can share all those pix with you.
I hope all is well where you are tonight/today and now I am off to bed.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Increase Your E-Notion IQ - Tutto Machine on Wheels Product Review

You already know I'm on a plane today so how did this post get here?  I asked Jean from Jean Creates to review something for me and she agreed.  I'm so glad!!!  Take it away Jean :)

Hi, I'm Jean of Jean Creates. Kelly's traveling to the quilt market in Houston and she asked me to do a review for her. We thought it would be a natural for me to review my most recent purchase from I Have a Notion --  the Tutto Machine on Wheels case.
Let me start off by saying I'm just doing this review to cover for a friend who's traveling and I really like this case. I'm not getting any payment or special discounts for this or any product. I'll let you know when I do a paid review. Now that we got that out of the way...

I travel a lot with my machine, "Heywould Janome", and he is one heavy guy. Not being a weight lifter, I wanted a way to transport Heywould (my machine) and his entourage (my tools) when I go on a road trip. Believe me when I say lugging a 30+ pound machine around is not fun. Rolling was the best option for me.  That's why I chose a Tutto Machine on Wheels XL case.

Tutto Machine on Wheels are heavy duty, yet light weight. The foundation of their design is their patented luggage frame -- a sturdy four-wheeled collapsible base for stability. And those four wheels keep it from wobbling while you're wheeling it about. The weight of the machine is evenly distributed with the four wheeled construction, lessening strain on my arms.

Tutto's Machine on Wheels cases are made to protect your machine for vehicle travel. The sturdy frame ensures your beloved machine is protected for vehicle travel*. As you can see, My Tutto Machine on Wheels XL case has cushioning and a seat belt for Heywould. This way he won't jostle about. And a seat belt for your machine is just as important as it is for you!

I love how I can access my machine two ways with my Tutto Machine on Wheels XL case -- I can lift it up out of the case, or pull it out from the front of the case.
This Tutto case is chock full of handy pockets/storage. I love how I can virtually pack everything I need for a class or retreat. See? Go ahead and click on the photos to see all the storage possibilities!
The side pockets are roomy enough to hold your foot pedal, extension cords, machine cords, knee lift, plus a few cones of thread plus a bottle of wine and four large bags of chocolate... Hahahaah! Seriously, those side pockets are HUGE! The front and back pockets will fit all the sewing tools you can imagine. I just put a few items here for suggestion. The back pocket is what I use for my oversize acrylic quilting bed (if I let it hang out as shown) and my class-size cutting mat. That pocket will also fit some of my fabric as well.

The handle is foldable and removable so it will fit in your trunk easily. And it assembles right on in a snap. Just stick one end in the slot, pull the other side back so it will clear, and insert the tab into the slot. That easy! It was sprinkling outside when I did my field testing. Try carrying your machine around in that kind of weather.

When my machine is out for home use, my Tutto Machine on Wheels XL case collapses and folds up for easy storage. I love how it doesn't take up a lot of space. I know this is an un-sexy shot, but you get the idea.

With all these features I didn't even think twice about purchasing a Tutto Machine on Wheels case. It's all I need wrapped up in a sturdy, durable case! And my baby Heywould deserves the very best
 * Small Print: When flying, I do not recommend checking your machine as baggage using this case. it was created specifically for vehicle transport. FYI, this size case does not satisfy airline carry-on requirements. 

THANK YOU Jean...I really appreciate your help and being the first guest blogger for IHAN.

Stay tuned for some Market pictures.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun, Prizes and Gift w/ Purchase of Aurifil

It is time to head to Quilt Market in Houston again.   But, before I go I thought I'd have a wonderful book giveaway compliments of Martingale/That Patchwork Place :)
One lucky IHAN blog follower will have the opportunity to win not one...but all of these books!!!

Creative Mixed Media  by Sherrill Kahn is a fabulous book if you are interested in learning more and improving your skills with painting, printing, Stitching, Stamping and Embellishing fabrics....and really any medium...after all it is Creative Mixed Media :)

Double Take, Quilts With That Hopscotch Twist by Heather Willms and Elissa Willms is another fun book with 16 different projects. Each project is rated Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced...very helpful if you are new to quilting to start with a pattern you know you will be successful with.

AND Make Your Bed by Leslee Evans. What I love about this book is it takes the pressure off of me to re-decorate a bedroom. No need to make full size quilts for your can make some beautiful quilted bed runners, pillows and pillow shams and have a whole new look in your bedroom.
(personal note: it takes a long time to make a quilt as a wedding gift...especially when some folks don't stay married for more than a few how about a beautiful bed runner, pillows and shams much easier. Then on their 5th anniversary you can give them a larger bed quilt. Good idea ay?....of course I would think that since it was
For your chance to win all three books, you need to leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what you would like me to research while at Quilt Market.  The winner will be drawn on Nov. 4th, 2011.

While I'm away shopping for notions in Houston, IHAN is running a special on Aurifil Threads....Yes Sir-eeee Bob! A U R I F I L....I wonder how much I can get away with this year?

With the purchase of any Aurifil Thread Collection...

(any and all collections...not just these shown)

You will receive a gift with purchase of one Posh Posies Snap Sack ...while supplies last of course.  When these are gone....I'll substitute something equally as fun and useful :)

Gift value: 15.00

Now for the IHAN fun of recent.  As Rosanna Rosanna Danna said, "It's always somethin'" and around IS always something!  I arrived home from visiting Mrs. Waldo and this is what I saw:

All three boys had taken the vacuum extenders and any cardboard tube they could find and they had made themselves a "shooter."  I could not help but laugh.  Zach was blowing a ball out of his and Mr. McSteamy was the guided missile launcher and a rubber ball was blown through the tube and little "Go Go's" were smashed to smithereens.  Aaron was thrilled with the little window he had made in his "shooter."  He was able to see his little cars and skateboards being launched....way too much fun.

Yesterday the "little shooter" was home from school sick. blog post....he spent some time on an IPAD and this is what he created:

(click to enlarge...lets hope it works)

Apparently is an app for the IPAD that allows you to make cookies virtually and you can put a photo (taken with the IPAD) on your cookie, decorate it with sprinkles and all sorts of things.  How you do all of this?  Don't ask me...I have no clue...ya gotta ask a 7 year old!  I thought these were so cute...just another day with the IHAN clan.

I will be checking this post for comments and I'll be posting what I stay tuned :)

Huston...I'm ready for blast off....zooooommmmmm

PS...I will not be replying to comments while I am away.  If you need to reach me, please send an e-mail to

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Busy Weekend Indeed

I know I've been quiet lately but I've had a lot on my plate.  I"m preparing to leave for Quilt Market in Houston this Thursday and my oldest co-worker had his 9th birthday party with his friends on Saturday.  Talk about an event!!!  I wore ear plugs...11 children in my home was more than my ears could handle.

 This is the table in my entry you like the bloody finger and the mouse....grown-ups and children and the variety of decorations...they make me laugh.
 The window in my would you like to wake up to that face in the morning? 
 Of course there have to be 2 very ugly rats on my porch too....all to greet the party guests...yikes!
All the children were asked to wear their costumes.  All I have to say is there were a lot of swords and guns....boys are something else!!
 My youngest co-worker initially refused to get his costume on for the party and just wore the mask....until the first guest arrived then he needed Daddy to help him get his costume on..
 I couldn't find a skeleton cake as Aaron requested so I used what I had here in the decorations box and it turned out pretty good if I don't say so myself :)
Mr. Polite reading every single birthday card he got then hugging his friends to say thank you.  I was very proud of him.

A Molly and Jake Update

Many people send e-mails asking me to post more photos of Molly and Jake.  The photo above is Molly (light colored) and Jake (darker in the back). 
 A few months later....they have grown and are very playful.   We had a trainer come out to the house and he pointed out that Molly was being very aggressive with Jake.  I had seen that before but I thought it would stop.  He told us it isn't good to raise litter mates together.  A few days passed and Molly bit Jake and wold not let go when I went over to her. 

I had to come up with a Win/Win plan.  When we first got Molly and Jake and we were walking in the neighborhood a woman came out of her house to pet them.  She started crying and telling us her Golden had passed away and she missed her dog so much.  A few days later I left a note on their door asking them to call me.  We arranged for Molly to live with the neighbors so the dogs could still play together and visit but would not live in the same house. 
This is Jake this past summer in PA.  He has cake frosting on his lips.  We all love Jake very much but I have to say it is very difficult juggle the boys, house, IHAN and a dog.  The boys seem to think Jake is a person and understands them....and of course he is not.  Jake thinks the boys are dogs and he bites at them and chases them around.  I often feel like I'm living in a 3 ring circus. 

So now you are up to date with my very full life.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Increase Your E-Notion IQ - Velocity 50 by Reliable product review

Mr. McSteamy got the video camera to talk to the computer which in turned spoke to the software who allowed the upload to the Internet......Hurray!!!!

On to the grand finale:  This is a co-hosted post today.  A great friend and customer, Jean from Jean Creates Blog,  purchased the Reliable V50 Compact Vapor Generator after visiting at my house and using my iron.  I wasn't surprised one little bit when she said, "I gotta have one of those."  

I purposefully didn't include my voice because I was going to use some new technology to do a voice over...then I remembered the reason I did the video is so you would hear the steam shooting out of this baby.
I'll narrate here:
Here is the Reliable V50 from Reliable.  It comes with the clear water container you see on the right.  It sure makes filling the iron much easier.   The best water to use in the V50 is Distilled Water.  Here is a list of other choices after Distilled Water:   Softened Water, Filtered water with a low mineral content, Tap Water (if your water is hard it is not recommended at all).  I keep bottle of distilled water in my sewing area for quick refills.
There are 4 heat settings and you see me pushing the heat regulator button on the front of the iron.  Once the iron has heated to the temp you have selected (1-4 being Max) then you add the water from the jug. 
To turn the steam on there are white pads on either side of the iron (so it is great for right and left handed folks) and the steam will begin generating.  When I touch the pad turns off the steam. 
The rest of the video is me ironing a baby quilt for my niece Lola.  I wanted you to see how well it gets wrinkles out.  You'll be able to hear the steam generating so you know it's really true....this baby puts out loads of wonderful steam.
Oh yeah does everything it says it will do!  I personally guarantee it.

All of the irons we previously owned have leaked or broken in 3 or 4 months.  Yes, even the expensive ones...I won't mention their name...I'll just tell you their name ends in an A.  You know I was fit to be tied because that company and the stores where I purchased them from would not do a thing for me. 
Then I went to a Checker Distributor Open House in 2009 and met Art from the Reliable Company

Art seemed to understand that I was looking for quality and I was going to go over everything he brought to Quilt Market with a fine tooth comb.  I'm  not one who wants any trouble with a product and if by chance there is an issue....I want to know the company will reply promptly and correct the issue fast.  Art didn't shy away from my direct manner....he openly showed me everything about Reliable Irons and Ironing Boards. 
Oh, something else before I go....a quick note about the V50 auto shut off feature.  It shuts off after 8 minutes but if you want to over-ride that feature, you keep a finger on one of the two steam activation buttons (right or left side) for 8 seconds and it won't shut off...very helpful tip ay?
I have also reviewed the Reliable V100 and if you have not read that can see it here.
I've type/talked long enough...head over and read Jean's post at Jean Creates Blog about her Reliable V50....while you are there...tell her I said howdy :)

Hot Steamy Smiles...LOL,
PS...did you know that it was Rick's review of this iron that got him the name, Mr. McSteamy? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yes, it is Wednesday and time again to increase your E-Notion IQ. The problem is Mr. McSteamy can't get the HD Video Camera to load to our computer.  This is a huge problem because I'm so excited to co-host a blog post with Jean Creates Blog about the Reliable V100 and V50. 

Mr. McSteamy promises he will be able to convince the camera to talk to the computer which in turn will speak to You Tube.  Lets focus on solutions to frustrations and look ahead to tomorrow :) (I'm telling myself that due to the frustrations of owning technology that requires an expert to use)

Ohhhh the mean while I have something to share with you.....

You may recall this post about the first time I saw Dem Bones and I thought Rosemary and I might trample healthy people to get our hands on Dem Bones.

You will all be relieved to know that NO PERSON was harmed in the process of our acquiring Dem Bones!!!!  No animals either...LOL

Apparently the fun folks at Andover Fabrics must be very forgiving because they never shot me with a cannon filled with Dem Bones Fat Quarter Bundles.  DARN IT ANYHOW!!!
For 10 months Rosemary and I have looked at every  local quilt shop for Dem luck.  Do you wanna know where we found it?  The Fat Quarter Shop....oh yeah baby.  You know we were doing the Happy Dance when our package arrived :)    ....and we're still dancing..every time we look at Dem Bones. 

Is there a fabric collection that just would not leave your mind until you got your hands on it?  Which one?

Dancing Smiles,


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