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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happiest of New Years to You :)

I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve, I know we did.

Khris, from SewPrimKhris Blog, and her husband Glen are here visiting with us.  They are from Australia and have been traveling the US for almost 3 months.  How fun would that be?  To go traveling and visiting other Bloggers in other countries...sign me up!  If you'ld like to see their travel blog, click here.

It hasn't been all fun and games, I put Khris to work at IHAN and she helped me do a product review.  That will be the next post.

RESOLUTIONS- who likes those?   Every single New Years resolution I've ever made I've never kept.  Who needs a set up to feel bad?   Not me!!!  I've seen where people are coming up with a word or phrase for their New Year.  I'm one who can't seem to find one word ....but this year, I'm making a change.  I've decided my word for the year will be "Acceptance."  I'm willing to accept things in my life just as they are and when I'm not willing, I'm going to become willing.

Have you thought about any significant ways to mark the New Year?



  1. My one word is "THANKS"....thanks for all I have. Thanks for all my friends, family and loved ones. Thanks that I can move forward and not let things or others hold me back or keep me down. I guess it goes with your "acceptance"...THANK YOU for being such a wonderful person Kelly and sharing your home, family and friends with Glen and I...we love being here with you and hope one day you will visit us and we can reciprocate the hospitality...hugs xxx

  2. What a wonderful way to spend New Years. Tell Khris that my daughter is spending 4 weeks in her country!!! I'd love to visit there sometime. Enjoy your time together.

  3. Glad you're off to a great New Year! My one word is "Forgiveness". I think letting go of the past and moving forward is a wonderful gift to receive and to give :)

  4. What a wonderful way to welcome in the new year, by welcoming friends from a far. Looks like you all had a great party. I'm certainly hoping to meet Khris and Glen when they come back to So. Cal. in January.


  5. my word's gonna be CHANGE. Change whatever isn't working, be it fabric, attitude or location! The camper has new tires, so I want to get our money's worth & put some miles on 'em.

    Oh, you were just marking the New Year - yeah, we had our sparkling apple cider, spiked with a little cranberry juice. Yummy. And of course, chocolate. :)

    Happy New Year to you all!

  6. I'm always amazed how the years pass so quickly. I don't do resolutions, but a friend had an ideal of making goals, which I think I'll try. Happy New Year to you, XOXO

  7. My word -- More. More appreciation for what I have and my surroundings. More love. More prayer. and More positive thinking.

  8. Happy New Year right back at'cha!!! CHANGE has been my life word and I think I'll keep it.... I don't make any hard and fast rules each New Year; I stay flexible -so I can do or try anything that comes my way, if I am interested in it! I do have a couple of New Year goals, a bit more exercise and a little less food (sweets/fats/carbs)...

  9. Happy New Year Kelly, you haven't mentioned lately how your hand is healing and if all is back to normal. My word this year is going to be Patience because looking after my 6 year old grandson who is blind requires a lot of them for both of His favorite toy is my Beam N Read, he wears it around his neck when he is here.

  10. Hi Kelly. Khristina and Glenn are back with me, now. They just arrived. More fun! My word for the year is 'progress'. I need to make progress on several projects this year.

  11. Hi Kelly...
    It's the 13th and I bet you have those decorations in their respective boxes waiting for later this year!!! Lol, judging from the picture of Khris and Glen, you all had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year. I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity! The first word that came to mind was REACH! Now, don't ask what I mean ... finishing UFOs? designing new and original purses? Not really sure, but sure that it needs to be defined before too long. Before we know it, it will be 2014 and I'll be reaching for another idea! Lol...


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