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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hope You Had A Wonderful Easter

This Easter was much different than any we have ever had in the past.  The boys....including Mr. McSteamy colored eggs today.  My memories of coloring Easter eggs as a child did not include any cyclopes or men with mustaches...perhaps I had a sheltered childhood? 

My Easter was spent with my mother who was taken back to the hospital from the rehab center. Apparently the staff at the acute rehab were not prepared to handle some of the medical issues my mother has.  For her personal safety, we had her transferred back to Henry Ford Hospital in downtown Detroit. 

One of her external tubes became clogged then dislodged so she was very ill.  Last evening and the evening before were very difficult for my mother.  My sister and I stayed with her and somehow we all managed to get several good laughs in during the midst of all this stress.  Laughter can be the best medicine sometimes!

I was determined that one way or another my mom was having shower today.  If I had to hook her bed to the back of my van and drive through a car wash....well so be it! 

The good news is, I didn't have to go that far.  After assisting her to get up she actually walked (with support) all the way into the bathroom.  I was jumping for was a small miracle in my book.  She was certain she couldn't do it and yet there she was walking and tolerating being showered without getting ill.
My clean mother.....LOL.

 My sister and I could not believe how good she looked....and with no makeup.

The wonder and magic of living in the moment!  Who knew  I would experience such joy and laughter in a shower with my mother and sister?  Not something I could have dreamed up.....yet there we were.  I have such intense gratitude for these experiences and it has made my Easter special and one to never forget.

I'm not sure the nurse and the nurses aids will ever forget us either.  My sister and I were waring the blue plastic gown shields so we wouldn't get soaked and the aide walked in and started laughing and asked what was going on. 
Yep....there we were in our undergarments and a blue cape that is open in the back....ROFL.  All I can say is that it worked and I had a ball laughing and so did my mother and sister.  Mission accomplished!  Sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to we did :)

Hope your Easter was wonderful too!



  1. I'm cracking up about you, your sister and your mom in the shower. But, gosh darn is your mother BEAUTIFUL. She glows from within, a heartwarming soul....and such beautiful skin! I think Elizabeth Taylor would be jealous!


  2. A little 'medical Easter' going on over here too. DH had to prep for one of those mile mark tests... lots of liquids and no solid foods.... Oh well we girls do what we have to do!!! Its what makes us so strong!

  3. Well I'm sad that our mom had to go back to the hospital but glad to know that she is safe. I can honestly say that I know exactly what you went through when you helped your mom with the shower. A few years back one of my sisters was in the hospital for over a week and she was so wanting a shower so the oldest sister and I helped her get one. We even shaved the lower half of her legs for her. It is amazing how much better they feel when they are clean. I hope your mom is doing well.

  4. I am so glad you were able to laugh when I know this must have been a stressful time Clearly the shower did both you and Mom some good.
    Your Mom looks great. She looks so good after the shower I would never know she is sick - and I know a lot about that type of illness. Big hugs to you all.

  5. I am so glad, that even with the stress of her being so ill and returning to the hospital, you three could get some laughs. Your mom looks great in the picture. You would never know she was ill. I know you made some precious memories.

  6. I am sorry to hear your mom had a setback but happy to hear that she is doing better and you and your sister have a wonderful Easter with her.


  7. So sorry that your mom is back in the hospital - but I'm glad you are all making the best of it! I can just imagine the shower scene! Love how you make every situation fun. Hugs to you all.

  8. From the beautiful picture of your mom, one would never imagine she had a setback. I'm so glad that you all had such fun with the shower. Laughter IS the best medicine!

  9. Kelly,
    You sound like me. While my mom was in the hospital for knee replacement I went to visit her in the hospital (I was in the navy at the time so time off was precious and was able to get leave for my own health issue) Dad and I felt she wasn't getting the car she needed/deserved. I went so far as to walk down the hall and get my own sheets and things to clean up her room and then adult wipes to at least make her feel a little fresher until she could come home. I don't have a sister though so it was just me. My husband bless his heart ran all over town getting stuff form me though.

  10. Kelly, you always make the most of any situation :-) I'm so glad that you can find some humor in these difficult days. And YES it is good for your Mom to be laughing. It is one of the best kinds of medicine.

  11. Thanks for the call. Glad I could send my travels your way. First off, my nose got tingly and I teared up when I saw the boys' eggs. One of the best memories I have of my childhood is coloring my hard-boiled eggs with crayons then dipping them in dye. One of my most happy memories. :-)

    Mom looks awesome! She is beautiful skin! And I love her warm smile. I can just picture that shower incident. Ok, well, the funny parts. I'm so glad you all are there for her. It's so important to be there for our loved ones. Having been through this myself, I know how it can get.

    Sending y'all lots of love and hugs!

  12. Laughter is the best medicine.....

  13. Your Mom looks wonderful--and what can I say about you and sis? Smiling from ear to ear here. So glad you all had a wonderful time.

  14. those are boys for ya'! the eggs are great.
    Boy! I think your mom looks great. I know how good a shower makes me feel.

  15. Kelly I am so amazed at how much you and family adore your Mom and no wonder she looks good she wants you girls to know how much she loves you for all you do for her. Please give her a hug and a prayer from me

  16. Gee,Kelly, you make me laugh at the strangest things, but then you make me remember you can laugh even in difficult times.

  17. Your mom is radiating warmth in that glad you all were together and I'm sure it meant the world to her.

  18. Oh bless you all... You mother looks lovely in her picture...clean and fresh as a daisy! Well done to you both giving your time and effort to get her showered and feeling so much better for it. What a gift to give her...both physically and emotionally!

  19. Your mother is a beautiful woman and raised you and your sister to be beautiful caringvwomen, also.


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