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Friday, August 9, 2013

Golden Tapestry -Anita Goodesign

Can you believe the beautiful quilt that hung in my booth at Kaleidoscope of Quilts is a beginners project, Golden Tapestry from Anita Goodesign? It's true...Golden Tapestry is honestly a beginners project!!!  My girlfriend, Diane Giveins made this for my booth and I had people oohing and ahhhing over her quilt.

 Diane used Silk Dupioni for the background and borders.  I think the color combination really makes this quilt spectacular.  She used  Floriani Gold Metallic Thread and had absolutely no problems with the metallic thread :)  Warm N Natural was used for the batting and Diane used 2 layers of Floriani No Show Mesh (one layer vertical and one horizontal).

Each block is stitched out separately and then joined.  Below you can see that the design stitches the quilting first.
The the gold work is stitched.  Notice the outline stitching around the design, that is the outline for joining the completed rectangles.
The completed rectangle can then be trimmed -- see below.
After joining the two rectangles, the bird gets his bum attached...(couldn't resist)

After the rectangles are  joined, Diane suggests that you hang it on the wall for a few days to get a feel for how well you have stitched the rectangles together.  I think that is a great idea for all quilts honestly...that way you can see if you need to make any adjustments before you finish.

The border is completed the same way as the rectangles of the design.

The quilt is then bound as you would on any quilt.  If you make the Golden Tapestry and decide to enter it in a quilt show, it is best to add a backing and then outline several of the motifs so that the piece is quilted. 

Diane brought her Golden Tapestry to show last night at our Black Swamp Quilt Guild meeting. 

See how simple this project is to do!  Even I can manage this one :) 

I have it on good authority that if you purchase the Golden Tapestry from I Have A Notion® that you will get free lessons at the Machine Embroidery Guild (MEG) workshops.  The workshops are every third Monday of each month. Click HERE to learn more about MEG.

Appreciative Smiles,


  1. What a spectacular design. Love the gold on blue. So elegant. Definitely an heirloom project.


  2. That's beautiful, I've seen a few of those embroidery scenes but haven't tackled one yet, maybe when life slows down, Ha.

  3. That is just amazing...thanks for showing the process and quilt...

  4. Wow that is beautiful and what a wonderful job she has done.i guess you need an embroidery machine to do it. How are you sweet friend, sending big hugs.


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