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Thursday, April 24, 2014

HUGE Sale Alert for Locals

 Diana Trost was one of the happy shoppers today.  

The sale is being hosted by Mary Clark and a few of her friends.
I can only begin to imagine the amount of time and energy that went into this amazing sale.  All of the fabrics are organized so nicely.
There is enough for everyone I know and everyone they know....giggles.
There is also a huge variety of books covering every quilting and stitching subject that I'm aware of and probably some I have yet to discover.
 Sewing thread and hand stitching threads galore....and one lonely sewing machine....LOL.
I bet you want to know the address.....I'm going to post it for two days only and then come back and delete it from the post.  Are you ready?  Gas up your cars and prepare for a real adventure and plenty of lovely ladies to chat with.
April 25 and 26th 9am-4pm at 7435 Country Meadow Ct., off King between Brent and Sylvania

I'm guessing there will be police to direct traffic tomorrow...LOL.  If I were really smart I'd head over and put up a coffee and cookie stand and make a mint.  Enjoy the shopping and if you go because you read it here....please do send me an email and tell me all you bought.



  1. Wish I lived closer... I'd help clear a table or two!!! Cute little sewing machine!

  2. I'm drooling! I too wish I lived closer!

  3. Good thing I don't live close, or there would be nothing left for anyone else :) I recognize lots of that fabric. Makes me want to get sewing so my kids don't have to have a sale like that one day!

  4. DANG! One of my friends is having a sale next week. She's clearing out a whole bunch from home-shop. She buys a LOT of fabric. (I"m talking a room the size of your kitchen and family room full of fabric!)

    I say do the cookies and coffee... Seriously!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!! I have seen this in person before...after a local quilter passed away some of the gals gathered her stuff and had a huge sale for the family - it too was insane!! I'm personally trying to prevent this for my kids, although it may be a great way to have a final 'parental revenge'..hummmmm..what's the address again? HA!


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