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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishing YOU

ONLY the BEST of LOVE and JOY this new Year has to offer to you and your family and friends!

May you find peace if you are in pain, may you find love if you are hurt and may all your pure dreams come true in this New Year....why not us...ALL of us?

I bet you are wondering why I wrote "pure" dreams?  Why should we waste a dream on having our sewing spaces organized?  Worst of all, dreaming of all that amazing beautiful fabric???  Nope...that is the frosting on our lives cake :)

Giggles and Smiles,

Friday, December 27, 2013

Beam N Read New Years Giveaway

The Beam N Read Hands Free Light has been on of my list of  most favorite must-have items of all time.  Why,  you ask?  Because it makes me brighter!!!  Need proof?  The photo above is proof.  I did not know what a "selfie" was prior to a few days ago.  Since learning, I was able to take a "selfie" while wearing my Beam N Read Light.  Not the type of bright you were thinking about?  Look, I gotta take all the "bright" I can get any way I can get it.   I realize the look on my face is a bit "interesting/scary" however, I'm just learning my new skill and it may take time to figure this out :)

Is this pix better for you?  I hope so and I also hope you notice I made the strap myself....I'm calling that a "my-selfie."   The Beam N Read Lights come with an adjustable neck strap and I removed mine to add a more personalized strap.  You like frilly can make a "your-selfie" that is frilly.  Honestly,  my co-workers take mine and then claim it is theirs.  Now when I find it in their room under their beds,  I know for certain which one is mine.  Yes, the love to get under their bed with their Beam N Read Lights and look at Pokemon cards.  To each their own...giggles.
Did you know the Beam N Read 6 LED Light comes with a fresnel magnifying lens?  100% does and I like using mine for hand stitching, applique and punch needle embroidery.  It would be nice for reading small print too.  
 Since I had just finished this gift I used it as a prop in my "selfie" session :)

 (Orange Filter Attached)
More very cool features include an orange and a red filter that snaps on the front of the Beam N Read Light.  The orange filter is great to use when I want to be on the computer in the evening.  I find the blue white light from computer and tech screens annoying and that light actually make it more difficult to fall asleep as well.  My solution?  I put the orange filter on my Beam N Read Light at night while using my laptop, it helps a great deal.  The red filter is good for night vision.  Below you can see the red lens attached.
 This a white towel I made for a college age neighbor friend illuminated by my Beam N Read with the red filter attached.
The Beam N Read Hands Free Light uses 4 AA Batteries.  I know your next question is going to often do you need to change the batteries, am I right?  The answer, I don't know.  I have yet to need to change mine and I've had my Beam N Read Light for approximately 3 years.  Suffice to say they last a good long time :)
You can also use a AC adapter or a vehicle adapter if you choose not to use batteries.

With the recent winter ice storm  I know there are plenty of people who could definitely use a Beam N Read Hands Free Light and probably wished they had received one for a gift this holiday season!!!

According to the weather channel there are still millions of people without power.  Having a Beam N Read Light during storms is really helpful because you don't have to hold a flash light while you are carrying wood in for the fireplace or other things in your hands.

Weather you loose power due to a ice storm or a tornado like they had in Oklahoma this past year, 
I think you can definitely see the advantages to being prepared....not to mention having an excellent needle work light.  

ASF Reading Light is going to send one very lucky IHAN® blog reader their very own Beam N Read Hands Free Light to use and enjoy (Open to US and Canadian residents ONLY).  You can read all the different ways you can enter to win below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bright Smiles,

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishing You

...And Yours An  Endless Bounty of Blessings Today and Everyday!

Big Warm Hugs,


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mary and Bright

Not what you were expecting?  I take pride in going above and beyond!!!  LOL


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Presents

I am told it is 4 days before it will be Christmas Day 2013.  Since I live in my own world, I'm clearly not aware of the date now when Christmas Day falls and I still have several gifts to make.  Since my embroidery machine is laying belly up without a pulse, those gifts will have to wait until the Babylock technician can revive her.

I'm sharing some gifts I have made for Christmas least the one's I remembered to take photos of during these past few months.

 A large I-Spy quilt for my boys when they lay on the sofa.  It was beautifully quilted by Joanne from Splitting Stitches Longarm Quilting (she quilted all of the quilts in this post).  There are no two blocks alike and the boys will have a ball playing with this quilt.
 This quilt was made for one of my mother's doctors, at her request.  The pattern is Big Ten by Swirley Girl Designs.   
I can't say who this is for in my blog post as someone just may pop in and read the I'm just not saying.... :)

This is as far as I got on the drink koozies before my machine passed out cold.  They will be nice when they are all finished.

These are the machine embroidery gifts that I remembered to take photos of....what is wrong with me?  I typically take photos of brain must need to be called back home.

A reflection of our Christmas tree in the window...I thought it looked so pretty with the snow on the bushes out front of our house.

I hope all is well in your world....I'd love to hear about your experiences during the holidays.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Still need gifts?  No need for shock...
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Many of the graphics from this post are compliments of the Graphics Fairy!  Be sure not to miss these lovely printable Gift Tags I found while visiting some of my most favorite of places:

FYI if you shop at the last minute I may not have your hearts desire in please shop earlier rather than later :)  Questions?  E-mail me at


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