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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brittany Maynard-May you dance in heaven with my dear friend and loved ones

Brittany Maynard has ended her life according to the news.  If you don't know who she was, Google her name.  I followed her story and was amazed by Brittany's courage and strength.  

I'm not interested in a debate nor judgement.  I know pain, I know loss and I know what is right for me is right for me.  What was right of Brittany Maynard was to end her life with dignity and at at a time that was right for her under those circumstances.  May angles have escorted you to heaven Brittany, and I pray you are the light in the morning sky.

My condolences to your family as the loss of a loved one is immeasurable.

You may not agree or like what is written here....but know....the only thing that separates us as humans is our judgement of one another. 

Yep....still a quilting blog....not advocating others follow Brittany's path.....but I feel I understand her path and can completely respect this young beautiful woman's decision. 

Just know, I'd stand by you too....even if you choose differently because I've always been about love and respect....even where there are differences. 

Tearful Smiles,


  1. I agree, her courage and strength taught us a lot and I admired her willingness to be honest and to open conversations that many did not want to have. Peace to her and all who loved her.

  2. I have always felt that we should not judge others decisions that they make for themselves. This was between her, her family and her God, if she was a believer. No judgement here either. May she rest in peace.

  3. This is a difficult issue for most of us. I suspect it is this way because we are not living with such an issue. I won't debate the issue. But I admire her courage.

  4. She was a young woman this was not a path she chose willingly. She handled it with grace, on her terms and with dignity. God bless her. God bless her family.

  5. RIP- I am happy she was able to go on her terms, not those of the physicians, courts or 'do gooders'. I am saddened that Nov 1 turned out to be the date. I heard an interview, where she said the date might change... based on her journey and progress, I was hoping she could extend it...

  6. Totally agree. Thanks for posting.

  7. I watched my mother suffer when her cancer traveled to her brain and I can understand why Brittney decided to choose her own time to escape her pain. I admire her courage.

  8. Totally agree with your ideas and feelings. RIP Brittany, condolences to your family.

  9. RIP Brittney, I completely agree and wish we all could have the same opportunity if we were in her place or had loved ones facing the same outcome. Very well stated Kelly.

  10. I have loss two sisters and a nephew this year! I am sorry but I cannot agree with this.Life is so precious. I am saddened because when I read about Brittany I do not see her mentioning her faith. I hope she had put her faith in Jesus Christ. I believe we need to realize this is not a just a question about life but also about eternity.

  11. Yup still a quilting keeps going and quilting is intermingled with it...TBTG pls God do not let me judge..

  12. Thanks for sharing. Totally agree, we all have the right to do what we believe is the best for ourselves without judgement by others

  13. Thank you for posting this Kelly. Life is full of choices and this young woman chose to go with dignity. I applaud her courage.

  14. Bless her heart what a tough decision for one so young but also we all should have a right to make the decision on how we need to end our life when we are so ill. I feel that now a days we allow people to suffer too long. May she rest in peace.


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