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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Selling Some Beautiful Needle Art - Udate with Offers Posted....It closes Today

 UPDATED 4/29/16

Normally I don't do this, but I was thinking who would appreciate beautiful needle work more than those who do needle work?

Here is the story....these two beauties were made by a Guild Member who no longer has room for them in her home.  The quality of each piece is tops!  At first I thought I would put them on E-bay for her....then I thought...heck I don't even look at E-bay and great people would miss the opportunity.  Sooo....I'm going to show you photos here and if you are interested in purchasing either one or both, please e-mail me at with your offer.

Cornucopia 23 x 16 3/4 Framed (without frame 20 x 14)

The quality is beautiful as you can see...and I even smelled each up close...they definitely were never hung in a home with smokers...there is no odor at all and I have a great sniffer :)

I Built Myself A Farm (18 x 12)
$28.00 OFFER AS OF 4/29/16
This is a cross stitch and it is the tiny stitch type.  I have taken close ups for you to enjoy.
You can feel free to make offers through Sunday May 1st and I will update this post daily with the highest offer for each.  The money will be given to the Black Swamp Quilt Guild.  Each piece will go to the highest offer and that person will pay exact shipping only.

Any questions...feel free to e-mail me.  Please be sure to indicate which piece you are making an offer on so I will be clear as to your preference.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Early Onset Dementia?

I'm not quite sure what is wrong with is a very rare rare in fact that I can not even remember the last time all of these events occurred together...I actually cleaned out my refrigerator, freezer AND pantry yesterday. 

This may not sound odd to any of you....but I was so concerned last night I had to text my sister and ask if she thought it might be early onset dementia and was wondering if I was loosing myself.  Thankfully she assured me that every other part of my personality and mind seemed to be intact.....this was just a rare and strange event and if I were really lucky it might strike again.

What next?  This is very scary for it possible to domesticate a woman at 52?

I'm going to start counting backwards by 7's from 100...just to be sure I'm OK.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunny and Bright

Remember that little red sports car that was left in the snow? it got a new life!  The Flamingo Family are sporting that hot little thing and I loved seeing it today on my drive past.

I've finished a few small projects and I've got to take some photos and then I'll share.  Suffice to say it is more yard weather than it is indoor sewing weather here in Ohio.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jet Lagged

I had every intent to continue posting to my blog and then I got hit by jet lag, chores, orders and every other here I am...and I gotta make this one short because I have another full day ahead of me.

While in France we did some Geocaching.  If you don't know what Geocaching may want to find out because it is a ton of fun...for grown ups and children alike.

This one was particularly good.  I won't give any of the clues away or even identify the location of the cache. 

Someone did an excellent job hiding the cache in this tree.  The boys loved finding it.  There was another that was magnetic and placed on the back of a large parking meter system.  The metal piece looked like it belonged there....but nope...there was a cache hidden behind it.

Something very funny (to me anyway) happened while searching in a park for one cache.  The four of us looked high and low....used the instructions and still could not find the cache.  Rick went down a set stairs into parking area.  He saw an opening and felt some paper.  He thought for sure he had found the cache so he called the boys and I over.  His intent was to allow the boys to be the one's who actually do the discovering. The opening was too high for their reach so I reached into this hole and pulled out some paper.

Lo and was not a Geocache at all....YIKES!

We found someone's drug stash.  Worse yet....I never thought to wipe my finger prints off the paper.  So if anyone in France is looking for me....ya gotta know we were just Geocaching and nothing else....HONESTLY!  I am so grateful it was me who reached up and pulled it out and not my kids.  I sent them away after I noticed there was no paper to sign like in a Geocache.

Speaking of addicts.....I'm still working on my nickle size hexies.  This is the progress I've made:

It it growing and I'm really enjoying this project. 

Oh...and did I mention a snow storm?  We were hit with 7 inches of snow and it took out a part of one of our trees.  Here is how it started:
Beautiful white flakes in the early evening....and by morning...
A winter wonderland in April.
So very grateful Rick owns a chain saw!
The poor little frozen children in front of the city library!!!  LOL to get a ton of stuff done.


PS....just visited Susan's blog, Hanging on by Needle and Thread. She is having a giveaway and I don't think you will want to miss it.  Click Here to enter to win a class teaching scrap quilts or pineapple quilts.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Returning Home from Spring Break

What a wonderful time we had.  We visited Lyon France, Paris France, Rome Italy and by chance a day in Amsterdam.  I really don't want to bore anyone to death with vacation photos...after all we each had a camera and I took 659 myself...yikes.  I will share a few highlights and later will create a photo album on line for anyone interested in more details.

The Louvre in Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris
Tribute to Lady Diana at the tunnel where she was killed.  I've seen this a few times now and every time I cry.  What a lovely woman and so very sad to have died because someone wanted her photo.

We were very interested in the one person electric cars in Europe.  They were so cool...I want one with a hitch so I can pull my kids along behind me...LOL.
One very big problem would be getting all that fabric home in this little jobbie.

Musee de l'Armee seeing the tomb of Napoleon

 Naturally the boys loved all the weapons and armor.

No quilt shop visits :( but I did see some beautiful textiles and clothing.  I will share about those in a separate post.

Every quilter I know touches the fabric in the shop....right?  Tell me if I'm wrong...but I've never been to a shop yet that said, please don't touch the fabric....until Rome!

I was so excited when I came upon the Valli fabric shop in Rome.  The fabrics were absolutely I was looking at the fabrics and began touching some of them a salesman approached and told me, "do not touch the fabrics.  If you would like to see them, ask me." Perhaps this is usual and customary for Rome, I would not know as this was my first visit.  The one fabric I wanted to purchase was 136 Euro (apx 155.00 US dollars) for 1 meter.  I wanted to  make a lovely scarf for myself and one for my sister as a special treat....yes...a very special treat.  The store had no customers and three sales associates standing around.   My thoughts on the matter the customs of the country.....if I can't touch your fabric then you can't touch my money!  Instead I bought a few lovely scarves at other shops....and yes....I touched the scarves before purchasing them :)

Up to my ears in laundry and feeling guilty for using my clothes dryer.  The family we visited in France do not use a clothes dryer....I feel so spoiled and lazy.



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