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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inchie Quilts at the International Quilt Market Houston 2009

The American Quilter's Society hosted Nadine Ruggles to do a Schoolhouse on "Inchie Quilts." I clearly "borrowed" this photo of Nadine because the quality of the photo I took was not great. I sure hope she understands :)

"Inchie Quilts" is Nadine's book published by American Quilter's Society. It is available at IHAN. If you want an Autographed copy....and who wouldn't? You can purchase one on Nadine's Site. I remember being very interested in Nadine's presentation and my photos just don't show the excitement I felt so I'm not using most of what I took. You can click on her link above and see many examples of her wonderful work.

I love miniatures so naturally I was drawn to "Inchie Quilts." These make beautiful embellishments for wall hangings and quilts. Those ATC's seem too big about an "Inchie" exchange? That is more my speed!!!

I loved this one too. Too bad my photos don't show how very cool these really were.

Look at this Mosaic. I love it. Since I have lots of fibers and beads I think this would be a wonderful project to incorporate all my embellishments.

See what I mean? The photo above truly shows how I experienced Nadine at Schoolhouse....not like this photo shows.

While I was listening to Nadine speak I got some interesting ideas for other uses for Inchies. How about fundraisers for Pre-schools and other Schools? Each child could make an Inchie and they could be linked with little rings to make an entire picture and auctioned off at a school fundraiser. Each class could do one. Guild members could all contribute one and they could be hung at their meeting place. Every family member could make one and it could be assembled into a family quilt. Good friends could each do one or several and a friendship wall hanging could be made. I could go on and on and on. Just know I was thrilled to be introduced to "Inchie Quilts."

I really wanted this post to have better quality photos to show how neat this technique really is. It falls short of that but I can't run the clock back and take better photos. So hop on over to Nadine's website and look around. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the photography there!!!
Small Miniature Inch Like Smiles,


Rick rolled a die and the number 4 came up. I like having nothing to do with picking winners. I think I'll let him handle these from now on. Its not personal to him because he doesn't know all of you like I do.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Most Enthusiastic Person Award for International Quilt Market Houston 2009

It was the last day of Market and most folks were showing their exhaustion. I saw many people sitting in their booths looking like they were going to fall asleep. I was thinking to matter how tired I was....if I were a vendor here....I'd stand up and paste a huge welcoming smile on my face and tough it out. That is exactly what I found when I walked past Tracy Mullett's booth, Eye Of The Needle Designs.

Tracy met me in the isle as I was walking by and greeted me with a huge smile. She said, "Here take one of my patterns." She was as cheerful and excited as I had seen anyone since opening of Market. Tracy told me this was her first Quilt Market and she was having a ball. She loved it and even though she was tired....she was not going to allow that to stop her enthusiasm and pleasure.
For your attitude and gusto Tracy.... you get the IHAN "Most Enthusiastic Person Award" from Quilt Market 2009.
I'm not sure what that will get you dinner discounts or Disney Trips....but for everyone who knows me.....and read this blog.....they know you must be one spanky girl!!!

To honor Tracy's Enthusiasm I want to offer her beautiful pattern as a giveaway . For anyone who reads this post and leaves a comment saying why you would like to win this beautiful pattern....I'll do a random drawing and someone will be the proud new owner of "Autumn Prairie." I will draw on 10/31/09 at Noon CMT.



Scissor Man in Houston at the International Quilt Market 2009

Quilt Market would not be Quilt Market without "The Scissor Man" I will never forget the first time I met Brint. I told him I wanted that apron and he had better sleep with one eye open. He laughed. Poor Brint....he had no idea!!! LOL
I am a Scissor Lover so this is Scissor PORN to me. I told Brint and his wife, Michaelann, that I didn't realize Pornography was allowed at Quilt Market. Michaelann got a good laugh out of my comment.

This is me being friendly. Honestly in the back of my mind I was plotting to overtake the booth and run with all the sharp instruments. (You know when you see sex offenders arrested on TV and they go into their homes and haul off all their personal videos? We all are disgusted. Well.....that would be me but they would be hauling off scissors!!!)

I had enough of Mrs. Nice and I went for the apron. Brint leaned back and got serious....but he did not realize I weigh more than he does!!! I should have Chinese Leg Wrestled him for that apron. I've never lost a match in my life (something you never knew about me ay?).

All right already....YES that was staged. Brint and I had a hard time not laughing while the photo was taken. I have no idea how movie stars keep a straight face. I'd be thrown off the set for laughing I just know it.
I had no idea that Famore Cutlery provides scissors for Checker Distributors, Marie Osmond, Brother, and Simplicity (I don't know about any other folks they make scissors for...there may be more). So when I fell in love with the 4" Jackpot scissors from Simplicity....those are Famore stamped with Simplicity's name. They also sell under their own name, Famore.
Brint and Michaelann acquired Specialty Product Sales about 11 years ago and created Famore Cutlery. Quality, service and pricing is what makes their products great. Brint recommends cleaning your scissors with a dry soft cotton cloth (anybody have any of that stuff laying around?). Use your sewing machine oil to oil your scissors. Oil the joint and put some on the blade and then open and close them several times. Clean off the oil from both blades. Brint also suggests having your scissors professionally adjusted and honed twice a year or as needed. (Last paragraph summarized from eInsider published September/October 2009)
So there you have it....I've turned myself in on my fetish with scissors. I now have them for tweezers too. Check out the scissors and tweezers at IHAN.
Lusty Smiles,

Give Away Alert

Do you too want to fall in love with your Mail Carrier? This just might be the beginning of something beautiful!!!

Hop on over to Everyday Beautiful and put your name in the virtual hat :)

PS....I have my two little fellas that just got up early. Zach says...."Mommy I like that" pointing at the rocket fabric. Aaron says, "Mommy did you make those or did somebody else make them?" You gotta love kids :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Simplicity Bias Taper Maker Machine NEW Tips NOW Available

(click on the picture to order)
This is what we have been waiting for and I'm sooooo glad they are here....the Quilt Binding Tips (2 1/4" and 2 1/2") are NOW available as well as the 1 1/4 inch Single Fold Bias Tape Maker Tip.

If history repeats itself, these will go on back order quickly so Order NOW...and I'm not just saying that....they really will go into back order and might not be available until after the New Year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brewer Sewing Tantalizes With Silk at the International Quilt Market in Houston

I chose the word "Tantalize" because all of these beauties were just a little out of my reach....due to seating. If I were closer I would have reached out and grabbed them all. Look at how beautiful these Silks are. Honestly I would have never thought of quilting with Silk. Once my Sister got one look at the Silk...she insisted I make her the "In and Out" quilt. Personally I'm completely in love with the fall colors below.

Tira Schulteis is is a buyer for Brewer Sewing. She gave the Schoolhouse for Silk at Market in Houston. I wish I had taken her photo (I found here and then scroll down until you see Tira's name....and you see some fun stuff from Market too). I don't know if you can see in this picture what I see when she gives a class....I see a warm welcoming person that draws me into the experience with her. It is always fun. I was lucky enough to go to her Shoolhouse in Pittsburgh too.

Feel free to copy and past this photo and use it as wallpaper on your computer. I'm thinking there is a great likelihood it will ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The photo is free. Otherwise you will end up with a co-pay and a rx for Prozac. I'm thinking ths might be a great way to go!

I thought these outfits would be lovely for a special occasion. Classy Girl Duds are very cool. If anyone from Brewer is reading this....feel free to use the Classy Girl Duds for your!!! LOL

Perhaps this Green one is in my future.....I'm thinking it just might be. I'm certain it will be if I can find out where they store this little baby between markets....evilness lurks within!!

This is what I learned in Tira's Schoolhouse "Simply Sewing with Silk":
  • Silk does not have to be purchased by the bolt. It can be purchased in one and two yard cuts from Brewer. There are 191 colors to choose from.
  • Silk thread can be used for top stitching or embellishing.
  • You can get two small quilts out of 1 collection/box of Silk.
  • You can get 2 purses from 1 collection/box of Silk.
  • The Embroidered Silk Quilt is a full kit which includes over 4 yards of Silk, 6 spools of Isacord thread, 20 yards of grosgrain ribbon and the pattern.
Care of Silk:
  • Clean it the same way you plan on using it. Dry clean it if you want it to remain crisp. Machine wash if you want the finish removed.
  • Use pinking sheers or serge the edges so it does not fray.
How is that for a fun tour of a GREAT Schoolhouse Class? I certainly enjoyed myself and I'm so glad my seat was not up front because I'm not so sure drool is good for Silk? Anyone know for sure?


Hot Scott Patterns by Lucy Morey were at Fall International Quilt Market Houston

You know I was in love with these patterns....because they are for BOYS!!! can even buy the First Choice Boxer Pattern for Kids and then make that wonderful little boy some great clothes using Hot Scott Patterns.
Meet Lucy Morey Owner/Designer of Hot Scott Patterns. That is actually a picture of her cool is that? I love it when people use "regular" people instead of models for use in advertising. It adds some authenticity for me. But you know me!!!
I can see Aaron wearing this great outfit in a heartbeat.

This one is Zach's speed. Actually they both would fight to wear the "Tony Hawk" clothing. Anything with a skateboard on it is "Tony Hawk" as far as they are matter what!!
I think this one is just so cool.....especially on gym day.

Both of my boys qualify for this one :)

I had to take a close up of these cords. I just love the little stars at the bottom. These pants are all jazzed up now....and that kid is ready to go!!!
I was able to talk with Lucy for just a short time. I could tell she works very hard at her craft and it really shows. These styles are hip without being cutesy if you know what I mean.
You will be able to find Hot Scott Patterns at I Have A Notion very shortly.

Affair with the mailman? Who me?

Please, please, please don't tell anyone. This was a package I received from Barb at Bejewled Quilts by Barb. Barb's niece is opening a fabric/sewing business on line. I offered to collect some brochures for her since she was not going to Market. As a thank you....Barb sent me this beautiful fabric. Soooo nice to get such a lovely gift in the mail. Thanks Barb!!!

Then, Terri from Sew Fantastic sent me this goody package. She said she knew I would love it so she sent it. Terri was right....I love them. (for those of you who are wondering what else I

Look how beautiful these are.....and some had prints on the back too!!

These are the back of some of them. I think I'm levitating.

Many of you know I've been sick since coming home from Houston. It has been a little challenging these last two weeks. So this morning I'm asleep on the soft when I hear a knock at the door. I'm not expecting anyone so I lay still then creep over to the door. I see a package at the door.

Look at these....Olivias Holiday by Tina Givens sent these saying she was sorry she missed me at Schoolhouse. Look at these amazingly beautiful fabrics (they feel heavenly)and note cards. I can't believe it.....she makes it worth my while to continue missing her at any and all events. As a matter of fact....I just might miss all of the Schoolhouses from here on.....and then wait for the packages to arrive...ROFL. Tina......I don't know what to say....Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

A quick update on the adventures of my co-workers:

Look at Zach peaking through some hay....look at the glee in his eyes. That fills a (Boss')Mommy's heart for a very long, long, long time :)

This is Aaron. We went to St. Vincent Hospital on Sunday for a Cub Scout event. Aaron saw this statue reaching out and he went right over and attempted to climb up to give her a hug. Daddy told him not to climb so he reached up and hugged a statue.

Last Tuesday was wear a red tie to school day. The boys made their ties. We used a stiff interfacing and some red fabric. I stitched it to cotton strapping and added Velcro. They cut out these little pictures from fabric scraps and wah lah....ties for school. This is the two of them on their lunch break. They were so proud of their work.
Lets hope I can post again tomorrow. I think Rick got everything fixed back up....I'm crossing my fingers.
Grateful Smiles,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Computer and Photo Problems

I must pause these least until Rick can find out what is up with our camera and computer. I've lost use of our main computer. Now the camera won't upload please stand by.

Here is a little entertainment for you while you are waiting....LOL

Hopefully Rick will be as tallented with our technology :)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Cedar Canyon Paintstik's at Fall International Quilt Market Houston

I bet you thought I forgot about the really juicy details about Market. Nope!! I've was sick all last week and I'm still trying to recover.

Without further delay:

Meet Shelly Stokes owner of Cedar Canyon Textiles.

Shelly offered a class to teach us how to use Paintstiks. I had the book and Laura Murray's DVD but somehow I thought I would feel safer if I had the class. Why? I knew everything I needed to know before going. Some how I tell myself that I need to see it done by a "teacher" before I try something new. (Note to self-HUGE waste of time :)

Shelly is holding up her apron to show us how she used one rubbing plate all over this black fabric to create this beautiful apron. The pattern is "Tamari Apron" by Linda Lee. You know I'll be having one (several) of these!!!

This is the back of the apron. I really like the look of this apron and now I've discovered the Linda Lee line of patterns and I think they are totally up my alley. More on that another time.
These are rubbing plates. Shelly encouraged everyone to think of anything that has texture and using that under your fabric to do a rubbing. The rubbing plates are nice if you want a specific design. She also introduced me to the need for a Grip-n-Grip . You our fabric on the mat and it stays where you put it. Great for stencilling and applique too. The Grip-n-Grip (12.5" x 18") keeps rubbing plates where you put them as well. I also learned about the Grip-n-Press. On one side there is the gripper mat and the other is a pressing surface. I can just put that on the end of my pressing area and not worry I'll be getting fusibles or Paintstik's on my ironing surface. I especially like that I can just roll it up and take it to classes and retreats with me. Very cool new things...and yes I bought them for myself. Everyone knows how frugal I am with my money....they were worth it I promise :)

So I put my rubbing plate on the Grip-n-Grip mat. Then we sprayed the top of the rubbing plate with 404 repositional adhisive spray. This makes it tacky so the fabric does not slip. Then you rub the Paintstiks over the top of the plate and you get beautiful designs.

This is an example of the rubbing plate with some tacky adhisive on top. It can be cleaned off with Dawn dish soap or any adhisive remover. Another good use for WD40!!!

Shelly is demonstrating how to use templates here. She has her white fabric on top of the Grip-n-Grip sheet then she has taped her template over the fabric.

This is Palette Paper. You rub a fair amount of Paintstik onto the Palette Paper and you can then put paint onto your stencil brush. There are blender sticks to all you to change the hue of any color. You can also mix a variety of colors to make a custom color.

You need to brush not dawb your paint onto the stencil. You want to get the paint into the fabric.
This is an example of a wall hanging using the Leaves Rubbing Plates.

This here little beauty is my sample. Those of us who were taking the class did not want to open all of our Paintstiks so we shared. Also knowing that Market was open....I wanted to get out of there fast and head down for my appointments and new adventures, no time for getting creative or cleaning up.
Shelly Stokes is a very down to earth warm person. She is an excellent teacher and really gives her students permission to explore and have fun with Paintstiks. Her website is full of great tips and ideas and even a free project.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Paintstiks is available in Shelly's Learning Center.

Paintstiks can be used on a variety of fabrics including including cotton, rayon, linen, silk and synthetic fibers. The colors are "WYSIWYG" : What You See Is What You Get. They don't dry a different color. You can even stencil on your luggage if you want to!!!

We were able to get the brand new Paintstik colors (Iridescent Jade, Iridescent Sapphire, Iridescent Magenta, Marsh Green, Periwinkle and Fuchsia)
while at Market. Guess who bought every one and a package of 10 stencils? Yes sir-eee I sure did. I'm making the boys some First Choice Boxers and I plan to do some stenciling on them for the holidays.

Want an adventure? There is a Paintstik Starter Pack and a Leaves Paintstik Quilt Kit which are great to get you started because it includes the book, rubbing plates and some Paintstiks too.

Colorful Smiles,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who Said "Underware?"

Oh, I did. I meant to say Boxers. Check out these boxers for boys and men. This pair is for Zach....shhhh don't tell him. My girlfriend made them for Zach and Aaron for Halloween. I just love them. What a great idea for the holidays!!

This is the pattern front and information. Just click here if you want to order the Boys Boxer Pattern. The pattern comes with 30 inches of sports elastic compliments of IHAN.

This is the pattern for pre-teens to men sizes. Click here to order this pattern. The pattern comes with one yard of sports elastic compliments of IHAN.

I bet you thought I would post a pix of Rick's boxers. Not this time. There is just something about posting your husbands underwear on a blog that just begs for trouble...don't you think?

Do you want to see some of the other things I've added to my site?
I knew you did....thanks I appreciate your looking because it takes me a long time to get these things uploaded on my website.

This is the Paintstik Starter Kit. I took Shelly Stokes Schoolhouse class in Houston. I'll post those photos soon. I had an absolute ball and I think this is an excellent way to "dip your toes" into a project to see how well you will like it. My guess is you will fall in love and begin stenciling your luggage, tote bags, clothes....and yes...even your underwear/boxers :)

I found the he Grip-n-Press in Houston too. I knew about the Applique sheets and Grip-n-Grip sheets but not this one. The bottom of the sheet is rubber matted so it sticks to your ironing surface. The top has an all release non-stick surface so fusible won't stick and they won't get on my ironing board any more.
Are you ready for this? Are you sure? This is one of my favorite lights of all times. I have tested it and found it to be an excellent task light. It has a cool name too : ÜBERLIGHT 8000C LED TASK LIGHT

This guy has 28 LED bulbs. Is that bright enough for you? I wouldn't want an airplane thinking your house is a landing strip. Guess whats on my Christmas list?

By now everyone knows what this Accuquilt Go.
Did you know that if you are a blog follower you get a great price on the Accuquilt Go? Well you do now. After cutting 120 I Spy squares today I'm thinking there is a lot of value in that there machine. These are easy to use and it sure beats trying to see where that ruler is on my fabric. I didn't think I would ever want one....but I do now. Birthday is in March....better wait until then to ask :)

Toni Whitney's Savanna applique kit is so beautiful. Each kit comes with the fabric from Batik Textiles. I will post more soon about meeting Toni in Houston.

Oh yea baby....IHAN carries SILK Now!!! Not only do I sell these beautiful boxes of silks....but I have one for myself too!!! How yummy is that. A special quilt that the boys can't touch. No peanut butter on Mommy's silk quilt!!!
Ok...that's enough show and tell for tonight....or should I say this morning.


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