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Monday, February 6, 2017

Perrysburg's "Flamingo Family"

Elijah Johnson has made a video and the stars of the show, The Flamingos!

I loved what Elijah has done to share the story of the Flamingo Family.  The wind was blowing the day I was interviewed and I was trying to focus on looking at Elijah and not at the camera....wish I had smiled.  Thank you Elijah for focusing on the positive in our neighborhood.



  1. Surprised y'all (you and the birds!) didn't just fly away in all that wind! You'd think you were back down in South Texas!! Anytime the going gets rough, you're welcome here where you can see real life, flying flamingos (and pelicans, and whooping cranes!) every day if you wish!! :) (though you're more likely to see our resident sandhill cranes...flamingos and others are 12 miles away, in the park)

  2. That was great! And thank you for sharing your flaming sightings with us! I'm tickled to see what they are up to as well!

  3. Thank you Kelly, enjoyed the segment and learning the story behind the flamingos.

  4. Look what you have DONE!!!! Fame for the birds or is that Fame is for the birds?

  5. That was so much fun to watch. It is interesting that the owner collects flamingoes. The "thank you" cards was a great thing too.
    And because YOU, Kelly, kept us entertained with the flamingoes, they are a world wide sensation. I hope that couple realizes that they are using their creativity in a delightful way. (They may not think of it as a creative endeavor, but it truly is.)

  6. What a fun news story Kelly. And, I think it would have never had happened if you had not been the cheerleader/blogger/news reporter who took up sharing "flamingo antics and happiness" on your blog, about your delightful neighbors. Thank you. And I hope you'll continue to share Flamingo stories with us.



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