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Monday, June 30, 2014

Chicken A La King Anyone?

As most of you know, I've been dragging my lip (actually my entire self) around on the ground for weeks and I'm doing my very best to "keep my chin up."  MJ is in full swing with her chemo and for all the exhaustion and yucky side effects, that stuff better be working....or so I pray it is doing its job.

I received a package in the mail the other day and I could not help but laughing my bum off.....I absolutely LOVE this wall hanging and will treasure it for all the days of my life:
You know it hangs over the commode in the master bedroom.....this keeps the lip up because I can't laugh while dragging my lip on the ground!!!  Thank you dearest friend....I love you BIG....but you knew that before the gift.

Another girlfriend sent me this book a few months ago:

I've been unable to sleep so I reached for this book on my nightstand.  A Promise in Pieces grabbed me from the beginning....I like people and this is a story about some of the best and most loving, kind and loyal people.  It is a story of passion, gratitude and triumph so you know it grabbed me and didn't let go.  When I turned the last page I was very sad....the same sort of sadness I feel when I've put the last stitch in the binding of a quilt.....sad that I'm parting with a friend and I know I'll miss them.

Paying it Forward.....I'm giving this exact copy away....just leave a comment below if you'd like to win the book and I'll let the random number generator do the rest of the work.  I'm willing to pay shipping to all US States....but if you live outside the US and want to pay're more than welcome to leave a comment too :)

Who likes a "short story?"  I like all the long as they are not if any of this bores you....just click on the X in your upper right hand corner :)
 Flamingos on Summer Vacation
World Cup Flamingo Style
A short trip to Maumee Bay State Park last weekend.
Upon returning home from Maumee Bay State Park....I looked up our street to see the Waldo MoBile coming down the street.
I guess you could call it a "Drive By Waldoing"....LOL
New family members direct from Grow A Frog....I'd like to introduce you to Abbott and Costello :)  Abbott for Zach's Christmas and Costello for his birthday.  I want a bumper sticker that reads "Let me tell you about my GrandFrogs."  They were tadpoles when they arrived and now....look how handsome those strapping young hoppers are....I love them.

Mr. McSteamy has a good friend at work who is retiring at the end of the month.  What did he get him as a gift?  Something to do with Golf perhaps?  Woodworking maybe?  Just some good coffee?  Nope!  Not my husband....this is what he bought for his retiring friend:
I laughed so hard when I opened the box. Can you imagine....I just couldn't figure out why there were two pair.  I didn't inquire....I just let it go.  Then a few days later we were out for an evening walk and McSteamy says, "I have to come clean about something."  Imagine my heart goes mind begins to scan....has anything been strange recently....oh no....what is he going to say....

Then I say...OK...what is it?  This is his reply, "I actually bought the other pair of slippers for you but I was afraid you would not like them."  What a greatest fear was that he would say something like....I've been wearing your clothes....a pair of Bunny Slippers....I can live with that...ROFL.  Ya can't help buy smile while looking down at your feet with a giant pair of bunny slippers on....its true!

That's all from here....leave a comment if you'd like the opportunity to read, A Promise in Pieces.

Lip Dragging and Smiles,


  1. Lots of fun stuff to make me smile too. My kids grew frogs when they were younger. I would love a chance read the book.

  2. ROF! I thought he was gonna come clean and tell you the other pair of bunny slippers was for HIM! It's been longstanding knowledge in our home (wherever it might be) that I'm a sucker for funny slippers! I've had gorillas, donkeys, frogs, you name it! And have loved every pair till the fuzz falls off, the tread is worn off and the stuffing's all out.

    Loved seeing what the flamingos have been up to! And Waldo's a hoot herself! Prayers for MJ - she's certainly much stronger than I would be in the same situation. (I almost said shoes, then I thought how much SHE'D love a pair of bunny slippers too, and knowing you wouldn't want to part with yours...well, I didn't mention shoes. or did I? Time to send Mr. McS out for another pair (and wouldn't you like to be the shoe salesman when he comes back for a 3rd pair??))

    Cute frogs, even the 2-legged ones!

  3. Sign me up for the book! We had a grow a frog that sat on our kitchen table for years. We finally gave it to a teacher before we moved here. It was a blast to watch at meal times.

  4. Ah ha...plenty to smile about in this post! Love, love, LOVE the bunny slippers! Makes me think of the line in A Christmas Story..."Immediately, my feet began to sweat as those two fluffy little bunnies with a blue button eyes stared sappily up at me." LOL

  5. Oh my gosh - you are hilarious! I really can't imagine you dragging your lip around for long - you have the best sense of humor. I think of you often - use my Fiskar cutters all day, every day (you did some testing and found them to be the best for what I need and you were right!). LOVE the bunny slippers and it is so funny that your hubby bought them, and sweet that he bought some for you! Hugs to you! Oh...and thanks for the book giveaway - I love to read!

  6. Hope you really love the frogs. My neighbor's son got a pair of them when he was 11. He is now 22, and one of them is still alive. He has moved out now, and his mom is stuck with a geriatric frog.

  7. Thanks for the Jackson family update, Kelly! I've missed hearing from you regularly. I'd recently been thinking that we haven't seen the flamingos in a while, so it was fun to see them. Thanks for counting me in for the book giveaway.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I would love to read this book! I keep a shelf on which I set books that should be read when I need the "just right" book and it sounds like you've found one.

    Your Waldomobile picture brought back some sweet memories. It made me think of a neighbor we had in California. He was a very proper gent, former military and an engineer as well. Always friendly, but with an aura of reserve about him. He used to walk his little dog in the mornings and we would nod and exchange some neighborly chat. (My dog was a wild woman compared to his polite little guy, but my neighbor was too well-mannered to look askance at her.) Anyway, one day he appeared, pulling a little red wagon. In it sat his beloved dog, who had gotten too feeble to make the walk through our neighborhood, which had a lot of hilly streets. That dignified gentleman pulled his little dog in a wagon on their morning walk every day, and it always brought a smile to my face and sometimes tears to my eyes when I would hear him tenderly inquire how his dog was feeling and whether they should keep walking or head for home.

    There are so many examples of lovingkindness in the world. Brutality makes the news, but it's not the real story of life on this small planet.

  9. What a fun post...from the toilet to the bike to the slippers...

  10. Love the toilet wall hanging! heheheee.

    I grew frogs when I was a boy. I found the tadpoles in a pool by a stream in the woods. So I took an old instant coffee jar (back when they were real glass) and collected a few. Once they were frogs, I released them. Mom did NOT want frogs in the house.

  11. I was just thinking we had not seen the flamingos in a good little while!! I show them to my son! He gets a good kick out of them!!

  12. I love this post, I've gone back and read it over again. It's good to see Waldo and the flamingos again. I have a pair of elephant slippers like that, you will laugh and treasure them on cold mornings. Abbott and Costello reminded me of the wonders of catching tadpoles and watching them turn into frogs, that's still magic for me as an adult :)

  13. I love the flamingos on the kid toys. There are days where I would enjoy the Waldo Mobile. Thanks for the chance to read the book.


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