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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Yep, that's what I have to say about going to Virginia and Maryland this past weekend, "Ahhhhh."  Possibly preceded by a "Ohhhhh Ahhhhhh."

Driving out of  Ohio on Thursday, I said to myself, "It is raining giraffes and elephants out here."
The heavy rain came down with an urgency and there were some cars and trucks pulled off to the side of the road for a period of time.  I pressed on through those large animal size rain drops because I had an agenda.
The view outside the car was lush and beautiful from Ohio to Leesburg, VA.
Yes, I do hold my phone up without looking and snap photos of what I'm passing....will ya look at those clouds....they look so very pregnant.
We live in a country that is so very abundant with beauty.

Fortunately, I live in a community, the quilting community, that is also so very abundant with beauty :)  Before and after going to the Wonder Woman Weekend hosted by Iylana Vanzant, I stayed with a blogging friend, Beth Hunter.  She and I met blogging while she lived in South Africa.  Many of you know on the top of my bucket list is going to Africa so there was a natural attraction to hearing about Beth's life while she lived in South Africa. 
What I learned about Beth: She is the daughter of a wildly wonderful, creative, artistic  and colorful woman, the wife of a deeply caring and talented man and the mother of two beautiful and playful German Shepards.  Beth has embraced her creativity and I found her energy to be electric and magnetic.  Did I mention she can cook?  Damn that girl can cook!!!  Gotta love friends like that :)

The bed I slept in.
Contents of the room I slept in......
 The wall hanging I looked at while laying in that beautiful bed.
The jacket pictured below was made by Beth's Mother (wildly wonderful, creative, artistic  and colorful) who now lives without her earthly body.
The photo is dark....but you can certainly tell that those colors are right up my alley!  Check out all the hand stitching she did on this jacket:
This is not the only stitching either...there was lots of beautiful stitching.
 Beth comes by her talent and creativity naturally.  The "H" above was not done by an embroidery machine, nope!  Beth thread painted that piece....I just love it.
 More of Beth's work....
 Hand pieced and quilted by Beth....breath taking isn't it?
Now, I've got to stop here so I can go and package up those very special IHAN ® orders....there are folks waiting right now for the "Elves" to inspect their order!  More to come.....

Joyful Smiles,


  1. WOW - Beth is very creative. I am in awe of her threadpainting.

  2. Wow, staying with Beth must be like being at a wonderful show, I would have wandered around (snooped) for ages. That threadpainting is awesome.

  3. I am with Gene...WOW!!!!! amazing stuff....what inspiration and fun...

  4. WOW on her thread painting! Triple wow! You know I zeroed right in on that. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.

  5. Beth's work is eclectic! Love everything but especially all the visual treats in the room you slept in!


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