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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Too Much Fun

Even though I'm been sick (kidney infection) I've still had some good laughs and some smiles today.  I have to show you what I found and of course I had to add all of these to IHAN as well.

First is this very fun magnet.  I had to blow the photo up so it is a little blurry....tell me you don't know at least 5 girlfriends who would love one of these.  I love, love, love it.

I also learned there is an entire line of fun things for the "Sisterhood of Quilters" so I added an entire category to IHAN devoted to nothing but the "Sisterhood of Quilters."  I might have seen these had I gone to Market in the Spring...I don't know but I sure am glad I found them cause they sure do make me smile.

Check out this collection called, "What Happens At The Beach Stays At The Beach."  This is the front of the package....who would not be drawn over to look and see what these ladies are doing?  They grabbed me....

Inside are these cards.  The larger one is, "The Sisterhood of Quilters" Mission & Motto, Membership and definitions...I'm telling you it is too funny.  Then you get two Membership Cards.....I guess one for yourself and one to give away with the project. 
The best part is the fabric panel and pattern.  Below are photos of what is on the panel and I'm telling you if I went to the beach with ladies who looked like they were having this much fun I'd never come back. 

 You know I need a hat like this...I do have red hair and  I really like purple and green...and fish...yep....guess that's me :)

I'm thinking this would be so much fun as a surprise throw for a friend.  Can you imagine the smile on their face?  There are other Sisterhood of Quilters Panels too...just click here to see them all.  Too much fun.

Here is another really fun wall hanging that I'm going to make for my sewing room.  I've always wanted something like this and now I've found the pattern.  It is called, Written in Words by Bareroots.

This pattern also comes with an additional pattern for the bag shown in the photo above.  I love the little sewing machine and the words.  I'm going to change some of the words to personalize it for know it has to say "Kelly's Sewing Room."  I've gotten the embroidery bug lately. 
Many of you know I have three grown girls.  Guess what each of them is getting on a package for Christmas this year?  Yep...some Snow Folk....they have little pockets on the back for a little prize too.  I guess I've been living under a rug because I had no idea that Rachel's of Greenfield had kits with their patterns. 

These will be a snap to put together because everything is in the kit.  I like projects like this for the car ...when Rick is driving of course!!!  I love things like this on the tree and I know the girls will love having their names and their hubbies names (two are married) on the ornaments.

I feel like I've been lost in a time warp since I did not go to Spring Market.  I would have known about all these things...or so I tell myself....who knows really?  I know for sure I'll be living until I'm 127 years old...that's how many projects I have lined up. 



  1. Hope you feel better soon:)

    I have that darn embroidery bug too---darn,darn! (have fun..he,he!)

  2. I hope you're feeling better every day, Kelly - LOVE the Sisterhood stuff, especially the beachy panel! WOW!

  3. How funny I am just starting some embroidery too and I am in the middle of doing a Rachel's of Greenfield kit!!! I am doing Spotty Hen I will let you into a secret, I forgot to reverse my pattern so my hen is looking the other way, but if you don't tell anyone, no one will ever will be our little secret......LOL Linda

  4. I had no idea you had three grown girls---->You must have been a child bride. Those ornaments are a great idea.

    If Nana was a quilter, I would have to get one of those panels. She lives at the beach full time now.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. My friend Ely has invited me and 8 other quilters to the beach next June! Would that not be a fun panel for us all!

  6. The sisterhood of quilters stuff will be great for retreats...

    Hope you're feeling better. Hugs and lotsa love... Holler if u need any tim tams. headed that way today.


  7. I am sorry you are not well, do get better soon. I loved this post, lots of great fun information.....and more fun!!

  8. Love the "Sisterhood" things - has always been one of my favorites. Judy C

  9. Great projects to keep you busy while you recuperate.
    Hope you feel better today.


  10. So sorry you are feeling poorly... hope you are doing much better soon. Love the beach crew. I was going to say.. how did you get my picture?? LOL. Sassy ladies are the best!! DH doesn't agree LOL.

  11. Hope you feel better, I just bought several of the panels from Sisterhood of Quilters and they are wonderful!


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