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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Other Opportunities to Win a GO! Fabric Cutter

You could have a chance to win a GO! Fabric Cutter by becoming a friend of AccuQuilt on Facebook (they give a GO! away every time they reach a certain number of fans on Facebook). If sign up for the AccuQuilt newsletter they sometimes give away  a GO! Fabric Cutter every month. 

If you really just want the GO! Fabric Cutter, you can always order it through IHAN....we really have great prices!!  (truth :)

Check out the great new Licensed Dies also available at IHAN:

I can't wait to get a free minute to use my new dies.  The neat thing is that you don't have to use the entire die.  You can just use part of it for leaves or what ever interesting shape you want to make....just don't cover the entire die with fabric :)


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pre-Order Electric Quilt 7 Software $130.00 and EQ 7 Upgrade 49.99

Get your Electric Quilt 7 Software for $130.00 (a $59.00 savings) or the Electric Quilt 7 Upgrade 49.99 (a $40.00 savings) by Monday May 31 because starting June 1,2010 the price will go up to Suggested Retail Price  $189.95 and $89.95 for the Upgrade.  The Electric Quilt Company has a Minimum Advertised Price Policy and they have temporarily dropped this Policy through May 31, 2010.  So now is the time to order and save :)

IHAN will ship the EQ 7 and EQ 7 Upgrade on June 3rd and 4th so place your order now before the price goes up.


Is Embellishing the Truth Genetic?

Zachary was riding his bicycle yesterday and then he came running into the kitchen.  "Look Mommy!!!" he said.  Just as I turned my head I saw this precious little face staring at me with a cardboard tube on his nose.  I cracked up. 

Then I was thinking it looks a little like Pinocchio....doesn't it?  Maybe this little problem with Embellishing the Truth might just be genetic.  Ya just never know.

This is what's blooming at IHAN Headquarters....some of my little babies popped while I was gone to Market.  Coming home to all these beautiful blooms was great.

OK Alright Already....I'll get back to Market posts....a girl needs a little breather you know?  Slave Drivers...sheesh.


Friday, May 28, 2010

GO! Fabric Cutter Giveaway Winner at IHAN

GO! Fabric Cutter by AccuQuilt Giveaway Announcement

Here is my big THANK YOU to all of you who entered.  I have loved reading all the comments and seeing all the photos....if you have not checked out people's entries....they are well worth checking out :)  I read some great poems, songs and limericks and I saw tons of UFO's and Sewing Studios/ Areas!!

Before I say who the winner in the random number chose I want to say THANK YOU to AccuQuilt for giving me the opportunity to give away another GO! Fabric Cutter :) 

So, who is lucky number 276?  Kyra at The Adventures of Me Blog.  Hot diggidy dog diggidy Kyra!!!  Congratulations!!!  It only gets want to know how?  You get to choose any three GO! Fabric Cutter Dies of your choice to go with your new GO! Fabric Cutter.....oh yeah baby :)  All compliments of AccuQuilt!!!  Kyra you need to e-mail me with your full name, address and phone number.

Kelly those who did not win....please don't shoot the messenger!!!

Bloggers Spring Quilt Festival - IHAN Entry :)

I like the zip the little piping gives the edge of my quilt.  I used the Piping Hot Binding Tool and found it to be handy to get my piping all the same size to sew it onto the edge before I did the binding. (see I've been using great tools before I started IHAN :)

My quilt was machine quilted by Janet Bellinger of Wellsboro, PA.

My quilt label reads:
“Around and Around”

In the year 2005, I took a circle quilt class from Janet Bellinger of Wellsboro , PA at Needles Quilt Shop. Katie Mader & Mary Guinn, the shop owners, inspired me to make a quilt for myself and assisted with the selection of fabrics.

Janet did the long arm quilting and my friend Mary Jane Ehlich helped me put the piping and binding on.

Completed July 2007 by:

Kelly March Jackson

This quilt is in our living room and it is used often.  I love looking at it and enjoy the warmth it provides our family.  I never thought I could sew curves but Janet showed me how to do it and honestly it was not hard at all.  Janet helped me build confidence and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by excellent quilters.
I made this quilt during a very challenging time for my family.  We had lived in South Carolina and the company Mr. McSteamy worked for had closed after 9/11.  It was late fall and Zachary was just 5 months old.  Our house sold much faster than we had expected so we went to live with my in-laws in PA.  We thought we would be there for 6 weeks.  It was 11 months later when Rick found another comparable position.  By then Rick had been off of work for 14 months and we had two toddlers. 
I learned many lessons during those 14 months.  I was grateful that the boys had Rick so available to them in their early months and first year or so.  I made many dear friends and was grateful for family that helped us through those tough times. 
So that is my quilt I'm official....a real Blogging Quilt Festival Person....oh yeah!!

More Juicy (?) Spring Quilt Market 2010 Stories from IHAN

I've gotten quite a few e-mails and comments lately and people are saying I'm nuts.  Most all regular IHAN blog readers (Blogifers) already know this about me but for those of you who are new followers I think I might give you the Cliff notes on Kelly aka IHAN.

I love people, having fun, laughing, and sharing my version of the world.  I see in colored pictures and stories not words.  I enjoy sharing what I see and hearing about other people's experiences.  I'd like to leave the world happier than I found it and I enjoy pointing out the beauty and joy around me.  Kindness heals and it is a value I espouse.  I've been accused as being "real as rain" and that scares some people.  I consider myself a partner in the business of Sewing and Needle Art Notions and supplies.  I work for myself and take responsibility only for my words and actions.  I have appointed myself as a Consumer Reports of sorts on Notions and I work at actually using the Notions and reporting about the ones I find and really like.  My source of income is IHAN and do not get paid to advertise for anyone.  You can believe what I say because when I'm lying....I say so.  Ok....back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming :)

The Juicy (?) Part

This is what greeted me at the door of a Gas Station Rosemary and I stopped at while traveling to Minneapolis.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.  Have you seen these?  Oh my word, I could not stop staring at it.  Scary snakes and we are supposed to want to purchase one?  If I wanted to bite a snake having a Hissy Fit I would stay home with my 6 and 7 year old co-workers and I'm not paying a dime to endure this in a Gas about you?

Look how thick these things are.  There is a program on TV where a guy travels around the world eating interesting things.  If you know him you might suggest stopping at a Gas Station.  Between these critters and those brown shiny things that roll around in that machine hoping to entice someone to eat them.....well....needless to say....I went without!!!

Later in the day I got turned around.  Imagine that....IHAN who has a GPS and had MapQuested the entire trip (including stopping at AAA to get maps in case Rosemary was a map girl) took a wrong turn.  So I stopped at a random hotel to ask the clerk for directions.

It just so happened to be the Baymont Inn and Suites in Rockford Illinois.  Rosemary and I walk in and are greeted by a bright shiny face welcoming us to her hotel.  I thought I was being invited into her home. 
Meet Synthia!!!  She was the kind face I've been talking about.  Synthia said we could help ourselves to the computer if we would like to use the MapQuest there and she even offered us some coffee, water and a piece of fruit.  I thanked her for her kindness and told her how much I appreciated her authenticity and for extending the offer for a drink and snack. 
Here is the computer area she so generously loaned to us.  I was so moved I went back and asked to take her picture.  I loved her she had been waiting all morning for someone to ask to take her picture!!  Now that is the kind of Gal I want working for me (although I'm not hiring).  How many times do people truly extend themselves in kindness?  It is soooo easy to do.  Synthia at the Baymont Inn and Suites gets the IHAN Stamp of Appreciation.  I told her great things come to those who shine.....and she sure does shine doesn't she?  If I had Oprah's money.....I would have plopped down a cool 50,000 just to watch her smile.  I bet she is wishing I did too....LOL.  Not yet anyway :)

By now you've caught on that I carry my camera with me everywhere I go.  I have no fear of asking to take people's photos.  I take No just as easily as Yes when I don't run if you see me.

Rosemary and I were returning her wheelchair to the Security Staff and we passed this lady wearing a very cool bag.  The process looked just like the, "It's A Wrap" and "It's A Wrap II" that Rosemary and I have been working on lately (check it out here).

She made this bag to carry all her goodies in.  I loved the colors and how she blended the fabrics.

I know only a few people who saw these visitors at Spring Quilt Market.  These little bunnies just hopped out from behind a bush and were playing on the grass.  Who could resist taking their photographs?  After All, they want to get into the IHAN Hall of The Blogged too!!  LOL  I know Kaye England saw them because she was watching me take their picture.

Meet Peter and Jane Cotton Tail Babies
I hope you have not fallen asleep by now.  I realize this is not quite as exciting as the Aurifil Heist.  I just can't rob people every day.....I'd have to divorce Mr.McSteamy and marry a man named Clyde. (oh geez...speaking of Mr. McSteamy....boy do I have some photos to show in a later post....please make sure you are taking all medications prescribed for your blood pressure and heart....cuz you will need a good blood level before I post those pix...not kidding!!)
When I'm at Quilt Market I always say I don't see many "Tail Feathers."  I thought that would be a phrase everyone know Peacock's put up their Tail Feathers to attract attention?  Yes, those Tail Feathers.  But I don't see many Tail Feathers at Quilt Market and I don't know why.  I had my Camera Strap on and that was my way of showing my Tail Feathers.  The lady with the bag above had her bag.....and then I found this neat lady wearing a blouse she does not look like a Peacock....but I thought she looked great wearing it and she smiled when I asked if I could snap her photo for my blog!!

Doesn't she look great in that blouse?  I want one too....same colors.  Now why did I not follower her back to her room and pretend to be part of the cleaning staff?  I could have had that very shirt with little trouble....schuckliedo....I hate it when I come with with great ideas after the fact.

If you have not met Michelle Foster from Quilting Gallery dot com.....
Meet Michelle.....Michelle....I'm pleased to introduce you to the IHAN blog readers:)  

Michelle was kind enough to write to me and arrange a meeting while at Quilt Market.  It is always wonderful to meet other bloggers and this was a great opportunity for us to get to know one another a little better.  I learned we have a lot in common and really enjoyed spending some time with Michelle....Thanks Michelle :)
She gave me some "friendship pins" when we met.  They were pins from her city, province and country.  It was a great idea and I will wear my pins on my camera strap and smile every time I see them.  Thank You Michelle!
Now, I bet you did not know Donald Sutherland attends Quilt Market.  Yep, he does and here is proof!!!

If I were better at names I would be able to introduce him properly.  I love this guy.  He works for one of the Fabric Companies and every time I see him I just smile and giggle because he looks just like Donald Sutherland....(but more handsome don't you think?).  I know I'll get an e-mail with his name just as soon as I hit publish....but until then....I'd like to remember him as the Donald Sutherland look alike that always smiles.
Last but not least, this is a photo of a Gal who was walking down the hallway wearing a sign that read, "Ask for a Free Pattern for this Bag."  So, I did the obvious....I walked up and asked for a pattern (I'm so glad it die not say "kick me" lol)  She smiled and promptly pulled out the pattern and gave it to me.  She calls it "Not a Rocket Science Bag."  That is perfect for me, because I only do those things unrelated to Rocket Science (know what I mean Vern?).  Her blog is Modern Quilt Relish but I did not get her name.  I'll have to hop over and get to know her better.  Us "Un-Rocket Science" Gals need to have a retreat.  I'd suggest the I Dream of Jeannie Bottle....but I think Jeannie is still in there.  Any other suggestions?

I'm now off to work the First Grade Class have their end of the year Ice Cream Social.  Have a wonderful day.  I'll post more Market Products soon....I'm doing my research now and I'll have one by tonight or first thing in the morning.

Silly Smiles,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aurifil Thread Heist at Spring Quilt Market 2010 in Minneapolis

Meet Davide Moro, from Aurifil Threads.  Davide, I'm pleased to introduce you to the IHAN blog readers.

Poor Davide was walking down the hallway just before Schoolhouse at Quilt Market opened. I yelled in my oh so polite voice, Mr. Aurifil, and I chased Davide down for a photo. He was so polite to turn and smile. Little did he know that it was just a plan to get him accustomed to being distracted in preparation for the IHAN Aurifil Thread Heist!!! It worked :)

Later in the morning I ran in to Alex Veronelli, from Aurifil Threads, (same goes for Alex as Ricky yesterday and anyone else with their eyes closed : )  I would recognize his face....even on Facebook!!!

Little does Alex know the only Aurifil Thread  he will be able to sell will be the Aurifil he sells at Sample Spree because the rest will be gone in a IHAN blink!!!  See how relaxed he looks. 

Davide is friendly enough to say hello again later in the day.  Just as I got close enough to him and he relaxed (his breathing was nice and even and his arms loosely dangled at his sides) I went in for the initial IHAN tactical move -
The IHAN head lock!!! 

My plan was to learn the exact amount of pressure I would need to keep him at bay should he try to defend the Aurifil Thread Stands!  See ladies and gentleman, you have to "case the joint" before you rob it.  Casing the "joint" (Aurifil Booth) is part of the planning process.  I learned this from a really big mobster (Al Capone) while in the Pokey.

Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts, was just finishing up her Schoolhouse lecture when this photo was taken. Since Edyta knows me, she was very relaxed as she posed for a photo.  The woman she was posing for just loves Edya's book, "Hop To It."  Edyta is completely unaware that I was reaching into her bag to take her Aurifil Thread Kit.  Notice she does not even  flinch.
I know, bragging about a theft is not typically polite....but since I know I'll be judged by a jury of my peers, who in their right mind would blame me?  Not a quilter, right? 
Since this was just a dry run, I gave Edyta's Thread Kit back to her.  Her husband, now all trim and fit, was giving me "the look."  You know "the look?"  The one where he is telepathically saying, "you touch her Aurifil Thread Kit again and I'm going to clock you!!  Yes, that one.  He definitely looked like he could run faster than me so I backed away slowly.

Later in the day.....
Davide was so compulsive he could not stop arranging the Aurifil display.  He had to be sure everything was  just perfect.  Since I noticed he was hyper-focused, I felt  invisible as I crawled up to the display to steal the  first box of Aurifil Thread.

As Davide, Alex and Elena were chatting with customers, I took the opportunity to grab my first Aurifil Thread display.  I wanted it to be small enough that I could still run fast without dropping a single spool.  If it were bags of money I were stealing  I might not mind as much  if a few bills flew away.....but I was not about to let even one spool of Aurifil Thread roll away.  NOT A CHANCE!!
I could not contain my joy as the security cameras captured my grin!!!  I forgot to shoot out the security camera with my IHAN secret ray gun that zaps all security cameras and renders them useless until the "Red Head" disappears from sight.
Here I am running right past the cleaning lad, she never even noticed.  I'm 6 feet tall and I've never let my height get in the way of stealing Quilting Notions.  Most folks are fooled by the smile and friendly persona this IHAN thief puts on.....little do they know that they are the unsuspecting targets of a IHAN Aurifil Thread Heist.
I lost my finesse as Alex Veronelli turned just in time to see me tilting the Aurifil Display onto my dolly (a pair of my size 12 roller skates.  They double as a great dolly).  I quickly put on the IHAN friendly smile and pretended I was "just playing."  The entire time my dark inner thoughts were "Look Mr. AV....I'm not letting you or anyone else get in the way of my just back your silver-haired-self with the lover-like-eyes OFF and away from MY Aurifil Display!!!"

I knew I would be too much for him.  Look at his smile.  He is showing a little frustration but the IHAN determination gleans right through my teeth.  This Aurifil Thread will be mine!!! 
Later,  I went for the big spools.  My only regret, I did not think to wear bigger underwear.  Can you imagine what I could have done with Triple G's?  I could have had several in one trip.  Next time I'll be better prepared :)
Ooops, I'm coming little thread at a time. 
Most gals want smaller waists and pant sizes.  NOT me!!!  The bigger the better.  I'm such a perfect sized Gal that I can stuff The Ultra Collection by Mark Lipinski right into my pants.  Well, I guess I ate too much at I did the next best thing......

I stuffed it up my shirt.  How noticeable could it be?

Not very ay?

Now for the back loader.  I figure I can manage a few Aurifil Thread Kits in the back right?
Well, there may be a little bit of IHAN sticking out of the right side of my shirt.  If there were less of that I would have had more room for the Aurifil Thread Kits.  Now that is REAL incentive to get rid of the extra IHAN on my sides, right?  RIGHT!!!
The Grand Finale

I had just commandeered a Forklift and off with the Aurifil crate I drove.....all the way back to IHAN.

Aurifil Thread displays are now at IHAN....and they are only for me.  Sorry I can't share....I'm saving them just in case I get sent to the Pokey and need bail.  I'm offering one of each color to anyone who posts bond. 
The remainder of all of these Aurifil beauties will be split equally with the jury at my trial.  Now see if you have a leg to stand on Alex, Davide and Elena!!   The three of you will burst into tears when the Judge takes her gavel/donker and swings it into the air in a free motion quilting type move and announces the verdict -


It will be Aurifil's fault and they will have to pay a hefty fine to IHAN for the emotional pain and suffering that was caused by having to gaze upon their lovely Aurifil Threads and Kits.  This is what I call a Win/Win situation :)

It is so important to return to the "scene of the crime" so you don't look like a "real" suspect.  So I casually walked back by their display to see Edyta Sitar's  "A Few of My Favorites 50wt Aurifil Thread Set" .  It is absolutely beautiful...don't you think? 
 Then I casually gazed at Pat Sloan's 40wt Machine Piecing and Quilting Thread Kit and then at her 50wt Machine Quilting and Applique Thread Kit.   I was happy to see Pat's Sweet Liberty Heart Kit all made up.  I really like this pattern.
I just want to close by saying I can not confirm nor deny the "validity" of this post.  Since honesty is an IHAN value.....I will just say.....I'm honestly not confirming nor denying any part of this story!!!
The IHAN Poppy Queen Wave
I will however confirm and validate that all of the following spools of Aurifil Thread was lawfully purchased by me at Sample Spree.
Here they are all lined up.....oh I love to fondle my spools of thread :)  Some are Wool and some are 50 wt.  But I love them all equally!!

Thieving Smiles,


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